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Proud of you, Malliga

Malliga from Kagguulla, Kotagiri has become the First Badaga girl to have cleared the UPSC (IAS) exam.

(Info courtesy HN SIVAN)


D.Radhakrishnan in Covai Post
aggula, a village of about 150 houses near Kotagiri is in a celebratory mood. Why not!
A daughter of the village has done it proud and in the process brought laurels to the Nilgiris,the likes of which this district in general and the Badaga community,in particular, have been yearning for,for a long time.
Sheer perseverance of S.Malliga, daughter of a small tea grower Sundaran and Village nurse Chithradevi of Kaggula,has put her on the road to becoming the first woman IAS officer of the Badaga community.
A student of the Saint Joseph’s Convent in Coonoor,Malliga, the only child of the couple moved to Coimbatore to get a Bio tech degree from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University before seeking training in an IAS coaching academy at Chennai to crack the Union Public Service Examination.
Undaunted by the faltering in the initial stages,Malliga clung on to climb the peak.
With this her long standing dream of becoming an IAS officer, has come true .Echoing the sentiments of her village,her cousin Sathish told The Covai Post that going by her track record,”we were certain that she will make it”. She now carries the wishes of the people of the hills to excel in her career and inspire many more Malligas.

Malliga from Kotagiri has become the First Badaga girl to have cleared the UPSC (IAS) exam.

So far the only IAS officers from Badaga community have been M.Devaraj and N.Sundaradevan.

Malliga, we are proud of you.

Dr.Rajma Comments:

Congratulations dear Malliga. We are very proud of you my dear. You are crowned with a title “First Badaga Woman _ IAS” Indeed it is moment of glory. Get ready to serve the nation. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take a step forward with confidence, determination and dedication. You have miles to go .” Strong women aren’t simply born. They are made by the storms they walk through”. Bring pride to womanhood. At any day Woman power is super power. All the best to you. Special thanks to JP for posting this.

Your words are always inspirational, Dr.Rajma. – JP

Old Age and Orphan Home

MN Trust Old Age and Orphan Home, Denalai

MN Trust Old age and Orphan home, known as Anbalayam, is a laudable venture started by Ramamurthy and his wife Rajeshwari from Denalai Village under Ketti Panjayat, closer to Coonoor (via Hubbathalai ) in memory of his mother late Mitchiammal and father late Nanja Ayya, a retired Headmaster, in 2005. Mrs.Rajeshwari is the Managing Trustee.

It is an approved Senior Citizen Home by the government. It started with one Badaga old lady but now has 46 inmates, half of whom are Badagas.


This old age home and orphanage is run by the savings, from salary, of Ramamurthy and on donations. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the donations have dwindled a lot. It requires about Rs.5000 per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with three times tea and biscuits.

While we greatly appreciate the social work being done by this couple Rajeshwari and Ramamurthy, we request you all to donate liberally to sustain this great endeavor.

Donations may be sent to.

  1. Account Number : 1235101015677
  2. Account Name : MN Trust
  3. Bank : Canara Bank
  4. Branch : Yellanalli
  5. IFSC Code : CNRB0001235

Since this Trust has been given 80 G, Income tax exemption is available.

Service to humanity is service to God

Competition for Young Badagas

Competition for Young Badagas ( Javvoni Kunave)

Kallakorai Sanjeev has been posting many inspirational and motivational videos in YouTube and I have written about him and his friends Deepak and Nishant recently.

Concerned with the spreading of Corona Covid -19 pandemic among our hattis, he has started an initiative to spread awareness in the form of a video competition for Young Badagas.

Let us stay safe and save our community!

The link for registration for this competition is

This website is proud to be associated with this great initiative.

Let Us Save Ourselves – Nangava Nanga Kaappo

Let Us Save Ourselves – Nangava Nanga Kaappo

We are aware that Corona Virus – Covid 19, is a deadly disease that can kill people if proper precautions are not taken. Like wearing face mask or keeping social distancing and, put ourselves in self quarantine when warranted.

But unfortunately, in our Badaga Hattis, with the houses being in rows or in close proximity to each other, we seem to be very casual about taking care of ourselves and the community as the spike in Corana positive cases in the hattis indicate.

The main reason is, we still mingle with others freely and follow the traditional customs of inviting many people for weddings or more importantly, follow the rites in our funerals, in which we express our sorrow and grief with close contact with each other (Mandai Koottodhu) or sitting around the cot where the body of the deceased is kept, as if these are normal days. No masks, no social distancing. we forget that this disease can spread fast and can kill us.

We have to modify these customs/traditions/rites to suit the present difficult days to save our LIVES. As well as save our near and dear ones.

If we do not take care about our own lives, nobody else can.

I find the following video ( Bandara, aaley bara) of Kallakorai Sanjeev, very timely and useful. A must watch video


(PS; Watched the ‘live’ interview of the Nilgiris Collector with Ramakrishna on Nakkubetta TV yesterday (14Jul2020) in which she clearly cautions the people in hattis that punitive measures like imprisonment will be taken if precautions are not followed, and the hatti Gowdas or committee members would be held responsible. Let us wake up atleast now)

Remembering Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder

Remembering Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder on her ninth death anniversary

Idyammal Bellie Gowder

You were everything for us in all those glorious 99 years and 10 months when you were ‘here’.

As we were preparing to celebrate the ‘century’, you chose to leave this earth just a couple of months earlier…seven years ago.

How time flies!

Elle idhale’yu engava harachu

[Bless us all from where ever you are]

MOM 5.jpg
Idyammal Bellie Gowder
BornSeptember 02, 1912
Hubbathalai, The Nilgiris
DiedJuly 13, 2011 (aged 99 years 10 months)
ParentsRao Bahadur HJ Bellie Gowder and Nanji Hethe
Sister ofRao Bahadur HB Ari Gowder
SpouseB.K.Bellie Gowder [Bearhatti]

[Autographed pencil sketch of Mom by JP in 1968 while she was reading an issue of Femina ]

“I know my mother looks much older than what she is but those wrinkles have the charm of their own. They indicate the signs of her great endurance; and the hard life she has to lead through to bring her children to lead a life that is respected and regarded by others” – JP (24Jan68)

Dear Hands

[Grace Noll Crowell]

My mother’s hands were beautiful,
They are not always smooth and white
They were so busy making dull
And lusterless things clean and bright.

They reached so often to caress
A hurt child crying in the night
They moved as quick as fluttering birds
Among the cups and spoons at tea

They did a thousand lovely things
And did them all so graciously
There is no way to sum them up
The countless things she did for us.

[photo of Idy Hethe’s hand by her grandson Abhi Ari -2010]

Remembering mother –

Mrs.Radha Gowdu , Mrs.Vimala Bellie


Wg Cdr & Mrs. Bellie Jayaprakash,

grand children and great grand children

Talented Badagas – Kallakorai Sanjeev Ramesh

About twenty years back, there was hardly any information about Badagas on the internet. The only website one could access was probably . Then, I started my weblogs and websites like , , etc.What I started as a hobby became an obsession and now has more than 711,000 hits.

And, there is much information on Badagas available on the net with many websites and (youtube ) videos. Social media like FB, Whatsapp etc have plenty of Badaga related information.

There is an exclusive Badaga TV channel – Nakkubetta TV

But, What has impressed me is the effort of a few talented Badaga youngsters in high lighting the positive sides of Badaga community by posting about ‘Role Model’ videos of great Badagas, which are inspirational and motivating,

One such talented person is KALLAKORAI SANJEEV RAMESH

He writes about himself :  Born on-11/05/1995, I hail from kallakorai village near Melur Palada. Parents are Ramesh and Sagunthala. My younger sister is Jayshree ( working in MNC company)

I did my schooling and college from Ooty and Coimbatore . Two years back I started my professional career from Byjus.

Growing up , our culture had always fascinated me . For instance the simplicity and mutual bond which we all share with each other , if emulated could bring in harmony and peace every where. Then there was always this thought that I donot know enough about my culture , this is the state in which most of the people of my age are currently at so, I decided to do something from my part .

I and my friend Deepak have  started making videos about our community in our own language . To make a short crisp informative video I have to do proper research which inturn helped me immensely to know about us in a better way . It’s been a very short journey which I have travelled , but the learning and exploration had been wonderful .

Lastly, I’m really grateful to your initiative ayya . Your website has been a gem to know about our community. Thank you.

You can access Sanjeev’s videos in youtube ->

Ari Gowder’s Death Anniversary Observed

நீலகிரி கூட்டுறவு விற்பனை சங்கம் NCMS -ன் நிறுவனரும், படுக சமுதாயத்தின் முதல் பட்டதாரி மற்றும் முதல்  சட்டமன்ற. உறுப்பினருமான அய்யா.தெய்வத்திரு.எச்.பி.ஆரிகவுடர் அவர்கள் 28-06-1971 -ல் தெய்யத்துள் தெய்வமாகி 49 வருடத்தின் நினைவஞ்சலி தினம் இன்று  என்.சி.எம்.எஸ் வளாகத்தில் உள்ள அய்யா.ஆரிகவுடர் சிலைக்கு மாலை அணிவித்து,  ஆரிகவுடர் நினைவு விழாக்குழு சார்பிலும், என்.சி.எம்.எஸ் நிர்வாகத்தின் சார்பிலும் இன்று 28-06-2020-ல் அனுஷ்டிக்கப்பட்டது.         நினைவுநாள் நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு நீலகிரி ஆதிவாசிகள் சக்தி அமைப்பின் தலைவர்,பேராசியர்.குள்ளாகவுடர் தலைமை வகித்தார்.           

நீலகிரி கூட்டுறவு விற்பனை சங்கத்தின் பெருந்தலைவர் திரு.பி.மணியட்டி.ராமன் அவர்கள் சிறப்பு விருந்தினராக கலந்துக்கொண்டு, மாலை அணிவித்து  நினைவுநாள் சொற்பழிவாற்றி சிறப்பித்தார்.                                     

முன்னதாக நினைவு நாள் நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு வந்தவர்களை ஆரிகவுடர் நினைவு விழாக்குழுத் தலைவரும், படுக தேச பார்ட்டி யின் நிறுவன தலைவருமான திரு.மஞ்சை.வி.மோகன் அவர்கள் வரவேற்றார். 

 முடிவில் என்.சி.எம்.எஸ் நிறுவன செயலாளர் திரு.ஐயப்பன் நன்றியுரையாற்றினார்.                                                                                       

இந் நிகழ்ச்சியில் காத்தாடி மட்டம் மேற்குநாடு மெட்ரிக்குலேஷன் பள்ளியின் தளாளர். திரு.பூபதி, என்.சி.எம்.எஸ். அலுவலர்கள் திரு.போஜன், திரு.ரவி.திரு.அலெக்ஸ் உட்பட பலர் நினைவஞ்சலி நிகழ்ச்சியில் கலந்துக்கொண்டனர்.

Homage paid at Ari Gowder’s bungalow by his granddaughter Tara her husband and Ari Gowder’s nephew Wg.Cdr.Bellie Jayaprakash

Mr.Ramakrishna of Nakkubetta TV broadcast a special programme on Air Gowder ‘Has Ari Gowder’s dreams been realised?‘ in the evening

Homage to H.B.Ari Gowder

Homage to Rao Bahadur H.B.Ari Gowder

To-Day, 28 June 2020, is the 49th death anniversary of the greatest Badaga Leader H.B.Ari Gowder.

We pay our humble homage 

Ari Gowder2

Ari Gauda
From the book ” A BADAGA – ENGLISH DICTIONARY ” by Prof.Paul Hockings and Christiane Pilot-Raichoor

English: A view of the Legislative Assembly of...

The story of Ariya Gowda

by Sriram V [The Hindu]

Ari Gowder was President of the Backward Classes League and leaned towards the Justice Party

The chances of anyone travelling down Ariya Gowda Road in West Mambalam, and stopping to wonder about the identity of the man who gave the thoroughfare its name, are slim. For when you are on Ariya Gowda Road, you are focused on getting out of the road alive, given its traffic.

He was not Ariya Gowda. He was HB Ari Gowder, a great visionary and leader of the Badaga community of the Nilgiris. And his life, as gleaned from various sources, including a 1935 Who’s Who and the internet, makes for interesting reading.

Rao Bahadur Hubbathalai J Bellie Gowder, made his fortune in laying the tracks of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, which was completed in 1908. His wealth made him a leading member of his community, and his clansmen came to him for advice on several issues. Bellie Gowder founded a free school in his native village, Hubbathalai, an institution that still functions. He passed away in 1935.

Bellie Gowder’s son, Ari, was born in 1893. His father ensured that he was educated in the modern sense and he graduated from Madras Christian College. Though he was to consider himself a contractor and a planter, it was in politics and social uplift that Ari Gowder was to make a mark. In 1923, he became the first Badaga to be elected to the Madras Legislative Council of which he was a member until 1934. In the 1940s, he was elected to the Madras Legislative Assembly. When the Rajaji government introduced Prohibition in 1937, he led the challenge of enforcing it in the Nilgiris, of which area he was also the first non-official to become District Board President. Ari Gowder was also active in the Scouts Movement. Another contribution of his was the establishment of the Nilgiris Cooperative Marketing Society, which eliminated the stranglehold middlemen had over the simple mountain people. He was also a Director of the Badaga Land Mortgage Bank.

While the sympathies of most of his community lay with the Congress, Ari Gowder, given that he was President of the Backward Classes League, leaned more towards the Justice Party, which was active till the 1930s. That probably explains the road in Mambalam being named after him. Neighbouring Theyagaroya Nagar or T Nagar, developed in the 1920s when the Justice Party was in power and most of the roads, parks and streets there are named after its leaders. Legend also has it that a large chunk of land adjoining the Mambalam Railway Station was his, which he donated for developmental work. Like his father, Ari Gowder too received the title of Rao Bahadur from the British Government, in 1943.

In 1946, Ari Gowder was defeated in the Assembly elections. But in 1952 he contested successfully as an independent. He was to remain an independent for the rest of his career. He passed away in 1971.

How did Ari Gowder Road morph into Ariya Gowda Road? And should it not be just Ari Road?

The Hindu : Cities / Chennai : The story of Ariya Gowda.

  To read more about Ari Gowda go here

Talented Badagas

There are many Badagas spread around the globe, who are highly talented. Radhakrishna Mathan from Kil Kundha is one such gentleman.

Radhakrishnan (fondly called as MRK), had his schooling at Kil-Kundah  and Coonoor. Graduated from PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore and moved on to Chennai for his post-graduation in Social Work at Madras School of Social Work, a prestigious institution for social work education in South India. He specialized in Personnel Management

Ever since, he has been having a successful career in Human Resource Management field for the past 38 Years.

He owes much to his parents for his upbringing, education and success in his career. He is blessed with a loving wife and two sons and based at Chennai since 2002. 

He was the founding President of Badaga Association, Hosur. Has been an active member in Badagar Welfare Association of Chennai (BWACH) and was the Secretary of the body for 4 years till 2020. He was at the helm of affairs to successfully conduct the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the association in 2019, a landmark event for the pioneering association of our community.

He is very passionate about music of late, started singing on stage. He prefers to sing mostly the numbers by the legendary singer of yester years P.B.Srinivos as his preferred voice. He had also had the opportunity to perform on stage in the presence of the legends, Shri.M.S.Viswanathan and Shri.P.B.Srinivos,  way back in 2007.  His hobbies include drawing and painting.

His long time passion is to recreate some of the popular melodies from Hindi and Tamil film music with lyrics in Baddaga Language purely as an experiment. With this effort he has recently written and sung the song “Ninagagi Naanu, Enagagi Neenu” with  the background of a very popular old Hindi melody which has caught of the attention of music lovers across our community.

Click this link to listen to his song here Nine Gaagi

He can be reached by email at  and by mobile at +919840197788

An active Collector with an Activist

Dr. R. Rajammal, who is a President Awardee, Woman Achiever, Educationist & Social Ambassador, from Kethorai is well known to all of us.

She writes,

On 8th of June, I had the opportunity to meet Madam INNOCENT DIVYA, IAS, District Collector of our beautiful Nilgiris.In fact it was a long awaited moment. I just wanted to congratulate her for the wonderful services rendered to Nilgiris and Nilgirians. She was very receptive. Too simple and humble. I had an interaction for about 15 minutes. No doubt, she is a WONDER WOMAN…! On request she accepted to wear the shawl, like Badagas, a token of respect for our community. I loved it. I will very happy if you could post it in your web site. I think she deserves this appreciation.

I and my wife had met Ms. Innocent Divya during the death anniversary -ceremony of Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder, organised by the NCMS at Ooty and had a long interaction with her. Highly impressed with her and her plans for the Nilgiris. Her actions during this Covid -19 pandemic are highly appreciated. – Wg.Cdr.JP