Highly Disturbing

There are some highly disturbing reports in ‘The Hindu’ and ‘Dinamalar’ (14 Dec11, issue) titled ” Villagers oppose construction of church ” and mentioning about lorry loads of B.Manihatti villagers staging a demonstration at the Collectorate[Ooty] and submitting a memorandum that the activities of some persons – to construct a church in the village – are threatening the unity of the village.

As correctly pointed out by these villagers, this move to construct a church and the reported forced religious conversion is bound to affect not only the Badaga Culture but the very fabric of this unique community that has striven to safe guard its traditions, customs and rituals for centuries as well as the peaceful atmosphere in every hatti.

We all stand by the Villagers of B.Manihatti and offer our complete cooperation and solidarity and appeal to the authorities to stop this construction.

When will these ‘traitors’  of Badaga Traditions, who are on the pay rolls of some of these Pastors and Impostors learn to respect the great Badaga sensivity ?


6 responses to “Highly Disturbing

  1. H.Balakumar Haldorai [KENTHALA]

    pls do not ever think to build a church… We,the Badagas, are proud about our tradiations, where ever seen in the world…


  2. mlle_sumathi

    I tend to agree with Sofia Joghee , that unfortunately some sections are trying to sell their religion for monetary benefits. It has to be totally condemned. Full support to the villagers and long live the Badaga tradition and Hetthai’s children.


  3. May be it is high time people think, why are even the conversion of religion taking place?
    Is it truly because you realized god? Or because there are monetary benefits due to conversion.

    1. If it is because you realized The Brahman, then religion wouldn’t matter anymore. So no need to go for religion conversion.

    2. If it is because of monetary benefits, then it is not spiritual anymore. It is a swine. So, no need to go for religion conversion.

    3. If you felt there is something you have gained by praying to almighty, continue your prayers. Because what worked for you,need not for others.

    Anyway conversion is meaningless and a Church thus in a Hatti is unnecessary.

    Be a great soul spiritually. spread love, share and respect each other. That’s how we can show we are children of God.



    YES, you are right JP sir. It has become a fashion among people nowadays saying that worshiping is their own right whichever god they can worship, no objection in that. Mr.Harish by tradition have you heard any AIYA/ HETHAI are differed from Hindus not even your grandparents would be i think. Your not opposing the society even your ancestors. Dont you feel good when people tell that your Hetthai habba is different from all? Its good seeing people from many villages unite for celebration not only enjoying. Even the funeral burden is shared as said. Where do you see this in any other developed culture or in any place other than Badaga hattis? Also, some Badagas are converted for some reason or benefit they get and the only reason for their conversion is not because they love a particular GOD.No God/religion ever tells people not to go to other [religious] temples: its we who create a scene. To build a church in hatty will for sure change the atmosphere and remember we are against something which was practiced by our ancestors… Even your children will not follow yours then!

    [some parts of these comments-edited – Wg Cdr JP]


  5. Dinesh [Karimora]

    Those who are trying to construct church in Badaga hatti should be ‘severely punished’.


  6. Is the construction of church affects the tradition and customs? Tell me how the non-christian badaga people are contributing towards maintaining the tradition and what way? Relationship with God is something more than husband-wife relation when compared to materialistic life… I would rather say people who stage protest affect the sensitivity of that relation and not the vice versa.

    Hello Harish, have you ever lived in a Badaga Hatti ? Do you know about the social structure in which a typical Badaga village, with an ‘elected’ managing committee, carries its affairs and traditions with an unique system of tax – vari? That, every death in that village and the expenses involved are shared by all? By the way, are you a Badaga? – Wg.Cdr.JP


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