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Dr.Rajammal, “The Lady With The Magic Lamp”

The book on Dr. Rajammal by Manju K Manohar and Dr. Aswathy Rajan was formally launched yesterday, coinciding with our 75th Independence Day.

THE LADY WITH THE MAGIC LAMP: The Real Life Story of a National Awardee

(Most of the information about the book has been taken from the net, from the pages of the book as they appear in Google Books and the credit goes to the authors themselves – Wg Cdr JP)

Dr. Aswathy Rajan, Manju K Manohar

Read “What impressed me most about Dr. Rajammal – Dr. Aswathy

What impressed me most about Dr. Rajammal – Manju

This is a real-life inspirational story of a National Awardee Dr. R. Rajammal (India). She was born in a remote village in the Badaga Community. Against all odds, she achieved success after escaping from a child marriage. She became the first lady from her village to go to college. She is the first lady from the Badaga Community to secure National Award for Best Teacher (India). She was ridiculed as a child as she was a bit dark-skinned. She fought discrimination with determination, turned pain into power and after attaining success, she did not forget to help others. She is an ardent social worker and is now living in Sarvalayam (a home for orphans and destitute elders), mentoring the youngsters and serving the elderly. She is very kind & empathetic. She believes in the Joy of Giving.

You can access a few pages of the book on Google Books – here

The ebook which is available online on kindle can be purchased for Rs.75/-

The paperback is available soon in Amazon / Flipkart


Rajamma is a shinning example of courage and determination. But treated, rather shabbily by our community for marrying from outside. Though the marriage lasted only for a year, she was separated from her husband permanently. But the Badaga community, her village people specifically, did not accept and prevented her from entering the hatti. But undeterred she went on to become a National Awardee (President’s Medal for Best Teacher) and many more awards. Her work has been recognised around the world. She was conferred a Doctorate by an USA University too.

This book is a must read for Badagas, especially the women folk.

“Together, WE all can make this a better World”


Book on Dr.Rajamma, “The Lady With The Magic Lamp”, being released on 15th Aug

The biographical book on Dr. R Rajammal, a Badaga & National Awardee, “The Lady With The Magic Lamp”, being released on 15th Aug 2021. I have written many posts on this lady with lots of determination, grit and guts who fought many hurdles on her way to achieve success.

We wish the launch of the book authored by Dr Aswathy Rajan and Manju K Manohar a great success.

Dr Rajammal is a lady, who was born in a remote village of Nilgiris of South India. She narrowly escaped being married of as a child and went on to create history by becoming the first woman from her Badaga community to win a National Award (Best Teacher).Life was not at all a bed of roses for little Raji. At each stage of her life she had to overcome multiple challenges to reach the pinnacles of success. She is an eminent social worker. Learn what she had in her magic lamp, with which she used to overcome the obstacles. Authors : Dr Aswathy Rajan and Manju K Manohar