Badada Villages (Hattis)


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Badagas, generally, refer to their village or hamlet as ‘ HATTI ‘ spread around ‘Nakku Betta’ (the Nigiris). Nakku Betta literally means four (Nakku) Mountains (betta) though there are many hills around which the villages are located. It appears that initially when the Badagas established their hamlets, they took two very important factors into consideration. Being very environment conscious, they chose a) direction – always or to a very great extent facing the east [ ‘Hothu (sun) uttua (rising) pakka (side)’] and b) water souce – near a stream (halla) or spring (huttu neeru).Every hatti had a ‘suthugallu’ (sacred triangular shaped stone) at the base of a ‘bikka mara’ (tree) around which important meetings (Kootu) took place. For the most sacred of all Badaga festivals ‘Hethai Habba’ – always held on a monday (sovara), the collection of money (Hana kattodu) took place at the suthugallu in an elaborate ceremony on the preceding friday (belli). Let me write about Hethai Habba in a separate article.

The houses of each village were laid out in rows, each row facing the east. The houses had common walls (Gode mane) possibly as a measure of security. Every house had exactly the same configuration of Bayilu (entrance), Nadu mane (central-living/dining room ),Oge mane (inner room) where cooking also takes place (kitchen) with a large beskatti (basket) above the hearth where drying takes place, Pillay (bathroom) and Ereh (a separate room adjacent to the bayilu). Of course, there was an attic on top of beskatti( kitchen having a hearth) the entry to which is from the nadumane. Again, we will discuss about a typical badaga house separately.

A cluster of villages, which need not be close to each other, is called a ‘Seemae’.

This interesting piece of information is from the article of Indu K Mallah (also see the “ORIGIN” page) where she talks about how the ‘SEEMEs’ came to be formed :

“It is said that during the reign of Tipu Sultan, seven brothers and their sister were living in a village called Badagahalli on the Talaimalai Hills near Mysore. One evening as the sister, who was a ravishing beauty, was busy making preparations for the milking of the cows as usual, one of the calves broke loose from the tree to which she had tied it . Not finding anything handy with which to tie it again, she uncoiled her long, luxuriant hair and held the calf back with it, while her brother milked the cow.

Legend has it that Tipu Sultan was riding in the vicinity and was witness to this sight. He was captivated by the sister and wanted to marry her. The brothers, who were staunch Hindus, disguised themselves and their sister, and fled by night to the Nilgiris. Legend has it too, that when they reached River Moyar, which is the northernmost limit of the Nilgiri District, their pursuers started to close in on them. The family is said to have placed a ‘Shivalingam’ on the ground, and prayed before it. The river Moyar is then said to have parted, and the refugees to have crossed over, while their pursuers were drowned by the closing waters.

The distinctive dress of the Badaga women is said to be the disguise adopted by them in flight, and the tattooing on their fore-heads and fore-arms, a measure taken to make them unattractive. Legend also has it that in their hurry, they forget to pickup a baby asleep in a cradle, and even today, as a reminder of that lapse, the more orthodox Badagas will not use a cradle for a baby. The brothers are said to have settled down near the present village of Bethelhada. After a short stay there, they separated and dispersed in different directions. The oldest brother told one of his younger brothers to follow a deer and build a village where it stopped. The younger brother followed his instructions and settled down in Kinnakorai, where the deer stopped. Another brother settled down in Koderi, yet another in Hubbathalai. These brothers where the founders of the Porangad division of the Badagas.

The establishing of three other ‘semais’ or divisions have interesting histories behind them. It is said that as one group of Badagas or Gowdas reached the Nilgiris, they took shelter in a forest and in their hurry to leave, left a baby behind, which crawled into a cave. A Toda who happened to pass by glimpsed the baby, and enticed it to came out, but it would not. He then went and brought his own child and sprinkled some roasted amaranth grains in front of it. As the Toda child started picking the grains, the Gowda baby joined him, and the Toda father brought him up and it is said that he is the founder of the ‘Thothanad’ division of the Badagas.

According to another account, two Gowda brothers arrived from Mysore and reached Nunthala. They were very hungry. The younger brother is said to have shot a pigeon, and to have roasted and eaten it, while the elder brother abstained. It is said that the vegetarian brother is the ‘Hethappa’, or ancestor of the Kundah Division of the Badagas, while the non-vegetarian brother, the founder of the Mekunad Division of the Badagas”.

Though, so much is written and spoken about Badagas, it is a matter of great regret and concern that still the “EXACT” number of Badaga hattis is not known. The total number varies from 300 to 400. Though Rao Bahadur H.B. Ari Gowder is known to have sent his collegue HAIKA MATHI [literaly meaning horse man] Joghee Gowder of Bygemandu, in 1940s and 1950s to all the villages to know about the problems of Badagas, unfortunately there are no written records traceable.

Prof. Paul Hockings may be one of the earliest to mention the number and names of the hattis in his books.

In a laudable effort, Mr. K.H.Madha Gowder edited “NAKKU BETTA” magazine, had attempted to record all the hattis in one of its issues in late 1970s. I take this opportunity to list the villages as mentioned in ‘Nakku Betta’ hoping any omission/ incorrect mention will be brought to my notice so that the same can be included.

I have preferred to use the names as known to Badagas. For example, Jakkada for Jagathala or Manjidha for Manjithala or Pedduva for Pethala

I. ‘ Thodha Naadu Seemae ‘

(Supposed to be our “Dodda Ooru”. Also known as ‘Raja Padagiri Seemae’) The boundaries are from Solur to Kookkal Thore

1. Kada naadu 2. Kei Kauhatti 3. Baralatti 4. Kuntha Chappai {correct name given by KK Bellie} 5. Edu hatti 6. Kodu mudi 7. Thore hatti 8. Hanni Kore 9. Kavilorai 10. Kavaratti 11. Kara pillu 12. Kallatti 13. Soluru [Sholur] 14. Thalai male 15. Kengal 16. Bara mannu 17. Kengamudi [Kenguvamudi?]18. Ajjoor 19. Thatha benu 20. Kurumbedi 21. Alattane 22. Masickal 23. Davane 24. Mynale 25. Moregallu 26. Kendore 27. Beragallu 28. Ullupatti 29. Hosa hatti 30.Batta kore 31. Mavu kallu 32. Malli gore 33. Thatneri 34. Panju mora 35. Bikke Kandi 36. Bekkodu 37. Kokkulu 38. Bendatti 39. Osa hatti 40. Bana hatti 41. Honnadale 42. Thegili 43. Omeyaratti 44. Jakkalorai 45. Madithore 46. Thummanada 47. Kappachi 48. Muguttuva 49. Nelli Mandu 50. Karakkallu 51. Nanja nadu 52. Ode hatti 53. Melur 54. Akoni 55. Kada sole 56. Hosa hatti 57. Poose kunnur 58. Konagatti 59. Ebbanad [Ebbu nadu?] 60. Kagguchi 61. Kalingana hatti 62. Kookal 63. Seegola 64. Aalatti 65. Mel Kau hatti 66. Kambatti 67. Thummanatti 68. Billi kambai 69. Thooneri 70. Ooru malai 71. Mara kallu 72. Kuruthu kuli 73. Hullathi 74. Bikkatti 75. Athi kallu 76. Thattaneri (Repeat?) 77. Osa hatti (repeat?) 78. Motha kambe 79. Moragutti 80. Jeenatti 81. Bikke mora hatti 82. Uyilatti 83.Kookal Thore 84. Melatti 85. Nadu hatti 86.Thambatti 87. Asoganthorai

(What I have mentioned as repeat – may be there are two [H]Osa hattis ?)

Hello sir,
Iam S.Suresh(Kalhatty), i want to bring to yourattention that in the list of our hatties my hatty Masickal is missing, I dont know whether you misspelt it in Thothanad semae hatty number 22, If its misspelt please try to change it or if you have left it consider my humble request to add my hatty in it.. Also you have not mentioned Asoganthorai, add these two hatties in the list…-
Thank you, Suresh – Wg Cdr JP



Badaga Villages with a cover of mist – seen from Akoni

II. Porangaadu Seemay

Also known as ” Aaila Baila Seeme ” ( Porangadu 19 Ooru ). From ‘Hubbathalai‘ to ‘Hulivare‘ constitute the boundaries.
hubbathalai.JPG (Peria) Hubbathalai (Hatti)


Mel Bikkatti


Kil Bikkatti

II. Porangaadu Seemae

1. Thatha Nadu 2. Ora sole 3. Gundada 4. Pudiyangi 5. Marle Kambe 6. Batta Kore 7. Arakkambe 8. Mel Ane hatti 9. Kil Ane hatti 10. Dhimbatti 11. Kada kodu 12. Sippili kambe 13. Kanneri mookku 14. Ali Ooru [Hayoor?]15. Are hatti 16. Samil Dittu [Thanks to Bellie Sundaram Krishnamoorthy for giving the correct name] 17. Jakkalode 18. Kade kambatti 19. Kappatti 20. Kanneri 21. Nara giri 22. kunni hatti 23. Beraganni 24. Sundatti 25. Selakkore 26. Ker bettu 27. Betlada 28. Bendatti 29. Meedenu 30. Ker kambe 31. Lilli hatti 32. Bamudi 33. Neduguva 34. Bandime 35. Kodamale 36. Pedduva 37. Baiyangi 38. Kallatti 39. Hakkeru 40. Yeda palli 41. Eethore 42. Bettatti 43. Osatti 44. Katta bettu 45. Hubbathale Ooru 46.Honnore 47. Attave 48. Natta kallu 49. Kerbennu 50. Kathigatti 51. Eruppu kallu 52. Pudu mandu 53. Thotha mokke 54. Keraiyada 55. Jakkanare 56. Sakkatha 57. Kesalada 58. Aravenu 59. Thumbooru 60. Kallada 61. Bangalada 62. Thinni ooru 63. (H)Onnatti 64. Thooneri 65. Sulli goodu 66. Edukkore 67. Kengare 68. Hullathatti 69. Kottuvana hatti 70. Mel Odenu 71. Kil Odenu 72. Banni ooru 73. Bebbenu 74. Konavakore 75. Kakkul 76. Dhabba kambe 77. Thogalatti 78. Denadu 79. Ane ode 80. Thalore 81. Yettkallu 82. Odeyaru hatti 83. Mudia kambe 84. Selave 85. Kurukkathi 86. Kavilore 87. Selakore 88. Kottanalli 89. Thumbi male 90. Jakka kombe 91. Avvur 92. Bellada 93. Osatti (repeat?) 94. Embimora hatti 95. Bikkatti 96. Bagumudi 97. Dhodda mane hatti 98. Kagakkuthore 99. Koon sole 100. Jakkada 101.Odanatti 102.Bearatti 103. Malliore 104. Kakakore 105. Kil Bikkatti 106. Mel Bikkatti 107. Hubbathale Hatti 108. Kari mora 109. Kechigatti 110. Nadu hatti 111. Bettatti (repeat?) 112. Manjida ( recently added ) 113. Hayoor [Bellie Sundaram Krishnamoorthy feels this is same as 14.Ali Ooru – I fully agree. Hayoor or [H]Ali Ooru mean the same – Old Village] 114.Kinnakore, Heriasigay, Hosahatti, Ummattipadige Melur, Bikkatti

III. ‘ Mekku Nadu Seemae ‘

Also known as ‘ Asala Bisalagiri Seemay ‘ and (Meekunadu Seeme 9 Ooru).

Limits from Ketti to Keeyur

“Halattanai to which i belong to is the head hatti (oor) for keeyur haru hatti which includes denadu, mainalay, kothiben, masikandi, bengal and kokkalada inturn the keeyur comes under mekku nadu seemae (info from Dr.Bellukutty Sudhakar)”.Thanks to Dennadu Raman Bhojan (Bhoju) there is this interesting bit of news about DENAADU. Though it belongs to MEKKUNAADU SEEMAY, it forms a group of six villages called KIGOORU- KEEYUR (Kiloor). Denaadu people do not, usually, marry from the 33 + 6 [kigooru] villages of Mekkunaadu. Most of the marriages are from/to KUNDHAY SEEMAY, though of late, marriages have taken place from Villages belonging to PORANGAADU SEEMAY – like for example, Jakkadha (Jaghathala) of Aarooru (Jakkadha, Bearhatty, Karakorai, Mel Bikkatti, Kiya Bikkatti, Manjidha) group


Ketti (Mountain Railway track in the foreground)

Porore Hatti

1. Porore 2. Sogathore 3. Sakkalatti 4. Kethore 5. Denale 6. Dhoddani 7. Kil Odayaratti 8. Kodangatti 9. Kekkatti 10. Emakkatti 11. Ker kandi 12. Ellanalli 13.Hullada 14. Ketti Ooru 15. Achanakal 16. Halada 17. Theda hatti 18.[De hatti – removed as Prakash Chandran writes to say Theedatti is the correct name]19. Sora gundu 20. Kerada 21. Ken Kundhe 22. Kammandu 23. Mel Odayaratti 24. Thambatti 25. Adikaratti 26. Ane hatti 27. Mutti nadu 28. Oranai (Kattery) 29. Kattery 30. Nadu hatti 31.Thooratti 32. Kenduva 33. Koderi 34. Mel Koderi 35. Oor thittu 36. Allattane 37. Manja kambe 38. Denadu 39. Mynale 40.Kokkalada 41. Maasi kandi 42. Bengal 43. Kothi ben 44. Hulikkal 45. Panne bennu 46. Melur 47. Attu Bayilu 48. Porthi 49. Bembatti 50. Belitho 51. Ithalar 52. Pudugatti 53.Thodhale 54. Dhodda appukodu 55. Umar kandi 56. Angidi hatti 57. Byge mandu 58. Osatti 59. Kallakore 60. kariyalbe 61. Nunduva 62. Muduguva 63. Balakore 64. Meekeru 65. Manu hatti 65.Thangadu 66. Oranai 67. Kanneri 68. Mandhane 69. Godalatti 70. Bikol 71. Kasole 72. Mel Osatti 73. Kil Osatti 74. Haraguchi 75. Bellada 76. Nai hatti 77. Are hatti 78. Aadakore (Thulidale) 79. Bingichagallu(Bingisa Kallu) [thanks to Ganesan Lingan and Rajaram Ari ‘s (Yedakkadu)]

Nice to see Bingichagallu  and  Baigada were incorporate in the hattis list . …But Hosa attubayulu  is still missing . Please add in the list.. Ganesan  Lingan.

IV. ‘ Kundhe Seemae ‘

Also known as ‘ Eera Jilla Seeme ‘ [Kinnakorai Ooru removed from Kundhe seemae to Porangadu Seemae]

  1. Osatti 2. Bikkatti 3. Mel Kundhe 6. Attu Mannu 7. Mulli Male 8. Nadu hatti 9. Kechigatti 10. Kerabadu 11. Kariamale 12. Kandibikke 13. Manjooru 14. Mani Kallu 15. Kil Kundhe 16. Thooneri 17. Matta Kandi 18. Bakore 19. Mullegooru 20. Osa hatti 21. Bikkatti 22. Kunjanare 23. Gundinaali 24. Mukki Male 25. Gai kandi 26. Edakkadu Thale hatti 27. Edakkadu Nadu hatti 28. Sundatti 29. Baigada (added – based on Rajaram Ari’s (Yedakadu) input)

Added :
1. Kora Kundhe 2. Emarald (thanks to rajunandha
3. Hayoor (which is next to Kannerimukku in Kotagiri (thanks to mithun matha dharmaraj 4. Thorajada 5. Kombukorai (thanks to N Bellie 6. Thambatti added to ‘Thodha Naadu Seeme’ (thanks to Jagadeesh)
This is Ganesan Lingan from Porthy Village Mekku Nadu seeme.
“I just gone thru the Badagas website to know our hatties and seeme’s, I saw all the hattis and seems in one place and   really enjoyed reading each and every hattis. I would say this is definitely Great effort! And really appreciable”.
I just wanted to you know that Emerald is not a badaga village( as per my knowledge) and fully occupied by other communities except one or two badgas having provisional stores and houses along with that, So I request you the remove the Emerald from our hatti list. And also I found Osa Attu Bayilu missing from Meeku nadu.
There are two Attu Bayilu one is Palliya (old) Attu bayliu and other one Osa attu Bayliu.
Also Bigada missing from Thodha nadu Seeme (not sure about seeme).This village spotted near Ithalar… This is a beautiful very tiny village located in center of the tea estates.

As elaborated in the page on Badaga Hattis [villages], still there seems to be no conclusive evidence about how the ancestors made the divisions [geographical and social] about their villages.Simply put, in ancient times, a few houses (among brothers and cousins) formed a HATTI and then a cluster of villages, though based not only on the geographical locations, formed a OORU. Obviously, all the people from the hattis forming the Ooru were/are considered as brothers and sisters – and hence no marriages among these hattis were considered. Then, many Oorus formed a SEEMAY or NAADU. 

And, FOUR Seemays or Naadus form NAKKU BETTA – representing the complete Badaga population in the Nilgiri hills. Though, only three Naadus /Seemays namely, Thodhanaadu, Mekkunaadu and Porangaadu have the Dhodda Betta peak as the apex and common point of  these three seemays, KUNDHEY SEEMAY, at the southern eastern end, is very much a separate  and important seemay. See the map.
Nakku Betta

The confusion comes when we realise that some Thodha,Kotha and Kuruma villages/Oorus were also included into the broader periphery of Naadu/Seemay. The probable reasons for this inclusion could be the close association of Badagas with these tribes considered as the original inhabitants of the Nilgiris along with Badagas.

Oorus forming Porangaadu Seemay ;

  1. Hubbathalai -[1.Dhodda Hubbathalai 2.Kunna Hubbathalai]
  2. Jakkadha – [1.Jakkadha 2.Kaarakorai 3.Bearatti 4.Mel Bikkatti 5.Kiya Bikkatti 6.Manjitha 7.Malligorai 8.Honnamudi 9.Odhanatti]
  3. Jakkanarai -[1.Jakkanarai Melkeri,2. J – Oorkeri, 3.J – Kiyakeri, 4. J – Thoria keri, 5.Thumboor ,6.Thinniyur, 7.Mudiakambai, 8.Bangalada, 9.Kallada, 10.Selavai, 11.Bettatti. 12.Naduhatti, 13.Arabettu, 14.Aravenu, 15.Aravenu kettikeri]
  4. Thandhanaadu – [1.Thandhanaadu – Hayahatti, 2.T – Hosahatti, 3.Horasolai, 4.H- Honnodai, 5.Nattakkal, 6.Gundada, 7.Pudiyangi, 8.Maralakambai, 9.Meenikambai, 10.Battagorai (Gundada), 11.Arakambai, 12.Mel Anaihatti, 13.Kil Anaihatti, 14.Dhimbatti, 15.Kadakodu, 16.Thalorai, 17.Kannerimukku, 18.Haliyur, 19.Samilthittu, 20.Araihatti, 21.Ketchigatti, 22.Jakkalodai, 23.Kunnihittu, 24.Naragiri, 25.Kambatti, 26.Kappatti, 27.Kanneri, 28.Bergani, 29.Hullatti, 30.Jakkakambai, 31.Mel Oanay, 32.Kil Odanay, 33.Sundatti, 34.Kilinjimandhu, 35.Kavilorai, 36.Kotanalli, 37.Selakorai, 38.Bendatti, 39.Keirbetta -Hayatti 40. K- Kiyahatti, 41.K- Naduhatti, 42.K-Hosahatti, 43.Betalada]
  5. Meedhenu – [1.Meedhenu, 2.Kaikambai, 3.Battagorai, 4.Konavakkarai]
  6. Bandimay – [1.Bandimay]
  7. Niruguva -[1.Neduguva, 2.N – Hosatti, 3.Kurukutti]
  8. Peddhuva – [1.Peddhuva, 2.Kallatti, 3.Byangi, 4.Haddavalai, 5.Honnorai, 6.Thogalhatti, 7.Kattabettu, 8.Naduhatti, 9.Eethorai, 10.Bettahatti, 11.Yedapalli, 12.Hawkeru, 13.Gasugui, 14.Irruppukal, 15.Thothamokke, 16.Kerada, 17.Kerben, 18.Pudhumandu, 19.Hosahatti (Kattabettu), 20.Beben, 21.panneer]
  9. Sakkadha
  10. Bebbaynu
  11. Baamudi
  12. Kengaray
  13. Dhenaadu
  14. Kodamalai
  15. Dhoddamanay Hatti
  16. Kodanaadu Mandhu [Thodhas]
  17. Melay Kokkal
  18. Kiya Kokkal
  19. Kadinamala [Kurumas]

Oorus under Mekkunaadu

  1. Kiya Ooru – Halattanay
  2. Melaga ooru – Melur
  3. Thambatti
  4. Ketti
  5. Thangaadu
  6. Adhikaratti
  7. Kattery
  8. Kollimalai (Kothas)

Oorus under Thodhanaadu Seemay

  1. Thooday Gui
  2. Kadanaadu
  3. Ebbanaadu
  4. Solur
  5. Kagguchi
  6. Honnadhalai
  7. Kookkal
  8. Thrichigadi
  9. Poosay Coonoor
  10. Solur Kokkal

 Oorus under Kundhey Seemay

[I have spoken to village elders at Kinnakorai and Hiriyaseegay during my recent visit to these villages and they insisit that Kinnakorai belongs to Prangaadu Seemay – Wg Cdr JP]

  1. Mele Kundhey
  2. Kiya Kundhey
  3. Hiriyaseegay
  4. Kinnakorai [?]
  5. Kundhey Kotagiri

The village names are given as pronounced by Badagas

[sources- ‘Badaga Samudhayam’ by Sivaji Raman, a well informed author and researcher from Jakkanaarai and ‘Akka Bakka’ by Prof.Frank Heidemann]


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  1. Āri Joghie

    Ābharaṇa ஆoபஹ ரண – நகை – Jewel
    Abhivr̥d’dhi அoபி விர்த்தி – வளர்ச்சி – Development
    Adbhuta அoத் oபுத – அருமை – Awesome
    Aḍḍakūḍu அoட்oட கூoடு – குறுக்கு வெட்டு – Cross section
    Āḍu ஆடு – Mēke மேக்கெ – ஆடு – Goat
    Āhāra ஆ ஹார – உணவு – Food
    Ajja அஜ்ஜ – தாத்தா – Grandfather
    Ajji அஜ்ஜி – பாட்டி – Grandmother
    Ākarṣaka ஆகர் சக – கவர்ச்சிகரமான – Attractive
    Aḷalu அள லு – அழ – Cry
    Ale அலெ – அலை – wave
    Ānandisi ஆனன் திசி – மகிழுங்கள் – Enjoy
    An̄cu அன்சு – ஓடு – Tile
    Anubhavisu அனு oபஹ விசு – மகிழுங்கள் – Enjoy
    Anumāna அனு மான – சந்தேகம் – Doubt
    Appa அப்ப – அப்பா – Dad
    Ārisu ஆ ரிசு – தேர்வு – Choose
    Ārōgya ஆரோ oகிய – ஆரோக்கியம் – Health
    Āścarya ஆச்சரிய – ஆச்சரியம் – Surprise
    Āśīrvāda ஆசீர்வாத – ஆசீர்வாதம் – Blessings
    Aṣṭe அஸ்டெ – அவ்வளவுதான் – That’s all
    Āṭa ஆட்ட – விளையாட்டு – Game
    Atte அத்தெ – மாமியார் – Mother-in-law
    Attu அட்த்து – பெருமூச்சு – Sigh
    Āturate ஆதுர தெ – அவசரம் – Hurry
    Avanu அவனு – அவர் – He is
    Avve அவ் வெ – அருமை – Awesome?


  2. Which is the biggest hatti?



  3. Where is Halakeru in the Nilgiris?

    Why have you not given a valid email id??
    The Badaga village (hatti) Hawkeri or Halakeru is situated on the road from Coonoor to Aravenu [Kotagiri] . Not on the main road but the alternative road from Coonoor [to Aravenu [ Kotagiri] – Mettupalayam], take diversion at Bandisolai. A beautiful hill road with many hairpin bends and breath taking views of Badaga villages.
    – JP


  4. Hello Sir !
    Just as I was browsing in my free time at office, I wanted to know more information on Badagas and found this very useful and informative website. Kudos !!! My native is Kadanad and my Mothers place is Nanjanad. My dad has settled upon in Chennai for livelihood and its more than 30 years now and myself and my brother are working in CTS Chennai. Offlate, everytime when i visit my hatty there is an more worse situation. We have people moving out and out for livelihood and Coimbatore has more Badaga population now than the whole district Nilgiris itself. Such is the case. People who do farming there are still starving for an wealthier lifestyle. We are not getting good money for Tea Leaves which almost remains the same for past 12 years whereas the economy has doublefolded. How can people survive? They move out to other cities Coimbatore mostly for an average income of 10,000-15,000 which means even that is not possible staying in Hattis, having own lands for cultivation and tea estates even which is a very sorry state right? WHAT I WOULD LIKE YOU TO DO IS WITH THE HELP OF ESTABLISHMENT YOU HAVE GOT, YOU CAN, WE CAN TRY TO BE A STRONG POLITICAL FORCE TO GET OUR NEEDS. SUCH SHOULD BE THE CASE THAT EVEN AN INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE WHOM STANDS FOR OUR CAUSE SHOULD WIN BOTH ASSEMBLY AND EVEN PARLIMENT ELECTIONS THROWING BACK EXISTENT POLITICAL FORCES LIKE DMK.ADMK.INC OR BJP. THEN THE NATION WILL TAKE NOTICE. WE CAN EMPHASIZE OUR NEEDS AND DEEDS AND EARN GOOD AND LIVE HAPPILY ON OUR OWN SOIL AGRICULTURING !!!
    I say all this because I understand people minds and strictly beleive no one is so happy to move out for a mere livelihood which is the case now. I HOPE YOU CAN TRY, EDUCATE AND WRITE THE NEED TO BE A POLITICAL STRONGFORCE. I HOPE YOU AGREE TOO OR IF YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS FINE AND PEOPLE ARE ALREADY HAPPY, THEN I AM SORRY FOR MY THOUGHTS. THANK YOU.


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  7. sir, nanga ella sedhu nangakolava kappadhuga kandippa muarchi madodhu naa ondhu osane beethidthe idhuna nanga baduga kolatha jana ellaga sethonenge ondhu dhari madivi ningaga kodi punniya sikki nanga ayya etheya ashirvadha sikkira (Porthy GBR.Sivan)

    Hello Siva,
    Ninga email’ga appara santhosha. Ninga osaneya enaga enna emailga kegivi – . – Wg Cdr JP


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    Yes , I have recently visited Nattakal. Had a chance to talk to a few elders in and around that small hatti ,few hetthais/ayyas are 80+ and they too informed that Kinnakorai belongs to Porangaadu Seemay.
    No surprise that you got this information , even more you have a deep dive in our culture and have more knowledge than any other people who do research 🙂
    Proud of you Sir , Have fantastic time…!!
    I’m a big fan of your’s.
    Santhosh []


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    Hello Mathan Lenin, Thanks a lot. You are most welcome to help making this website better. Your contribution in terms of any article/ info will be published with due credit line – Wg Cdr JP


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    [Thank you Bellie – it is done – Wg Cdr JP]


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    wow,good notion.Blessing of showers from our ayyas and hethes.You made some meaning of your life and our hatties. ALL THE BEST FOR THE ON GOING PROCESS.


    • Sir
      I’m from Horanally under Mekku Nadu Seemai. My doubt is according to the details, Pororai hatti comes under Mercunad [Mekku Nadu]. But people normally marry between these two hatties. Please clear my doubt


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    Thank you Shivakrishnaa, you are most welcome to e part of our team by contributing articles/pictures/titbits etc. If found suitable, the same will be posted with your byline – Wg Cdr JP


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    In between Aravankadu [Cordite Factory] and Yellanalli on the Coonoor – Ooty main road. A great hatti from which my friend and industrialist T.Gopal hails – Wg Cdr. JP


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    Nice article,,,,,But I dont think those seven brothers worshiped shiva…..If they worshiped shiva, our forefather should at least have some idol (may be made of stone) in their houses…..But i don’t see any idol culture exist in our hatties earlier…we never worshiped god in idol form….we always worshiped god in spirit or natural worshipers…Earlier days each and every hoses use thevigai in their hoga maney to worship god (Indirectly says god is light)….But hinduism exist in our culture in 19th century……..Cheers…



    send the baduga hatti photos ..

    to whom and for what – Wg Cdr JP



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    Pitapur Palace is a private property now and the owner residents are mainly Badagas



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    You ave done a great job. I m very proud of you. All you have written in this website is ok. But missed one thing. That’s about our badaga girls. I am waiting for the information of our badaga girls with their photos. JAYOOOOOOOOOO…….. JAYA.

    Hi Sujith, sure I will write about our Badaga girls and their great grit and determination. If Badagas are what we are today – proud with our heads held high, it is only due to our women. Photos , pl send your photo first and we will see….Wg Cdr JP


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  61. Sir, one correction in your details.. The people from Kinnakorai orginally came from Porangaadu seeme and settled there.. So they cant be included in Kundhae seeme .. They should be included in Porangaadu seeme..

    Hello Anand, I am aware that there is ‘some confusion’ aboutwhich SEEMAY Kinnakorai belongs to. My info is mainly based on what Prof.P.Hockings’s study. It is quite possible that Kinnakorai originally belonged to Porangadu. I am at a loss to say anything definitive. May be, people like you or the elders in Kinnakorai could throw more light on this.

    Incidentally, Kinnakorai is one of the most beautiful hattis and is right at Kerala border in the silent valley region. As of now, I gather, some of the property – including hola – of this Badaga villagers is located in Kerala. Before reorganisation of states in 1951, Kinnakorai and rest of that area was in Madras presidency [from British days]. Though, I have seen this hatti from a far of distance [near Manjoor], my ambition has been to visit this hatti with somuch of history – Wg Cdr JP


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    A small piece which I knew regarding the earlier post by Monisha.R (K…..)
    “…..I like Badaga cultural.I loved one boy very sincerely but we didnot have “morai” and we departed.We want to change this alone….I miss you V…”

    In our culture, we dont have anything without reasons… To answer your question about “Morai”…. Medically, it is proved that handicap children or abnormal children will be born when you marry within relations…

    Our forefathers are not less efficient, they knew everything.. So they have structured our culture very well…Hence, we have seemai’s in our culture and we don’t have morai within that… See in a wide perspective, in our culture we will find very very very few handicapped people compared to all other people….

    Everything is for our Good !!!!

    So lets not hate our culture and lets encourage & grew it…..

    Dear JP, If possible convey this info to “Monisha”. Atleast, let them be aware of wonderful things in our culture…..
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    All Badagas are invited to our village Honnathalai Hethai Amma Festival on 26-12-2010. Welcome and enjoy the habba.


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    I am from Kethorai,a superb village which is located at 6 kms from Coonoor.It has a fantastic temple of Meenakshi Amman at its entrance as to wel come all people with the blessings of lord.It is built with statues of 6 feet which seems like real people standing. There are several statues which all together makes up a marriage scene. Our main festivals are Meenakshi Amman Chariot festival celebrated for three days and Hetthai Habba. Our Meenakshi amman temple is under renovation now and after which our village will become beautiful even more.

    Our village looks wonderful as it is surrounded by mountains and greens on all sides. Im eager to add photos of our village and temple,can someone help me on how and where can add.[Deepak I have sent a mail to you abt this – JP]

    I agree with what Pavithra (Hanikorai) said. It will be really helpfull for youngsters.
    Thanks all…….!!!!!!


    • Rama Venugopal

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      I am planning to migrate to a nearby place about a kilometer before Ketorai while coming from Ellanalli.
      I grew up in Nilgris and want to have retired life there now. Happy to know about the temple.
      Is my choice good?. Deepak can you get in touch with me? I would like to have more information about the place.


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    Hello Soma, It is upto people like you to get special info about your hatti and inform me so that I can put them up. If I come to know of anything special abt Muttinadu, it will be, surely, published. – JP





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    You are most welcome to send your hatti or any interesting photo connected or concerned with Badaga and Nilgiris. The photos will be published in and other Badaga websites hosted by me with due credit given to you – Wg Cdr JP


  94. kindly add our hatti(i think 2nd biggest hatti in nilgiris) ADYGARATTY ,ADYGARATTY VILLAGE & POST, THE NILGIRIS-643203 add some hattis like kasolai, bickole, godalatti, muttinadu,katteri, kenthala, kodari, B manihatti, C manihatti, balacola, mudugula….

    and I will give u some special details about Adygaratty
    Festival : Ther abba…Kuladeivam : Kariyabettarayar(Sivan)
    Kuladeivam Koil : Nellithorai(near Mettupalayam)

    All the hattis are reflected with the Badaga way of ‘calling’ them. Thanks for the additional info about ‘Adikaratti’ or Adygaratty. One of the sects of Badagas is ‘Adik[g]aris’ like ‘Haruvas’ and their hatti was known as Adikaratti.


  95. Thanks for your quick reply for colors, but can u clarify, is Green color also called / known as Acchai (pachai) color?

    Yes, many elders still call green as ‘hachchai’. It shows the importance given to environment. Though, hachchai can also mean very young ( ref : hachchai-ya kiththadhu pappa in funeral prayer [karu haruchodhu]. – JP


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    My hatty name is Samil thittu NOT Samil dittu(16) !!!
    Thanks for your effort.

    The hatti names are given as pronounced by Badagas [Read my article fully] and not as listed in the post offices or other wise. For your information; do you know the meaning of ‘Thittu’ and ‘Dhittu’? Dhittu is an elevated place. Is your hatti on top of a hillock or mount ?

    As far as I am concerned, it is Manjitha and NOT Manjithala, Jakkadha and NOT Jagathala etc etc ? Please let me know what do you feel, so that I can put it in the site – JP


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    See S.No.110 Under ‘Porangaaadu Seemay’ – JP


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    Kappu = Black, Keppu > Red, White > BeLLay, Pachay > Green, Neela > Blue, Arichina (Manja) > Yellow…..JP


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    JP adds : Ramesh, it will be my pleasure to meet you


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    I am elementary schoolmate of Mr.Srinivasan from Baduga community. The later father’s name is Mr.Raman, Sr.Position in the TNEB. Mr.Raman uncle may have retired from TNEB Service now. I want to contact my friend Srinivasan now. We lost contact since 1979. My self, Srinivasan and Babu, studied together in Kethai called as pegumbagalla camp of Ooty District during 1973-1979.


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    Hearing our badagsongs and reading new information give lovely feeling and to forgot our worries for certain period of time.
    This is my small request (suggestion) that if you can add the names important personality of Hatties (Oor Thalaivars) and contact numbers will be very helpful to our community, also put festival details of hatties, which will be helpful to interested fellow brothers & sisters who all are missing due to working in abroad.

    Hello Ramji, Thanks a lot. I am humbled by your kind comments. My site is a ‘one man effort’ and hence I may take a little bit of time to give the info you wish to see. But since your suggestions are very good, let me start ASAP. My regard for Manjoorians is rising….earlier it is Ravi Balraj from Kuwait and now it is you. Keep it up Kundhe Seemay!



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    Thank you Kanna, it is due to persons like you, I get motivated to do more for our community. I am sure all the people of your hatty are very nice and cute – JP


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    Ramji Ramesh – thank you for your kind and encouraging words.-JP


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    Dheepu – see under Mekkunaadu Seemay, Sakkalatti is listed as 3rd after Sogathorai -JP


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      [Deepu, I can be of some help, pl give me some time. – JP Uncle]


  122. please read our village as ‘KAVILORAI‘ instead of kavilore.

    Rajmani, I understand how sensitive one is about correct names both in spelling and pronounciation. I have corrected the hatti name as Kavilorai – JP


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    Thank you Anand, it is comments like yours that make me feel both satisfied and to do more – Wg Cdr JP


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    JP adds: Thank you Suresh, pl send me photo/info about Jakkadha and I will surely publish them


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    Reproduced from another page

    மஞ்சூர் ராசா, on December 11th, 2008

    காய்கண்டி (காந்தி கண்டி) சமீபத்தில் கட்டப்பட்ட (1950) ஹட்டி என்று சொல்லப்படுகிறது. காய்கண்டிக்கு அருகில் இருக்கும் மேல் அட்டுபாயிலு தான் மிகவும் சமீபத்தில் உருவாக்கப்பட்ட ஹட்டியாகும்.

    எமரால்டு டேமுக்கு கீழ் பகுதியில் இருந்த இந்த ஹட்டியானது வெள்ளத்தால் பல முறை பாதிப்படைந்த காரணத்தினால், புதிய இடத்திற்கு மாற்றப்பட்டு புதிய ஹட்டியாக உருவானது.

    Translation of the above letter :

    Gai Kandi (Gandhi Kandi) village – hatti is said to be newly built (1950). But the village very close to Gai Kandi , ATTU BAILU, is the one which was created very recently.

    This village which was below Emarald Dam was affected by floods many times and hence was relocated to a new place.

    JP adds : With due respect to Manjoor Raja, the name ‘GAI Kandi’ is based on the wind [Gai in Badaga] conditions and not Gandhi Kandi. No Badaga Village is named after any person. Secondly, I had visited Gai Kandi twice and spoken to that village elders including an elderly gentleman famous as a ‘medicine man’ from ATTU BAILU. They all confirm that Gai Kandi to be a newer one. Just because, Attu Bailu is relocated, in my opinion, it does not become a new hatti

    Any clarifications??


  134. mlle_sumathi halan

    It seems like the village “Hubbathalai” has something special & some special people seem to belong to Hubbathalai. !!!!

    Any other updates about this unique village ??

    Keep rocking Hubbathalai people. !!!


  135. I am from Hubbathalai, this is nice work about our community,we should appreciate this beautiful work, my village is a beautiful village and I am proud of my VILLAGE,please visit our village during HETHAI HABBA and RAM HABBA,


  136. Anand B Raju

    very nice work! appreciate all the efforts!


  137. bellie.k.k.

    Kundeh Soppe – please change as kunthachappai


  138. Mr. Bellie Jayaprakash, your service is great, thank you.


  139. Nandha Kishore Thesingh

    Awesome piece of work…so much information is available out here…proud to be a badaga…


  140. Anand Rajbelli

    Wavooooo,,,,amazing i came to know so many things,which i was not aware till date.Sometimes i wonder y badaga???but now i realized the sweet part of it.Thank You so much.



    Awesome, PROUD [to have been] BORN AS BADAGA.


  142. try to update….really very nice website ….. keep it up


  143. I just search badaga in google; I found this amazing and superb website; I got more infomation about our culture and community.
    Special thanks to Mr. Bellie Jayaprakash for his kind effort for our community; I am very proud of him, who is nearby my village, Pororaihatty. Now I am in Coimbatore.
    I am very happy to viewing my hatty ( porore) photo there in Mekkunadu seemae list.


  144. ashok kumar

    This is amazing. I am really proud to be a Badaga. I wish this website gets more developed .


  145. I am from Ebbanad.

    In Thodha Naadu Seemae- Ebbanad is given as [59] Ebbunadu and Kengamudi as[17] Kenguvamudi. Pls change this to Ebbanad and Kengamudi. And also I have one more doubt [ref 84.Melatti] in which seemae is this hatti situated?

    I would like say a few words about my village. Ebbanad is temple village of Nilgiris. The people of Ebbanad and Kengamudi belong to Meekunadu seemae but we are living in Thodha nadu seemae.

    our festival are
    1.Hethai Habba
    2.beerumuku easwarer temple(one of the famous temples)
    3.annigatti mariamman(one of the famous temple)
    4.jedaya somi abba
    5.theva abba(bana gudi)
    6.kalli amman
    7.vinayager temple
    8.saneeswarer temple
    9.heriodayan temple


  146. In Thodha Naadu Seeme – Sholur name has spelled with wrong name [Refer this 13. Soluru ] . Pls change this to Sholur.

    As I had mentioned ( “I have preferred to use the names as known to Badagas. For example, Jakkada for Jagathala or Manjida for Manjithala or Pedduva for Pethala “)
    I have given the names of our villages as called [pronounced] by Badgas. However I have given SHOLUR within brackets as you have desired -JP


  147. Ooty to sholur 20 km.. Way of Gudalur Main Road, Santinalla(7th mail) First Right Turn.Go to Stright Road..
    Our Featival are
    1.Bookapuram Mari amman(Apr or March)
    2.Madheswara Temple(After I week Monday)
    3.Kaliamma Temple(Next day Tuesday)
    4.Kulliappan Temple(Kottatty)- Next week Tuesday
    5.Hethai amman Temple – Dec Month
    6.Devaabba – July

    These Festival on our Atta Pattu.. Nanga Atta Badagaru Atta


  148. Sholur A part of 6 atti

    My village is Sholur Kottatty It’s a very beauti Village..


  149. hello friends any body in Thummanada Village….


  150. Very good, Ennga Makanadu seemai..Sholur Kottatty


  151. MANOHARAN AJJAN [Bangalore]

    The efforts taken for this website are outstanding and simply superb.Proud and lucky to be born in Badaga Community. But at the same time I felt little ashamed of myself because being a Badaga I have learnt lots of information (badaga origin, history etc ) only now thru this website.Really thanks for all the kind hearted persons who have shown their interest in creating this website. My advise to all young generations is to spread good words about our good community to everywhere in this world.

    After all I am a kind of person who simply dies for the old songs ie.songs sung by the legends Mr.Kerben bella Gowder and Mr.Kurudu Kada.I love those songs and sometime i listen to the savu songs sung by Bella Gowder when I am in a depressed mood. Of course me too a moderate singer. Thanks for giving excellent songs which cannot be forgotten ever in my life.


  152. Bharathi Mathan

    You have done a good job.I think you have not heard about our village. The name of the village is “Uyilatty”; its really a beautiful hatty.I would be happy to see the pictures ; articles of our village.

    JP comments > Thank you. I have heard about your hatti [see under Thodha Naadu Seame] but not seen it so far. Will visit soon. Prof.Paul Hockings feels that UYILATTI means a hamlet beyond boundary [UGAL HATTI]. As I keep requesting youngsters like you to send me pictures and articles about your village [by checking with the elders of the hatti you may gather some interesting titbits] and I will definitely publish them with due credit to the author.


  153. Sendhil Halan

    Please include Hallaty in Thodhanadu seemai..This is between Kadanadu and Dhavanai.

    JP adds: Please see S.No.64 . Halatty is listed as Allatty


  154. You have done a good job.Though I am a Baduga I know of only a few hutties. Now I am suprised to see hundreds of hutties here.This is very useful for us to know about other hutties. I belong to Bearhatty.

    Wg.Cdr. JP adds: Though born and brought up at Hubbathalai, my hatti is also BEARHATTI


  155. Sashikumar N.C.

    You forgot to add Annikorai in Thothanadu seemai. Annikorai has good identification oiver the nilgiri villages and it comes under the thothanadu seemai. I am surprised, how you have missed it from the classification.

    Also if you are able to list the villages within seemais alphabetically, identification will become much easy. You have taken an excellent initiative to make this website a great online traditions library. My sincere appreciations, love and prayers.

    Hi Sashi,

    I have not forgotten ‘ANNIKORAI’, it is mentioned as ‘HANNI KORE’ [No.8 under ‘Thodha Nadhu Seeme’. As I have mentioned in the article, the hattis are mentioned as they are known and referred to by Badagas. For example, ‘Jakkada’ is ‘Jegathala’ – JP


  156. excellent job


  157. congrats and all the best – grishan kil hosatty


  158. Thank you Ramesh. I am thrilled that my website is being visited and appreciated by people living far and near.


  159. It’s a great effort. I really appreciate the work u folks put in developing this site, and making things lively. I am Ramesh Mathan belongs to Thumbimalai hutty, Kil-kotagiri area. I am working in London, United Kingdom as a Software Engineer.

    Let me come to my point. I have read many articles regarding the Badaga and European connection. The Y-chromosome DNA marker test on the badagas has resulted in the badagas belonging to the R1a and specifically R1a1 Haplogroup. Moreover, few percentages of people in Central and east part of Europe also belong to R1a1 Haplogroup.

    Is this true? It’s surprising. I spend most of my recent times thinking on this topic. I started hunting for information from different web sites to know more about this, and trying to get something out of it. It would be more interesting if we get closer and dig more on this. Being in Europe now, to get underway, I am preparing myself to know more about R1a1 Haplogroup people who live in Europe, and study their culture and life style. The outcome would help us to compare and research on how we relate to them. I strongly believe that as deeper we go, we may get lot more facts; hope these combination of real facts would form a principle.

    Any advice is highly appreciated.

    My email Id:


  160. Karthick kukkal

    your work is very nice and try to find the number of hattis ….Above seen images are simply superb…..


  161. Thank you very much B.S.Krishnamoorthy from GENEVA.

    I have made the necessary corrections.

    It is only due to such encouraging words like yours that motivate me to do more.


  162. Bellie Sundaram Krishnamoorthy

    I have just visited this page after three months gap. Surprised to see all the development and wide range of coverage. Really wonderful work. Nowadays this site is becoming like a dictionary for our badaga community. I kindly request you to check the following.
    In my opinion, in Porangadu seeme, 14. Ali ooru and 113. Hayoor are same. 16. Sayil dittu should be corrected as Samil dhittu.


  163. Anehatty(near Adigaratty), Mekunad Seeme, Kunna Manihatty (90 mane)

    I spent a lot of time going through the pages today and gained a lot of knowledge about our history.

    Bellie Gandhi Babu – Meeckeru-Meckunad


  164. Magesh Chandran

    I am from Akoni Village,I have never before seen our village with this much of beauty. The Photos are really superb.Nice job


  165. sangeetha murali

    Thank you, now I know my seemai is Thodha Naadu


  166. superbbb


  167. Thank you Jagadeesh. Thambatty has been added to “Thodha Naadu Seeme”


  168. Good work. Thambatty comes under ‘Thodha naadu seeme’


  169. hi manjula, thank you. I have also sent you an email


  170. Simply nice……


  171. JRK writes again to say [S.No.63 under Porangadu Seeme] Onnatti is Honnatty.


  172. JR.Krrishnamurthy

    I am from a village on the way to kil kotagiri(sholurmattam) named as HONNATTY which is not shown in the above list.


  173. Till today I didnot know to which SEEMAE my hatti – SUDATTI -belonged to….now I know that it belongs to PORANGADU SEEMAE.


  174. Hello Bellie,

    I agree with you.


  175. Eventhough people living in the following hattis are Christians, they are also Badagas.
    In my opinion KOMBUKORAI and THORAJADA may be included in Badaga Hatties list.


  176. Hello Ramachandran,

    Santhoor was added because Rajunandha recommended in his post in

    Earlier, N Bellie has also taken strong objection to Santhoor being included. He writes in his post “In Badaga Hatties, Shantoor was added as a Badaga Hatti. But Shantoor is not a Badaga Hatti. There only non badagas live, and it is a small bazaar in Ketti.

    Anyhow Badaga Christians are living in two hamlets nearby Shantoor and they are known as THORAJADA and KOMBUKORAI. Kindly note this error, and delete Shantoor from Badaga Hatties list ”

    Yes, I agree that Santhoor should not be included.

    So , should we add Thorajada & Kombukorai ?


  177. Ramachandran R

    Shantoor does not come under any of the hatti/seemae.
    This is one of the place where people from Ketti seemae
    and nearby villages who have converted to Christianity live.
    Now there are many other people who live there. This is
    one of the Christian mission centres founded very early in the Nilgiris.
    This is because Badaga villages do not take any outsider
    other than the badagas who live by the traditions of Hethai.
    May be we ignore this as a hatti.


  178. Hello Mirhun,
    Thank you. Hayoor has been added now.


  179. Mithun Matha Dharmaraj

    This is definitely a good work.
    I would like to notify you of the omission of the hatti named Hayoor which is next to Kannerimukku in Kotagiri.


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