The positive initiative of Prongadu Seemay to solve the YBA problem

The Porangadu Seemay leaders, lead by Seemay Gowda, Bheema Gowder have taken the initiative to end the unwanted and unnecessary embroglio and to solve the problem of running of Young Badaga Association [YBA] at Ooty.

They have correctly pointed out to the fact that YBA belongs to the whole community of Badagas. A few individuals cannot hold the entire community to ransom for their selfish motives and personal gains by forcibly occupying the premises under one pretext or another.

They have called for a Nakkubetta Kootu, at the traditional meeting place at Nattakallu, near Kerban, Kotagiri to sort out the issues on 16-8-2014.

Our best wishes  and hope the YBA will once again regain its past glory.


2 responses to “The positive initiative of Prongadu Seemay to solve the YBA problem

  1. A worthy initiative. It is high time that a proper decision is taken on this issue. .Best wishes to all of us. May the glory of Badagas prevail eternally..


  2. Sivakumar.B, Muckimalai

    Yes. It should be done with the blessings of HETHAY AMMA soon. But it is impossible to regain its(YBA) past glory even though the politics and politicians are kicked off. Because, so many `other people’ interferes in this case due to unnecessary complications created by some of our own people. So, I think Divinity & Sovereignty of a Society/Association/Nation cannot be retrieved at any cost when it was spoiled/scattered by its own people. So, it is better to to let the existing YBA as it is and renaissance of the new YBA should be made in the new place by new(dedicated/
    spiritual) people who are accepted commonly by all like Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder.


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