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All is well ?!

A couple of decades ago, there was hardly any info available about BADAGA – both people and language.

Now, On ‘Google’ when ‘badaga’ is typed, what comes out as information is mind boggling.

  • Everything – 323,000
  • Images – 35,100
  • blogs – 4500
  • Videos – 3960
  • Discussion – 3550
  • Books – 452

Of course, on a deeper analysis, whatever is listed is NOT completely BADAGA. That apart, there are many websites, blogs and discussions and [YouTube] Videos that can make you cringe. There are plenty of ‘cut and paste’ jobs or more regrettably  plain copy posts. As you can guess, no credit to the original ‘creators’ given by these copy cats.

Worst, there are many videos in the name of ‘Badaga Dance’ that are downright amateurish,  ‘cheap’ and and not Badaga dance at all.

But then, there is plenty of ‘good’ information if you really prepared to spend some time to ‘see what you want – Look beyond what you see!

The biggest satisfaction is that there is interest among youngsters to know all about Badagas…the history, origin, traditions, customs and culture.

Attempts are being made to ‘create a written script’ for Badaga by Anand and others. Badagas themselves are carrying out research to learn about our past history and record them in their books.  J.B.Balasubramaniam is about to bring out a second edition of ‘PAAME’ a highly laudable effort. ‘Badaga Samuthayam’ by Sivaji Raman [of Jakkanarai] is a treasure trove.

Badagas spread all over the world are bringing laurels to Badaga Community with their pioneering work. Vinitha Rajkumar in UK is  running a successful ‘Bharatanatyam’ school.Students like Sumathi Halan, who is doing her higher studies in Canada, is a source of information on India in the local community. Both Vinitha and sumathi are invited to give speeches in the town hall meetings.

Melur Village, a small Badaga hatti, is a ‘smoke free’ hamlet. BMW is not about the high end car or ‘Behen Maya Wati’ but’ Blue Mountain Warriers’  consisting of  Badagas who are concerned about the environment degradation in the Nilgiris and doing their bit to help out the society.

The slogan ‘Proud to be a Badaga’  coined by yours truly has become an universal cry of all Badagas. What started as a hobby but now a passion, this website ‘Badagas of the Blue Mountains’ has become a reference point to many. More than 100 visitors every day. That gives motivation to do more.

Much more is needed to be done on an urgent basis to declare ‘all is well’;

to hold our heads high and declare

Proud to be an Indian and Proud to be a Badaga‘.

Happy New Year!

Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash

(to my mom who left this world on 13 -7-2011:- without  you or your inspiration, I am nothing. You gave me everything and always blessed me with – ‘ollithay agili’.

Thank you mom, wherever YOU are!)


ANNA is not a name…but a movement against corruption, whichever way you look at it !

Spread the Word

We are all part of this historic movement to eradicate corruption. Together, under the leadership of Anna Hazare ji, we are demanding the “Jan Lokpal Bill” – a strong law to ensure swift and certain punishment to the corrupt.
Jan Lokpal Bill is a Law being made By the People and For the People.

Another great Badaga ‘Saavu’ song

Once in a way, we get to hear a song which instantly registers both in mind and heart. The golden voice you hear in this saavu [funeral] song is, beyond any doubt, excellent and haunting.
Indhu Dhodda Maneya by Thangadu L Krishna Gowder
” This song is by –Thangadu L.Krishna Gowder.Produced by Thuneri- Rajkumar and music by Athagrahatti team the album name is : Muthe Mora ! As I mentioned before -Most of the photos in the Group/in this Video are take from , . Thanks to Wg Cdr.Bellie Jayaprakash for this Great effort -I request all members to have a View on this site -very informative.Proud to be a Badaga –  Yogesh Ajjan “
 A great song !!

Want to get married but the fear of the ‘Ravages of Divorce’ is a stumbling block

A lot of youngsters are looking out for the ‘right alliance’.  Contradictory it may appear but there are , sadly, a large number  educated Badagas choosing not to marry or postpone the idea of getting married itself. Is the delay due to social compulsions and  ‘fear’ of  early divorces [‘puduchodhu’] in many cases? Is it an universal phenomena?

[Though, the following article is based on the study in the USA, it could be true about many educated Badagas. Source : ]

With the share of married adults at an all-time low in the United States, new research by demographers at Cornell University and the University of Central Oklahoma unveils clues why couples don’t get married – they fear divorce. Among cohabitating couples, more than two-thirds of the study’s respondents admitted to concerns about dealing with the social, legal, emotional and economic consequences of a possible divorce….

Roughly 67 percent of the study’s respondents shared their worries about divorce. Despite the concerns, middle-class subjects spoke more favorably about tying the knot and viewed cohabitation as a natural stepping stone to marriage compared to their working-class counterparts. Lower-income women, in particular, disproportionately expressed doubts about the “trap” of marriage, fearing that it could be hard to exit if things go wrong or it would lead to additional domestic responsibilities but few benefits.
The study also found working-class cohabitating couples were more apt to view marriage as “just a piece of paper,” nearly identical to their existing relationship. They were twice as likely to admit fears about being stuck in marriage with no way out once they were relying on their partners’ share of income to get by.

[Complete article here – > :]

Highly Disturbing

There are some highly disturbing reports in ‘The Hindu’ and ‘Dinamalar’ (14 Dec11, issue) titled ” Villagers oppose construction of church ” and mentioning about lorry loads of B.Manihatti villagers staging a demonstration at the Collectorate[Ooty] and submitting a memorandum that the activities of some persons – to construct a church in the village – are threatening the unity of the village.

As correctly pointed out by these villagers, this move to construct a church and the reported forced religious conversion is bound to affect not only the Badaga Culture but the very fabric of this unique community that has striven to safe guard its traditions, customs and rituals for centuries as well as the peaceful atmosphere in every hatti.

We all stand by the Villagers of B.Manihatti and offer our complete cooperation and solidarity and appeal to the authorities to stop this construction.

When will these ‘traitors’  of Badaga Traditions, who are on the pay rolls of some of these Pastors and Impostors learn to respect the great Badaga sensivity ?

Here are some more Rare Photos from Ravi Belliraj

Ravi Belliraj is one of the ‘rare’ persons whose heart is always with his roots in the Nilgiris and Badagas, though he is now in the Middle East.
Profile photo
He has gone out of the way to do a lot for the betterment of Badagas.
Like earlier, he has sent some ‘rare’ photos with a small note :
Ollanage idhara, alli ninga ella ollange ibbadundu somiya nenasine.Some rare pix for your information & record.”
and it is my pleasure to put these pictures in this website. 
Ravi Belliraju ‘ga ethay ‘thanks’ hegudhu endhu artha appilay!
Ravi, thanks a ton and I am sure the visitors to this website will find these fantastic ‘fotos’ not only interesting but educative.
Hover the mouse over the pix for details/Caption
The above pix is not the Hethay Habba but ‘Madivala’ – the ceremony in honour of the [dead] ancestors, celebrated by Badagas once a few years[decades] in those days – Wg Cdr JP

Rao Bahadur HB Ari Gowder’s Birth Anniversary today (4 Dec)

Once in way, in the history of a community, there comes a leader, who becomes a visionary and leads his people by example.

Such, was a leader who would have been 118 yrs today.

That is Rao Bahadur Hubbathalai Bellie Gowder ARI GOWDER.

Much has been written about this great leader who lead the INDIAN CONTIGENT to world scouts jamboree in Hungary in 1932

and  you can read all about Ari Gowder  here.

Even after 40 years after his death in 1971, Badagas remember him with love and respect.

He made us feel and say ‘Proud to be Badagas’

and because of his insistence that we must educate our children, especially girls,  we are able to hold our heads high today!

Bowing our heads in silent reverence for all that he had done to our community…

Badaga Songs On the web

Badaga Songs  On the web

The website that is created for listening to streaming music.

This site contains songs/musical numbers by great Badaga Singers like Kerban Bella Gowder and Thangaadu L Krishna Gowder.

Here is my favourite “Ganjikkay Kukkaiya’ song by Krishana Gowder