Stop conducting marriages in Young Badaga Association Building

Appeal to The Commissioner,Ooty Municipality

Pray stop permission for conducting marriages in Young Badaga Association Building

The Young Badaga Association was started in 1960  for the welfare of the Badaga Community. As a good will gesture the government granted land to put up a building on Wenlock Road on a no-profit basis to serve the community needs.

However, over the years the building has been converted into a Marriage Hall. Thereby, not only violating the original objective of the Association but also violating the government rules governing functioning of Marriage Halls.

While Marriage halls are required to be away at least 100metres from educational institutions, YBA is right next to Heritage School. The conduct of marriages have been a major noise and health hazard to the students and the school.

  1. The law requires one parking space for every 20 square metres of marriage hall area. But the area available in YBA is very much in shortage. With the result, marriage events pose a severe problem to the police and public to manage traffic on the Wenlock Road.
  2. Wedding halls are forbidden for use by political parties. But currently YBA is run by office bearers who are card-holding party members.
  3. In a recent judgment the National Green Tribunal has ruled that Marriage Hall rules should be site-specific. In the circumstances, when Ooty town is bursting with tourist and local traffic, permitting marriages on a main thoroughfare is a clear violation of municipal rules.
  4. The norms for Food Safety, Fire Safety, installation of CCTV for crime control etc also do not appear to have been followed by YBA.

Therefore, in Public Interest, we request you to kindly institute immediate steps to inquire into this serious matter and till the inquiry are over order stoppage of

Dharmalingam, Venugopal


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