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Kerban Bella Gowder’s “BERADHA BELLIE” ballad


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Badaga Dance numbers

1.Hutty Bappane 2.Kappu Huttileyu

3. Mele Keriyoge

4.Soley Gaayee

Kerben Bella Gowder Over a period of time, I have listened to a lot of Badaga singers [some were as good as professionals] but the best in my opinion is KERBEN BELLA GOWDER who had a golden voice. I met him for the first time all most three decades ago. He could play harmonium, bull bull tara or ‘thambutte’ [drum] with equal elan, His greatest ability was to compose and render songs on the spot, some times suitably changing the verses to suit the occassion. He was a much sought after singer in any function, be it a wedding, savu or anniversary. Just with a couple of his colleagues accompanying on the thambutte [mathalam] and jalra [cymbals], he would sing while playing the harmonium. Sadly, no songs were recorded in any studio.


His savu [sad] songs would bring tears streaming down even in the hardest of hearts.

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155 responses to “Badaga Songs

  1. all the badaga songs which i heard are very good..
    i like the song sola gaye thannada very mch..
    i just need it’s lyrics.. if anybody have please send me..

  2. Can anyone suggest me why we were not included in tribes off nilgiris. I feel we were ashamed to call ourselves tribe. I have seen some tribe who have the same culture thhat we have . Especially the marriage rituals. They call these tribes as Gonds from the central India.

  3. Deepak Gundada

    I am proud of myself because I am a BADAGA…!!!

  4. Deepak (Porthy)

    I am proud to be a Badaga guy. I love Badaga songs and dance. I like to hear Badaga Melody songs and Adi songs

  5. Can anyone send me the song Ethanodunae from SINNATHA MANNU?


  7. Can any one help me with the baduga song lyrics. ………

    You want the lyrics for which songs?


    I am proud of myself because I am a BADAGA

  9. Really proud to be a Baduga! Rocking Badugas.

  10. Na Badaga enthu hegudhuga appara perumey pattaney.I love Baduga culture.

  11. I am proud to be a Badaga.I want Badaga songs. Can anybody send them to my mail?

    Hello Santhosh – you can easily download the songs from my websites. In case of any difficulty, pl contact me – Wg Cdr JP

  12. Vinoth (Thanthanadu)

    Badaga Songs Gift for Badagas

  13. Can you pls help to provide me the link for beradha bellie’s latest hits (2012, sad song ( ne mundhi mundhi )) . Thank you – Wg Cdr JP

  14. ARAVIND [Thanthanadu (Kotagiri)]

    I love badaga songs.Its amazing to hear Badaga songs through the web.

  15. Rajath meeckery...

    I agree……all baduga songs rockz



  17. R.BHEEMAN [Maragal]

    I am lucky to have born as a Baduga

  18. Saravanakumar(Bembatty)

    I am fully satisfied and enjoy this website.Nice proud to be BADAGA

  19. I am proud to be a badaga

  20. it takes me to remember all those drama songs casted in badaga hattis..bella gowder is one among them…hatzzz off..

  21. These badaga songs make my day…!!

  22. Dinesh billicombai

    Wow awesome:- thanks for everyone who made this:- I am very proud to say that I am a Badaga

  23. How beauty. Hats off to their culture

  24. Deepak(minti) [Melkavatty]

    I love badaga culture

  25. what a song i am badaga person i love badaga

  26. Sathish Kumar [Godalatty]

    Very Good.

  27. Kamalesh jithu

    I am proud to be a Badaga guy. I love badaga songs so much and I used to hear songs like singariye, solagaye, dimathaka and so on. While hearing the songs I can’t do without dancing.And I love the sad songs. In my mobile I have only badaga songs:-).

  28. Badaga songs always rock

  29. i am proud to be a badaga

  30. Rajesh. kenthorai

    I am Happy to be a Badaga.


    Amazing to hear BADAGA songs. some sad songs I like very much, like MANASU BEETHA MAMANA HEENUGA…, OOMALLE HURU GAKKI, O ENNA PARUNAE , and many more….. Please add more badaga songs. BADAGA ALWAYS ROCKS. I am very proud to be a BADAGA…..

  32. Proud to be a Badaga….Badagas always Rock.

  33. Deepak, Kambatty

    I am very much proud to be a BADUGA



  36. I am proud to be a Badaga…

  37. I love Badaga songs, always.

  38. I am very happy to hear our songs, but how to download our songs , please help me.


    very good job

  40. Proud to be a Badaga. I have a request how to download badaga songs?

  41. Sripathy [THANGADU]

    Proud of being a Badaga…we have a great name in this world…lets keep it up…lets follow all our ancient customs till our death.

  42. Ranga Nathan (Raju DENNATTY)

    Its a pleasure to hear all the Badaga songs through you tube with dance.People who are living in various place would like to hear our sweet songs which are the top most number among other songs.I would like to inform you that thiru Kerben Bellagowder songs are with me.Whoever wants these song please let me know.I will send the songs. Be puoud to be a Badaga and proud to an Indian.

  43. I am very proud to be a Badaga…..

  44. I am very very proud to be a Badaga..We Badagas should rock.. :)

  45. I am proud be a Badaga

  46. I am very proud to be a Badaga

  47. Just happened to go through your website,where you have portrayed our badaga society. My best wishes…

  48. prithiviraj bellmath iduhatty

    being badaga means no tension I know what is life; we badagas are gifted people in this world….

  49. If Illiyaraja hears the voice and song of Belli gowder, surly Belli Gowder would have been the top most singer in 80s. Now, he has passed away from us. Legendary Baduga songs;born with name of Baduga;die wit name of Baduga. Baduga is my blood …..

  50. manikandan (Cango)

    I am Jogee – Bickol from Cango. thanks to all Badagas who write to me

  51. RanjithaNeelan

    Really am very proud to be a BADAGA…….I want some Hethai Amma songs and some more beat songs….Can anybody send them to my email id as soon as possible……

  52. Manikandan (Jogee- Bickol)

    I am proud to be a Badaga.I want Badaga songs. Can anybody send them to my mail?

  53. ithalar prithi

    very nice

  54. bellie kumar (Porthy)

    You make it happen. I am proud of be a Badaga. I am expecting more and more improvement. I think this is possible. BARIVI ENNA ANNA THAMMARU, AKKA THANGAIYARU Nangendha nanga samoogava mundhuga etheendu oppo.

  55. romba nalla, supera iruku

  56. badugas are gowders…. songs are very nice.. we created an big new community.. its very fine.. want to make a big history… i am sure.. i will do hard work.. but same time, many badugas are changing their religion… so want to be an hindu.. Hethai amma is there to keep well us.. i am proud to be a baduga always.. i love baduga..

  57. Ravichandran, chennai

    i regret much for i was not born as a baduga. I came to know abt badugas only after 21yrs of my life, 2 yrs ago. And experienced their hospitality too. I give my whole heart to badugas.

  58. Prakash [Banahatty]

    Really nice and thanks for the songs,dance and website informations.

  59. Rajkumar, Kagguchi

    I am too proud to be a Badaga community

  60. sivakumarbhojan

    All the songs are very good and music is fantastic

  61. R.Dinesh (Billicombai)

    Excellent work…I am really happy and proud to see this website today. Congrats and great work….carry on.

  62. Vivek (Yedappalli)

    I feel proud to say I am a Badaga. Congratulations.It was very nice to see our community details in web……

  63. Belliraj Raman(Iduhatty) - UAE

    I feel proud to say I am a Badaga . Working in UAEas a teacher . This site takes to the world of my own birth place I would be thankful to you if you could add some Hethey songs Just yearning to listen and bathe in the holy music

  64. Karthick.J.B [Nunthala]

    Great job. Congratulations.It was very nice to see our community details in web. My heartful thanks for this website and for these efforts. Am very proud to say BADAGA.

  65. JP Uncle.. You rock… its amazing…

  66. ReenaBheeman MELUR

    very good job JP uncle…proud to be a Badaga.

  67. Saavira aalayu,nanga badugu paatu,badugu habba maake bandharava!

    Proud that im badaga.There are few dance numbers in badaga,which whenever we listen will make us feel like as if we are in a festival (habba). RajeshKumar UAE,Im sorry that i cant help you with the song you asked.But the singer is Mano(Tamil singer).

  68. I am proud to be a Badaga. I need more songs.

  69. Anonymous(IP :

    Its very nice

  70. Ganesh (Gathukuli)

    I am very happy to see the information on the net. I thank the creater of this web page… I am proud to be a Badaga

  71. rajesh kumar (UAE)

    Namashkara.The web has made the earth a very very small place, staying in UAE, it is always a pleasure in hearing such great songs………… but the negative, (they) make us feel home (hatty)sick…………… but a wonderful job by you JP sir….. hats off. Could anyone help me with the song oh mama adabali ……. … and may I know who has sung this song pls, ever green song?

  72. i am a kutty badaga girl.yeana sudhi

    Hi Kutty Badaga girl, nice to hear from you. send more comments. – JPUncle

  73. malaicharalravi

    i am from badaga community. my brother indhran is the first film director [solaikuil,malaicharal, kathale nimmathi]from our community as well as nilgiri district. i am also a film producer. i have produced malaicharal tamil film. this is for ur kind information.

  74. Hi baduga dude/buddy. . I wanna some old baduga songs lik sembethi & utti bappaney and karben bellen songs if u have these songs pl send to my mail or else pl send me the website for downloading these songs. . i think u will help me. . . Am really proud to be an baduga

  75. Nandhu (Mel kavatty)

    Let us all work together to give script for our language so that it becomes a main language..

  76. Nandha(Mel Kavatty)
    I m very proud to be a baduga..

  77. i love to collect badaga songs. I have got of a collection

  78. I want open an account in badaga

  79. Saravanan.B [Kavilorai (Nedugula)]

    I love BADAGA to the core..i love BADADA and BADAGA songs their music and BADAGA rocks…v guyz are “BADDU BOYZ”…


    Really very proud to see the website. Keep up the good work. Any help, pls contact us, we wil be there for you always. Proud to be a Badaga.


  82. c.premkumar M.B.A


  83. Nice to know about Badaga community and hear Badaga songs

  84. Jagdish (Hulical/Hubbathalai)

    Please send me the link for downloading badaga songs on the web.

    hi Jagdish, it is very easy. see

  85. It’s an immense pleasure to see this web site, we should be proud to be Badagas, our hospitality, humanity & strength should continue for ever. Proud to be an Badaga and citizen of THE NILGIRIS AND BE PROUD TO BORN IN THE QUEEN OF HILLS

  86. senthil kumar.s

    It’s an immense pleasure to see this web site, we should be proud to be Badagas, our hospitality, humanity & strength should continue for ever.

  87. I am very happy to say…I’m a BADAGA

  88. karthick.M.S (Kerban)

    Thanks for your hardwork in making this website…Its is a step ahead in making our strength and unity grow along with our culture. Keep continuing the good work.

  89. Thanks for the sole Gaayi. Recently I came to Hatti and happened to hear this song and was so delighted. Now, i have got it in the web too…thanks a lot

  90. Welcome Badaga Families, Badaga songs download available at priyaragava’s Enjoy. More new songs upadated in the database

  91. hi all badaga dudes..realy very happy to see your all comments and support on this community…really i feel very proud to be a BADAGA!!!

  92. Hello i am saranya from have done a great job.I wish you all the best..

  93. Karthikayan Kanneri

    Its really amazing. My hearty regards to everyone.
    (Be Proud to be Badaga) I
    I love u amma and appa

  94. ojksugi ebbanadu

    Your selection of songs is fantastic. solai gayi is amazing, njoy Ebbanadu guys.

  95. Shiva Kumar Dhurai

    Proud be a Badaga.Save our culture save our traditions

  96. First I would say that I am proud to be a Badaga girl……Our community is the one which we’ll not get else where in this world ……Each and ever thing of our community is the best among the best…. the (Badaga) songs are one among those best things….. each and every song has a history behind it ….only the people who have real feelings can write such a beautiful and wonderful songs….and salute to all Badagas…
    I love u mummy and daddy

  97. Hutchan sivalingan

    Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate you. You are doing good job for our community. I am trying somany time to download our songs But its difficult in ethioipia. can you possible to give another website.

  98. its truely a good one.

  99. Hutchan sivalingan

    I am very interest to listen our songs, I am living in ethiopia. Advise me to correct website to download – where I can get our favorite songs. Sivalingan from Tthambatty in Ethiopia.

    I am thrilled to have a visitor from Ethiopia. You can download the Badaga songs – Kerban Bella Gowder, Thangadu Krishna, Dance Numbers etc I have given in At the widget that pops out please right click on the song and choose the option download. In case of any difficulty, pl send me an email – JP

  100. I am very interested in collecting the badaga songs albums of KBGA.Where can i get all songs?

    Hope to host the songs of KBG so that downloads are possible. Otherwise you can get the CDs in Kotagiri Market – JP

  101. This is a great job, hats off to you. pls add more baduga songs with mp3 formate downloading options.

    Pls give the phone number & email id of mr. maga who is doing garments business in Tirupur. because i am also doing Textile designing in Tirupur. His contact is very usefull to me. I saw his details in comment in this site dated on March 18th, 2009 at 12:55 pm.

  102. Shivakumar dhurai Batalada

    I need Shri Bella gowder’s (Kerben) songs like kara chennai and other very old songs. Cananybody help ?

    Hello Shiva, Kerban Bella Gowder’s songs are available in CD/Cassette forms in Kotagiri Market- JP

  103. great to see peoples like you

  104. Hi every body,

    I am maga from Tirupur, I am really happy to visit our website. It’s very nice. I am doing export business and also doing some brand T–shirt in India , If you need any information or any jobs for our people contact us.

    JP adds : Thank you Maga, for your offer of jobs. Please give more details about the same so that we will be able to put them on this site

  105. Vigneshwar.A(2nd BE ECE),Nanjanad

    I am really proud to be a badaga guy…



  107. Being a badaga, very proud of YOU.Keep it up for the community.

  108. hai mam
    i realy apperishate this videos

  109. பெள்ளிராஜ் மிகவும் சிறந்த பாடகராக வர வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

    இது அனைத்து படுக இன மக்களுக்கும் பெருமை.

    The following comments received from மஞ்சூர் ராசா, shifted to the appropriate pages

    படுகு மொழிக்கு எழுத்துக்கள் உருவாக்க அனைவரும் முயற்சிக்கவேண்டும். இதில் யாரேனும் முயன்றுள்ளார்களா என்பது தெரிந்தால் நலம்.

    shifted to : Badaga Language – script

    நீங்கள் தமிழில் எழுத:

    JP adds : The information is very useful and shifted to the page General Interest

  110. Namashkara. As I see most informative topics in this website regarding Badaga people and their origin, there is some information which states that badaga people belong to “Schedule tribes” and some leading organizations, for ex . Badaga association leaded by Dr. Kullan and others are fighting for the right . What is your opinion about this information . Can we Have a discussion on this so that we have input from various people?

    JP adds : Thank you Ashok. The important topic of ‘ST’ status for Badagas has been detailed on the page ‘burning issues’


  111. Can any one send me all the Badaga songs to my id

    I am eager to hear our songs….

  112. Well, I see your efforts are bringing fruits every moment . In fact your website is like a platform and thus Ashok bellan has sent me the song I was looking for; I am listening to the same as I am writing this short message to you. hence, thanks a ton to you. All the best wishes for this site

  113. Thanks for adding my College Badaga dance video.
    It was our annual day function and all the dancers are Badagas.
    Also mlle_sumathi was looking for “moganodi,mathadi thinguva kanakathune “ song . Pls contact me to get this song .

  114. I’ m looking for the song “moganodi,mathadi thinguva kanakathune “, any body hearing?

    Hi Sivakumar Bojan, nice to see someone from Ithalar which is quoted in 1 of the very popular badaga songs “aa Akka”. My mum is from Ithalar and most of our chidhood vacations were pleasantly spent in Ithalar.

    JP adds : I am clean bowled. I do not have the above song in my library. As soon as I get this, I will put it on the site.

  115. Sivakumar Bojan (Ithalar)

    All the songs are very good and music is fantastic.


    Beautiful songs………Enjoy.

  117. All the songs are very nice. I like the song “MOGANODI MATHADI THINGUVA JENA ATHUNE”, can anyone send that song to my E -mail or from where i can down load that song.

  118. Amazing songs. Great to be a Badaga.


    I am from KERBAN, grand son of Mr.POOSARI BELLI GOWDER and SON OF Mr.POOSARI NANDHI GOWDER To learn that


    makes us feel that he is with us


    This is Super

  121. Mahalakshmi Sundar

    Amazing,its nice to see our guys doing well. keep going.

  122. This is simply awsome!

  123. Guys you all have done a very good job.I hope in future there are more songs.All the three songs are very good and music is fantastic.



  125. Melekeri song is very nice…


    Mamma Super…Please Continue!

  127. I am kinda happy that there are people who create blogs and websites for our community,,,,,,,as long as we live song and dance should be hand in hand,,,,

  128. We badagas should continue to live with harmony and strength.

  129. senthil [Nunthala]

    It is very nice .

  130. Senthil Kumar [Nunthala]

    It is very amazing. because we have to show our strength to others . Please add some many badaga songs.

  131. Very Very Beautyful Songs…………Enjoy

  132. Very good job pls continue it for ever

  133. Jena Jenagu Ninna Esaru Nilachira ..

    Hethai Ammana Pathaga Enga Kanikke..!!!

  134. maathi super

  135. It was nice to see the information and of course of the music too.. I would like to get some of the songs which could be downloaded for the purpose of presenting the dance form in an school in Bangalore.. I would be very happy if you give the details.

    JP adds ; Pl contact me at

  136. really nice to hear this all ,thanks for badagas who all participated , thank you once again

  137. Namaskaara..I have uploaded few more Hettai amman songs. NJOY

  138. SAMPATH B.Tech(IT)

    we really feel joy to hear Badaga songs.In cities we have no way to hear such songs.I wish you to continue your great work for Badagas.

  139. Its very amazing to hear badaga song through web.Songs are very interesting.Pradeep has done a very good job.keep it up…………

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