Badaga Script [Barey]

Badaga, now considered to be one of the ORIGINAL and old dravidian languages, is not a derivative of Kannada or Tamil, but  unique in its concept, construction, pronunciation and grammar. One of the regrets of many Badaga enthusiasts like me is that our language does not have a script of its own.

Recently I received an email from

Richard Parry <>
Hello WC Jayaprakash,

I’m currently looking at the languages of India and the similarities between the various scripts.
I’m interested in adding Badaga into the mix, but currently have no way of entering the letters into the document.

Earlier Microsoft considered to include Badaga as a possible Indian Language in its OS developments.

Though some serious attempts have been made by RAJUS, Ananda, Kadasolai and Saravana [not related to each other but a sheer coincidence that Raju is in their names], still their scripts have not been fully accepted and adopted.

Saravana Raju, from Karimora hatti, is a gifted youngster with lots of original and ‘out of box’ ideas in developing a Badaga Script. He has just released his concept in the form of a booklet.

SaravanaWhen he called on me to present the book, his passion and dedication came out clearly. What is highly satisfying is the fact that some very young children of his hatti are able to read and write in his Badaga script

He has listed 12 letters as ‘AYYA Bare(y)’ and 27 letters as ‘ Heththe Bare(y)’ and combined them to call it ‘Mammakka Bare(y).


Wishing Saravana Raju the very best and hope his contribution will find an unique place in Badaga !

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