Young Badaga Association

Update [12-1-14] ;

Shocked to learn that there are only 3101 eligible members and out of whom only 795 cast their votes in the elections for the executive committee of YBA.

Like a fool, I was under the impression that there are thousands of Badagas who are members. Whatever happened to the ORIGINAL members like me who had ‘paid’ the initial membership fee? No wonder, with such huge assets – the YBA building in the center of Ooty town, it has become a personal ‘CLUB’ of a few. May Hethay save us !

There are many Badaga Associations spread around the country and abroad. But still we do not have a single association which can truly represent all Badagas – sort of an apex body in the Nilgiris – the Nakku Betta.

Young Badaga Association – YBA, located at Ooty can easily fulfil this much needed and long felt requirement if POLITICS is kept out. Today , 12th Jan 2014, is the elections day for the office bearers of the association as ordered by the Madras High Court under the supervision of Judge Kali and Dr.Sundraradevan IAS (Retd).

Though the membership of YBA is open to all Badagas, many are not clear how to become members.

I hope and pray that an eminent body of Badagas will be elected.

Uri Hogi, Siri Barali!!


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  1. Sir can u please clarify my doubt related to morray. Can two people from Bygamandu and Dhoddanni get married?? They have morray are not?


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