An apolitical Badaga Association?

Hubbathalai.N.SIVAN, [CEO, OOTY FRESH Speciality Nilgiris Tea Project,(Farmers’ Producer Organization for Sustainable Developments and Inclusive Growth), a life member of Young Badaga Association [YBA] expresses his concern about the ‘alleged involvement of some Badaga Community  Members’ Electioneering Campaign for Narrow Political Gains in the name of YBA in the forthcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly Election-2016.

He says that a group of our Badaga community  people have been going around our  villages often canvassing for and against some Assembly Election Candidates of our district illegally without getting any prior approval of our Community  Bodies and Election Commission/District Administration, which is total violation of election code of conduct.
He would like to submit that our prestigious Badaga community body/association [YBA] is purely apolitical and living in harmony with all other communities. Hence, any move to intervene in our present atmosphere would surely destabilize our community as a whole, which cannot be allowed at any cost.
Though YBA is ‘supposed’ to be an independent and NON POLITICAL institution, most of the present elected members who are involved in running the day to day affairs of YBA belong to a particular political party and therein lies the problem. Can we hope to see a YBA that is APOLITICAL in the true sense of the word that is professionally run for the betterment of the mountain people in general and Badagas in particular?- Wg Cdr JP

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