A ray of hope for Young Badaga Association?

A Ray of Hope for Young Badaga Association, if All Willing !?

DV It is official now. YBA has been running an illegal activity (renting the building to marriages) to raise funds which has led to the unsavory tussle for control by rival groups.

The original order dated 5th July 1972 (obtained via an RTI request) granting land to YBA says, ‘The land shall be used for the construction of building for the Association Library etc and for no other purposes’.

One year later the order was amended to state,’The Association was permitted to use the downstairs of the building for recreational purposes’.

The punishment for violating the conditions is also clearly stated. ‘The Government may resume the land wholly or in part with any buildings thereon, in the event of the infringement of any of the conditions of the grant’.

It is a mystery how YBA has been allowed to continue all these years though it did not fulfill any of the original conditions but, on the contrary, was carrying on illegal activities like letting the premises for marriages.

How can different factions fight over the legality of the elections to YBA while the activities of YBA are totally unlawful? This is the question every Badaga should ask himself of herself.

Having now been brought to the attention of the government action is bound to follow sooner or later. Community members like me are determined to make the government take action no matter how long it takes.

Now in that unfortunate event, it will be a great loss of face and shame to the entire community.

But it is still not too late to avert such a situation if only we can all break our stupid silence and prevail upon the warring groups to see stark reality, sink their differences and make YBA lawful, purposeful and the pride of all badagas.

Here’s a 10-point proposal:

  1. Make the members who have had the honour of being Ministers, Chief Patrons of YBA.
  2. Make the sitting MPs and MLAs Patrons of YBA

  3. Form a Governing Council of 10 members representing senior members who have retired as government officials, professors, bankers, doctors and teachers.

  4. Form an Executive Committee comprising present office bearers and representatives of the other factions plus a few neutral observers. This Committee will run of YBA subject to guidance from the Governing Council.

  5. The winning office bearers of the recent elections can be declared but their functioning will be subject to the Executive Committee. A competent non-Badaga can be appointed as full time Secretary for the time being at a good salary and responsibility.

  6. The tenure of the new team will be limited to the original two years and membership to Rs.100.

  7. Proper, transparent and democratic rules and regulations can be formed during the next two years for future growth of YBA.

  8. Membership should be opened immediately and should remain on tap.

  9. All illegal renting activities should cease. It can be decided later how best to make use of the space and premises of the YBA building in a proper manner.

  10. Pending these changes let us all join together and celebrate Ooty Summer Festival, for 10 or 15 days, at the YBA hall in a grand manner to showcase the multi-talents of the Badaga youth.



3 responses to “A ray of hope for Young Badaga Association?

  1. Ramesh Raju

    I am Ramesh Raju , From Mullimalai village Kundah . Living in Bangalore. I would like to join the group which can make a difference ,and find a amicable solution and come out of the present sorry state of affairs. I would like to be in constant touch with our people.


  2. Arunkumar Gunalan

    I am a marketing staff in banking sector my personal opinion is that.Instead of fighting over this single building control issue I think our badaga elders must leave the ego within themselves and gather funds from our own people to construct trade centres in major towns in our district like Kotagiri,Coonoor and Ooty that way you can lend shops to Badaga entrepreneurs…Once upon a time gava is everything but today trade is everything and it can be conducted only from heart of cities.If you people take this idea to every Badaga he will definitely contribute whatever he can, I mean why he won’t when his money is going to help his own community entrepreneurs grow and when they grow they will definitely will make way to others also…instead of collecting funds for temple constructions and other functions why shouldnt we collect funds to give lives to our youths.

    Atleast 20 youths will get benefits through this and also it is a matter of self respect for community if we have such trade centres in our own towns..

    Our community elders whom we have always respected must look into it. Or else you can keep on buying your day to day needs and products from the same old shopwallahs and fill their pockets instead of filling your own ones…


  3. A ray of hope will be there in YBA only if BADAGA YOUTH,repeat, BADAGA YOUTH,(and not old/retired/politicians) is in place in YOUNG BADAGA ASSOCIATION.


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