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Mrs.Deepa Raju from USA writes

Ms.Deepa Raju from USA writes in FACEBOOK Badaga Group

“..And I am personally very grateful to Wg.Cdr.Bellie Jayaprakash’s website, as I have discovered a wealth of information there. If one individual can do such a massive compilation, just imagine the output when all like minded souls join for a noble cause”.

Thank you ever so much Deepa for your kind words – JP

Kinnakorai visit – worth every minute.

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It has been in my mind for a long time, to visit KINNAKORAY and HIRIYASEEGAY villages. For the simple reason that they are quite far off from the main towns of Ooty and Coonoor and I was sure that the sheer distance from the maddening crowd would help these hattis to retain the old world charm of ORIGINAL BADAGAS. To add to my curiosity, part of the lands – holas and thottas [agricultural fields and tea estates]- of these villages fall under the jurisdiction of Kerala. That too in the forest areas of the stunning silent valley region.

I wondered,’could it be also a point to prove the theory that Badagas are one of the original inhabitants of the Nilgiris massif as Kinnakorai and Hiriyaseegay are  far away from the Mysore plains from which it is generally assumed that Badaga migration started. Imagine, the sheer determination of our ancestors to choose such places to build their villages amidst thick forests that are cut off from the ‘world’ literally.

Some time earlier, Dr.Sudhakar wrote from Dubai to say that Kinnakorai belongs to Porangadu Seemae and not to Kunday Seemae as I had assumed (based on Dr.P.Hockings findings). Recently a young budding engineer Anand wrote to say the same thing. Kinnakorai is part of Porangadu. I could not wait any longer. Availing an opportunity of a visit to Ketchigatti (Manjoor), and unable to resist the ‘open invitation’ of Anand [whom I have not met so far], I visited Kinnakorai on 9th Jan, 2011 along with my better half who shares my passion for and about Badagas.

Kinnakorai is about two hours of  journey from Manjoor via Mel Kunday and Thiasolai [is it THAI SOLAI or THIASOLAI?]. By the way Manjoor itself is about 2 hours journey from Hubbathalai (Coonoor). As Anand had mentioned the climate changes dramatically without any warning. The day we travelled, the winter mist covered the road forcing us to use fog lamps but adding to the mystique and unique experience.

Every minute of the visit was worth it and I feel very happy that I have seen a bit of Badaga heritage and would strongly recommend that every Badaga should visit this wonderful place.

On the way, we had the pleasure of seeing some wild life – Sambar , Kada maanu – [See photo]. The never failing Badaga hospitality was in full force with Anand’s father Ravi, who works in the HPF, Ooty but had come to his hatti on the weekend, called up to say that we have to have lunch in his house.

Only after reaching Kinnakorai and exchanging pleasantries with Anand’s parents and his ever cheerful, warm hearted grand mother, did I realise that Kinnakorai is indeed a cluster of hattis with one hatti being a ‘nattaru’ hatti and hence marriage [among the cluster] is possible. And, Kinnakorai is part of Porangadu. I am convinced after talking to the village elders, especially Bella Gowder.

Kinnakore commune [Ooru] consisits of Kinnakorai, Heria seeege,Hosahatti,Ummattipadige Melur, Bikkatti

The beauty is that both Kinnakorai and Heriaseegay have Hakka- Bakkas.

We had a wonderful session with Anand’s younger grandfather [above] who gave us many insights to Badaga migration at his house. Hope to put this video recording  in youtube.

We could not refuse the fantastic lunch of avaray udakka and special rasam prepared by Anand’s mother Mallika , though we could have it only at 4pm due to my insistance that we visit the hattis first.

How can I forget to put on record my deep gratitude to Anand’s grandmother who, being a ever graceful Badaga lady, would not say goodbye to us without ‘nattu’ [gift] of coffee beans grown in her estate.

Anand has also sent many pix of his village, some of which are given below :

Let me end with my deep appreciation to Anand, his parents and grandma for the wonderful trip!

Kinnakorai – the beautiful village !

Anand.N.R [from Kinnakorai] writes :
I have recently visited your website and interested in knowing about us Badagas and our origin. Your website gives us many useful   information about Badagas . I have been to many hattis in Ooty and collected some information about thier places and cultures. One correction in your details on Badaga Hattis…. The people from Kinnakorai  came from Porangaadu seeme and settled there.. So they cant be included in Kundhae seeme . They should be included in Porangaadu seeme..

Badaga Hattis,

Kinnakorai & Hiriaseege Villages – photo by Bellie Jayaprakash

Hello Anand, I am aware of the fact that there is ‘some confusion’ aboutwhich SEEMAY Kinnakorai belongs to. My info is mainly based on Prof.P.Hockings’s study. It is quite possible that Kinnakorai originally belonged to Porangadu. I am at a loss to say anything definitive. May be, people like you or the elders in Kinnakorai could throw more light on this.
Incidentally, Kinnakorai is one of the most beautiful hattis and is right at Kerala border in the silent valley region. As of now, I gather, some of the property – including hola – of this Badaga villagers is located in Kerala.

Before reorganisation of states in 1951, Kinnakorai and rest of Malabar area of North Kerala was in Madras presidency [from British days]. That also included Mysore province [see the map of Madras presidency (province) as given in Wikipedia]. Though, I have seen this hatti from a far of distance [near Manjoor], my ambition has been to visit this hatti with so much of history – Wg Cdr JP

Anand adds further :

”]View in the Koondahs, near Sispara, <1847

Its quite interesting to learn about Kinnakorai…Kinnakorai was formed in the mid 18th century.. Heriyasegai was first formed and later people started building their small houses inside the deep forest of Kinnakorai.. Now there are totally 7 hattis in Kinnakorai and nearly 500 houses… The oldest man in the village Mr. Bellie Gowder is still alive. There is a temple in the village which was also built in the 18th century and a tree which is 600 years of age. Kinnakorai shares the border of Kerala forest department… Most of the tea gardens of kinnakorai are inside kerala state… There is a silent deep valley known as Sispara from which the state of kerala is visible clearly.. Merely it takes 4 hours by walk to reach kerala (a place called Nelagadu). The climate in the village changes rapidly as it is inside the forest. Now a days Kinnakorai is becoming one of the tourist spots in ooty..

Sispara, Peacock Travellor’s Bungalow [Photo from Wikimedia]

Anand, thanks a lot for the info. This is the type of information that is highly educative. It will be wonderfu if you can send photos ofthe oldest resident Bellie Gowda Iyya as well as close ups of kinnakorai and other hattis around. I remember Kinnakorai Bella Anna [with a black Badaga Kovili(cap)] who was associated with Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder. Memory goes back to fifty odd years.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly!

The New Year has just begun. Hosa brashana ollithey barali!

photo posted by Yogesh Ajjan in Facebook – Badaga Group

The Good thing about the Badaga Community is that old traditions are highly valued and to a great extent followed faith fully. The recently celebrated Hethai Habba in traditional white is an example.

Another aspect that calls for appreciation is the initiative taken by Badaga Associations like ‘Coimbatore Association’ who send their ‘Ambulance’ to help out the needy, in times of emergency, from Coimbatore to any hatti. This is a great boon to those who lose their dear ones in the ‘money making’ hospitals in Coimbatore who charge exorbitant rates to transport the dead.

Photos by JP

Now the UGLY. ‘Some self appointed custodians’ of Badagas have locked the gate of the YBA [Young Badaga Association] building in Ooty so that the newly elected FBA [Federation of Badaga Associations] under Mr.Boblie of Madras (Chennai) association, as president, could function.The new body could NOT hold a meeting on the occasion of 25th year of FBA on 2-1-2011. “Though the meeting was held at the hall of the Nilgiris Cooperative Marketing Society with which the former leader of the Badaga community Rao Bahadur H.B.Ari Gowder was closely assocaited” [The Hindu dt 3rd Jan, 2011], the matter had to be reported to the police. Shame on us, Badagas.

2010 in review – Thank you for making this happen !

Badaga Hattis(villages) – photo by Bellie jayaprakash has sent me this email on 2nd Jan 2011

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