Shame on Young Badaga Association : Blot on Badagas

Shame on Young Badaga Association : Blot on Badagas

Dharmalingam Venugopal, Kannerimukku , 9444365360


In our humble efforts to reform YBA we met the district administration yesterday. Before that we went to YBA to submit our application for membership @ Rs.100 per head. The reception was pathetic. A bunch of our people, evidently party cadre, were sitting there whiling away their time. One ex-office bearer started blabbering nonsense trying to pick up an argument. We just ignored him.

The premises was a eye-sore and a health hazard. None of the shops in the complex seems to have been cleaned for ages and none seemed to be doing any business. Most of them were closed.

A lorry was cleaning up the garbage left over from the marriage the day before. I was appalled to know that in most of the marriages in YBA, the food served is non-vegetarian. Probably, the only Kalayana Mandapam in Ooty to serve non-vegetarian food!! So much for Badaga ‘Suddha’ and cleanliness !!!

Does the Badaga society needs such money to run its affairs?!!!!

No one was there to respond to our queries. There was only one new office assistant who was clueless about anything. We gave our number with a request to call us back once some office bearer comes. No one called back.

Shocking revelation
Our inquires with the administration was shocking and made us hang our heads in shame. The administration is well aware of all the violations of YBA. Only out of respect for the community the administration has been restraining itself from taking over YBA. In other words, the bunch of no-good Badagas pretending to ‘control’ and run YBA are doing so at the mercy of the administration. Even a modicum of self-respect as Badagas will make them see reality and change.

When the question was posed to us, ” Are there not at least a handful of good people, who are members, who can raise the issues of mismanagement and violations and bring reforms in YBA? we really had to hang our heads in shame.

The bottom line (pun intended !!) is this:If the Badagas will not clean their own shit, no one will !!!

An Appeal
We appeal to all distinguished and right thinking Badaga members of YBA to resign immediately to reform YBA. Your hesitation, reservation and reluctance will not be forgiven by future generations.


One response to “Shame on Young Badaga Association : Blot on Badagas

  1. I fully agree with your views on YBA.
    Presently, the EC Members and Key Office Bearers are only interested in name and positions under the community and not really about welfare of our development.
    This viral trend should be rooted out to safeguard our community at any cost. – Hubbathalai N Sivan,[Live Member of YBA].


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