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Thank you, friends!

It is about five years since the websites on BADAGA, both people and language, is started and maintained by me with the sole [rather soul] purpose of gathering and giving out the correct information about our …unique history, origin, culture, customs, rituals, language and lifestyle!

I am really very happy that the slogan I coined “Proud to be Badaga” gets reflected in many Badaga websites/weblogs and of Badaga groups in social interfaces like Facebook etc.

More than anything else, what is so heartening is the fact that most of the visitors [there are more than 178,000] are youngsters from all over the world and the double ‘damakka’ is that many are repeat visitors.

Needless to add, the motivation and encouragement comes when I receive email comments with words of praise. Given below are a couple of them received recently



prakash rangapp



Submitted on 2011/11/27 at 11:50 pm

Hats off to you. This website will be very informative to the younger generation to know about our precious culture and also about our origin. Thank you very much for maintaining this wonderful website.

Submitted on 2011/11/28 at 1:32 am

superb information, really proud of this…….

WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF BADAGAS – Baarivi, Nodivi, Oridivi & Odhivi! [Come, See, Listen and Read!] பாரிவி, நோடிவி, ஓதிவி & ஓரிடிவி


Very sad to see the reports in the…

Very sad to see the reports in the news papers/channels about ‘fight’ among two factions for performing puja in the temple in Nanjanad, the biggest hatti of Badagas.

Nearly a hundred years back, Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder lamented about the sorry state of affairs, ‘hattiga ettu gudi katti, sundey hakkodhu bekkaa? [Do we need to build so many temples just to fight]?’

Come on Nanjanadu Hattikaararay, remember “In UNITY lies our STRENGTH and DESTINY”!

Bury your differences and be ONE !!

Maanasi Sridhar writes on First Badaga – Dharmalingam

Maanasi.R.Sridhar writes :

Sir, firstly congratulations on putting together such an insightful and organized website about the Badaga community. Your work has definitely enriched my knowledge of the finer nuances of our culture.

As I was going through your work , I was pleasantly surprised to come cross a mention of my grandfather A. Dharmalingam ,in your ‘first badaga’ category. However , I felt just the mere mention of his name didn’t do justice to his identity. So, I felt it was my duty to provide the following information. Hope you will find it useful for your website. Thank you very much! First Badaga Journalist – ANDI GOWDER DHARMALINGAM ( Kanerimukku Village) Married to N.Thangamma from Dhimhatty He was a reporter for the ‘Madras Mail’ and later for ‘The Hindu’ from the late 1940’s until 1973. After his retirement from ‘The Hindu’, he continued to work as a journalist for the news agency, UNI (United News of India) till his death.

During his illustrious career he rubbed shoulders with personalities such as K.Kamaraj and M.Bhaktavatsalam (former Chief Minister of the State).He also had the privilege of meeting and interacting with leaders of colonial India like Lord Monutbatten and also our first Prime Minister Nehru and Indira Gandhi. Through such interesting anecdotes from his life, his legacy as a journalist still lives on, inspiring generations of writers in our family.

Thank you very much Maanasi Sridhar, for your words of encouragement on this website. On ‘First Badaga’, this is preciously the type of feed back I was hoping for from relatives and friends, to give greater details about those great “First” Badagas, who have done our community proud by their deeds and words. I am aware that your grandfather Dharmalingam was also closely associated with Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder.

Can you send a photo of your grandfather for publication.

I can see from your ‘words’ that you are also very good with writing. Surely, it runs in the family. Thanks once again.

Wg Cdr JP

Badaga – Hatti, Ooru and Naadu[Seemay]

As elaborated in the page on Badaga Hattis [villages], still there seems to be no conclusive evidence about how the ancestors made the divisions [geographical and social] about their villages.Simply put, in ancient times, a few houses (among brothers and cousins) formed a HATTI and then a cluster of villages, though based not only on the geographical locations, formed a OORU. Obviously, all the people from the hattis forming the Ooru were/are considered as brothers and sisters – and hence no marriages among these hattis were considered. Then, many Oorus formed a SEEMAY or NAADU. And, FOUR Seemays or Naadus form NAKKU BETTA – representing the complete Badaga population in the Nilgiri hills. Though, only three Naadus /Seemays namely, Thodhanaadu, Mekkunaadu and Porangaadu have the Dhodda Betta peak as the apex and common point of  these three seemays, KUNDHEY SEEMAY, at the southern eastern end, is very much a separate  and important seemay. See the map.

Nakku Betta

The confusion comes when we realise that some Thodha,Kotha and Kuruma villages/Oorus were also included into the broader periphery of Naadu/Seemay. The probable reasons for this inclusion could be the close association of Badagas with these tribes considered as the original inhabitants of the Nilgiris along with Badagas.

Oorus forming Porangaadu Seemay ;


  1. Hubbathalai – [1.Dhodda Hubbathalai 2.Kunna Hubbathalai]
  2. Jakkadha – [1.Jakkadha 2.Kaarakorai 3.Bearatti 4.Mel Bikkatti 5.Kiya Bikkatti 6.Manjitha 7.Malligorai 8.Honnamudi 9.Odhanatti]
  3. Jakkanarai – [1.Jakkanarai Melkeri,2. J – Oorkeri, 3.J – Kiyakeri, 4. J – Thoria keri, 5.Thumboor ,6.Thinniyur, 7.Mudiakambai, 8.Bangalada, 9.Kallada, 10.Selavai, 11.Bettatti. 12.Naduhatti, 13.Arabettu, 14.Aravenu, 15.Aravenu kettikeri]

CONTINUE reading here…..

CONTINUE reading………..

Time to change with changing times?

Narmu  writes : “I am new to this site. I am very proud to be a Badaga girl. Our people are very loving, caring and are with humanity to a great extent except when it comes to inter caste marriage. They even accept when our boy marries a non-Badaga girl, but they really don’t accept when our girl marries with a non-Badaga boy. My view is that the parents ego plays a vital role. In today’s trends both the men and women are matured enough to choose their spouse. Any one who comes across this post, dont mistake me, its just my views”.


(Please note:  This website encourages all shades of opinions from viewers. You may agree or NOT agree with the views of some  but  harsh comments/ posts will not be approved/published. Editing or deletion of comments is at the discretion of the author/editor- Wg Cdr JP)

This topic, in my opinion, needs our urgent attention. There is plenty of truth in what Narmu says. Do we, especially the elders in the community, need to change our mind set? Is it not time to change with the ‘changing times’?? – Wg Cdr JP

Talented Badagas – abroad

I have written about many talented Badagas living far away from their native place in the Nilgiris. While most of them have crossed the ‘seven seas’ due to better opportunities or job requirements, there are quite a few ‘businessmen’ also.

Some of the spouses, mainly from the fairer gender, have  chosen to ‘DO SOMETHING  ABOUT THE TALENTS’ they have been bestowed with instead of merely remaining as ‘house wives’. Even in the face of stiff competition and alien atmosphere, they have carved a place for themselves.

One such lady is Mrs.Vinitha Rajkumar, daughter of Dr.KM Raju & [late] Meneka [Kerada] and wife of Dr.Rajkumar from Naihatti, living in UK. of course, I am proud to record the fact that she is my niece, too. She is running a Bharatanatyam dance school called “RHYTHM INDIA SCHOOL OF DANCE, PLYMOUTH, UK

Vinitha, is also, invited to many school/social gatherings to speak about INDIA !

Mrs.Vinitha Rajkumar, welcomes all to her website

 Mrs Vinitha Rajkumar  with daughter Natasha

 Her website is

Vinitha, you make us all very proud.

‘Matrimony’ page added

After receiving a couple of requests about ‘looking for a bride..’, the page -> ‘ Matrimony ‘  <- is re-added now.

This is being done as a FREE social service focused on Badagas ONLY.

No strings attached and NO guarantee about the authenticity of the details provided by the individuals.