The Informed ELDERS !

There are a few elderly Badagas spread among our Hattis and Cities who are so well informed about us. May be due to their age or the personal interest and individual atrributes, they know about our origin, customs, culture or anything connected and concerning Badagas. It is a shear blessing to meet them.
Jakkada Bella Gowder is such a wonderful person. Talking to him is an honour and pleasure and needless to say, highly educative. It was indeed my good fortune when he dropped in at my place in Bangalore, though for a very short while. Discussing about [Jakkada] Hethe Amma or about Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder when he was a student of Madras Christian College, Madras in the 1930s, he becomes very exited and emotional. My only regret was that I could not spend more time with him.

He is 92 years younger and is in good health and does not like to have any artificial help like hearing aids etc. He moves on his own and politely declines when somebody tries to help him climb down the stair case or get into the car.

May God bless  him with many more active years!

Incidentally, Bella Gowder’s second son Bala, an engineer by profession, is another Badaga Buff, having done a lot of  research on Badagas.

Bella Gowder with the author of this weblog JP
[This post was published on 12 – 01 – 2008]
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7 responses to “The Informed ELDERS !

  1. Nagulan Joghee

    You have stopped only by saying that you met Mr. Bella Gowder at your place recently. Share some of the exchanges which will be very interesting and useful. Bala, Bella Gowder’s son, was my colleague at HPF and I am happy to know that he has written a book on Badagas named “Paame”. I am yet to go thru that. If you are able to get hold of the book, please read the same and provide your insights.. it would interesting..

    Further, It is nice to see that his grand daughter expressing emotional feelings about Sri. Bellagowder. Its really exciting on my part as I remeber Mr. Ramachandan , elder son of Mr. Bella gowder, with his huge physique , moving around with a hockey stick in PSG tech Hostel when I eas doing my graduation in PSG . I have visited their quarter’s at Aruvankadu in 1969 and met Mr. Bella gowder and his family, if my memory is correct.

    I have not seen Bala’s “Paame” but am sure it will be very interesting. Thanks for your comments, as always, they are interesting and educative.


  2. BalaSubramani

    I Am Proud About Ur Baduga Caste..In this world, now each and everyman needs care and love..i can definetly state that the true love and care and the respect to the human feelings can be given by only this caste people.
    so in this world each and every person should know about this wonderful caste.
    the things which attracted me a lot is
    1.Baduga Marriage with out dowry
    2.Baduga funeral
    (i.e. u give respect to the person who is dead, this is never happened in any other caste) in each and every function
    4.everyone of the same village combine together for a marriage and funeral without any invitation
    5.the last but not least”The Hospitality”

    I am Proud Of ur caste..


  3. Maya Balasubramaniam/ Kumar

    He has always told us that “Every man is an omnibus in which his ancestors travel” … If we are able to imbibe and share even half of what my grandad has taught us… we will leave the world a better place. Love you Iyya and so proud of you.


  4. Thanks for your lovely comments about my dear Iyya (Jakkadha Bella Gowder).
    He is a towering personality and the coolest, smartest and wisest person in my universe!
    Best regards – Anitha

    JP adds ; Anitha, I am in total agreement with your sentiments. I have learned a lot from your grandpa


    • Padma Krishnamoorthy

      Great Read……Anitha are you Col. Ramachandran’s daughter.. I was trying to get in touch with him.. Hope you will be the ideal link to my trying to reach out to him. If you have any details and his contact, – he will know me as Padma of Paagon Business Forms


      • Col B Ramachandran

        Padma, Anitha is my niece. Strange way to reconnect. My mail id rambellan@ get in touch, will be a pleasure to hear from you, I am in touch with John. Regards Ram


  5. Bella Gowder’s elder son Colonel Ramachandran’s daughter from UK says ” Thats my Iyya ”


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