Talented Badagas – abroad

I have written about many talented Badagas living far away from their native place in the Nilgiris. While most of them have crossed the ‘seven seas’ due to better opportunities or job requirements, there are quite a few ‘businessmen’ also.

Some of the spouses, mainly from the fairer gender, have  chosen to ‘DO SOMETHING  ABOUT THE TALENTS’ they have been bestowed with instead of merely remaining as ‘house wives’. Even in the face of stiff competition and alien atmosphere, they have carved a place for themselves.

One such lady is Mrs.Vinitha Rajkumar, daughter of Dr.KM Raju & [late] Meneka [Kerada] and wife of Dr.Rajkumar from Naihatti, living in UK. of course, I am proud to record the fact that she is my niece, too. She is running a Bharatanatyam dance school called “RHYTHM INDIA SCHOOL OF DANCE, PLYMOUTH, UK

Vinitha, is also, invited to many school/social gatherings to speak about INDIA !

Mrs.Vinitha Rajkumar, welcomes all to her website http://rhythmindia.wordpress.com

 Mrs Vinitha Rajkumar  with daughter Natasha

 Her website is http://rhythmindia.wordpress.com

Vinitha, you make us all very proud.


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