Flora and Fauna

The Badagas have attached a lot of importance to flora and fauna for thousands of years.

In fact most of the names of Badaga Hattis (Villages) are based on ‘Nature’.

For example , the name ‘ Hubbathalai ‘ ( a village near Aravankadu Railway Station) is based on a plant ‘HUBBE THALE ‘. ‘ Bikka mora hatti’ (another village) gets the name after the tree BIKKE (a kind of olive) MORA (tree)


Thumbay Hoo – Thumbay Flower

Wild Leucas aspera (Badaga:Thumbay Hoo,Tamil: தும்பை tumpai). Thi...

Image via Wikipedia

This flower finds a  a lot of importance/mention in Badaga Festivals and rituals.


Bird or Flower ??


The beautiful flower bird

Badaga folklore is full of glory about Nature. The Nilgiri Hills are endowed with rich flora and fauna, a true gift of mother NATURE. Of the many wild flowers, this particular one which grows on a short wild tree near many villages, has always fascinated me, where it appears that mother Nature created a bird as a flower….or is it a flower as a bird ? !



A miniature pet ??? “.

Another instance of Nature at its best. A  ‘Kambli Poochi’ at our residence at Coonoor. The day after I took this snap, I was desperately trying to locate it again, but……it has just vanished !!


Seen this animal somewhere?



Oh..yes..it is a butterfly..’bendu’ in Badaga


I have always been interested in “photography” and over a period of hmm…fifty years…have a lot of photos/pictures [what is the difference between a photo and a picture anyway?]

Since, this website badaga.co  already has a lot of multi media and takes a considerable time to upload, I am putting my pictures/photos in a NEW PHOTO BLOG. Hope to take you to a visual treat….bpinwhitebg.jpg


3 responses to “Flora and Fauna

  1. I live here in the Nilgiris. Am actually really interested in documenting the ”Badagas” I have already been around Ketti valley. But really i don’t know where to start. I like what has been mentioned about photographing the flora and fauna without any knowledge about the originality, culture and reason behind each plant. Can somebody help me here?


  2. M.Bharathy (Kappachi)

    I do not like to talk in English when our language has reached the internet and I want to take part in this.
    naa nanga web site ha nodidha nanga innu thosi illiga kuutaku adavadu nanga makkal alla alli iddara andhu innu dodda padavi hoga thara thara idara


    • I am mohan,promoting organic garden in schools.My research area was medicinal plants and its utilization.Amazing photographs.Congrates.

      I wonder lot of research hs done on flora of nilgiris,the sad news is that the researchers are doing for the purpose(ie for the submission of thesis) based on some nonsense data collected during the period.It lacks originality of the culture & reason behind each plant.Lot of stories prevailed among badagas has vanished.Good initiative go for a database.

      Thank you Mohan, hope to come with more info soon. – Wg Cdr JP


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