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129th Birth Anniversary of Rao Bahadur H B Ari Gowder


Proud of you, Rajarishi of Keya Kundey

Rajarishi Devarajan is Grand Son of Erstwhile Nilgiri Teacher’s Guild President – Late, Retired High School HM – JB Mathan (aka JBM). and Son of M. Devarajan ( Kil Kundah Village) and Nalini (Kotagiri)

Through All India Engineering Entrance Exam he entered NIT Trichy to do B-Tech in ECE -. After working at LG Electronics -Banglore with Short stint in South Korea on deputation – he resigned his Job to give GRE & TOEFL Exam and Scored 323 / 340 marks..

Subsequently he joined Heidelberg University Germany for his Masters.

He did his thesis in wireless Technology, for Sony Europe and his work was recognized by Sony Europe for filing patent rights.

In 2021 the patent is accepted for evaluation and subsequenty approved.

It is quite possible that he is the youngest Badaga to get Patent in Europe for Wireless Technology..

Rajarishi Devarajan is also known as Joghee in memory of his Great Grand Father, Pokka Joghee Ayya a person known for his honesty and local judgements. Rajarishi is a guitarist also.



Badaga Villages (Hattis) [All photos are by Bellie Jayaprakash and copyrighted] Badagas, generally, refer to their village or hamlet as ‘ HATTI ‘ spread around ‘Nakku Betta’ (the Nigiris). Nakku Betta literally means four (Nakku) Mountains (betta) though there are … Continue reading

Indrani Radhakrishnan

Indrani Radhakrishnan is a multi talented Badaga woman. I had written about her earlier aslo. A speaker on many forums like schools, Rotary and Innerwheel , she has attended a few seminars and conferences. Her journey on writing started way back in 8th std itself. Since then she has been writing articles poems and letters to editor – both in English and Tamil.

She has won many awards and has also received an honorary Doctorate in Heritage and culture. She has won two international awards – World Peace achiever Award and Universal Children s Day Award in 2021 from Phillipines SPMUDA organization.

She is the first in Badaga history to win international awards. She has recently published a book ” The Lost legacy of the Nilgiris” which is the first book of its kind in Nilgiris history.

Remembering mother on her 110th Birth Anniversary

Mrs. Idyammal Bellie Gowder,

wife of B.K. Bellie Gowder

daughter or Rao Bahadur HJ Bellie Gowder,

sister of Rao Bahadur HB Ari Gowder

Idyammal in 1927
in 1997

You sacrificed everything for the sake of us, your children – eight of us.

Mrs.Radha Gowdu,

Wg Cdr Jayaprakash & Mrs. Tara Jayaprakash

First Badaga Woman in the Indian Army !

The First Badaga Woman, who joined Indian Army, is Cathrine Nirmala, D/o Indrani George from Kombukorai, Ketti, way back in 2009.

She was commissioned as an officer from Officers Training Academy, Chennai in 2009. She is a Senior Officer in the Army now.

Cathrine is married and has two children named Shana and Francis Xavier. She studied in St Anns Girls Higher Secondary School and then did her B.E (computer science) from Nachimuthu Engg College, Erode. She is a martial art champion(karate black belt) and attended tournaments in Nilgiris and Coimbatore during her school days. Her father died when she was 13 years old.

Officer Cathrine says “My mother is a role model and a inspiration to me. She was a very bold lady and groomed me very well knowing my talents.She supported me whenever I took a decision about my life. She passed away in 2021”.

Lt Col Cathrine Nirmala

We are very proud of you, Cathrine Nirmala !

Remembering Mother

Remembering Our Mother – Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder on her tenth death anniversary

Idyammal Bellie Gowder

You were everything for us in all those glorious 99 years and 10 months when you were ‘here’.

As we were preparing to celebrate the ‘century’, you chose to leave this earth just a couple of months earlier…

How time flies!

Elle idhale’yu engava harachu

[Bless us all from where ever you are]

MOM 5.jpg
Idyammal Bellie Gowder
BornSeptember 02, 1912
Hubbathalai, The Nilgiris
DiedJuly 13, 2011 (aged 99 years 10 months)
ParentsRao Bahadur HJ Bellie Gowder and Nanji Hethe
Sister ofRao Bahadur HB Ari Gowder
SpouseB.K.Bellie Gowder [Bearhatti]

[Autographed pencil sketch of Mom by JP in 1968 while she was reading an issue of Femina ]

“I know my mother looks much older than what she is but those wrinkles have the charm of their own. They indicate the signs of her great endurance; and the hard life she has to lead through to bring her children to lead a life that is respected and regarded by others” – JP (24 Jan 68)

Dear Hands

[Grace Noll Crowell]

My mother’s hands were beautiful,
They are not always smooth and white
They were so busy making dull
And lusterless things clean and bright.

They reached so often to caress
A hurt child crying in the night
They moved as quick as fluttering birds
Among the cups and spoons at tea

They did a thousand lovely things
And did them all so graciously
There is no way to sum them up
The countless things she did for us.

[photo of Idy Hethe’s hand by her grandson Abhimanyu Ari Jayaprakash -2010]

Remembering mother –

Mrs. Radha Gowdu


Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash & Mrs. Tara Jayaprakash

Son-in-Law Dr. K.M.Raju M.B.B.S,

Daughters-in-law Mrs. Alamelu Ramamoorthy & Mrs. Saroja Chandramohan

grand children and great grand children

Remembering Ari Gowder

H B Ari Gowder

On this 53rd death anniversary, we gratefully remember, H.B. Ari Gowder, a great Nakku Betta Leader, for all that he has done for the society and the reforms he brought into Badaga Community..

WINFORD, a house with a beautiful view, in Coonoor for SALE !

WINFORD, with a house with beautiful view, in Coonoor for SALE !

One of the best located house in an area of 16 cents, very close to Bedford Circle, in Upper Coonoor, is for sale. Sale of ONLY vacant land of about 7 cents, without the house, can also be considered.

Adjacent to ‘All Saints Church’ and ‘Indco Serve’, two minutes away from Coonoor – Kotagiri main road. Very close to Taj Garden Hotel, Vivek Hotel & Namkem Hospital. Ideal for residence/guest house.

Owned by an enterprising Badaga lady, wife of a Veteran Army Officer.

Contact : +919740852202 or 9486631864 (Whatsapp Messages preferred)

Brokers, please excuse!

First Badaga Woman Naval Officer


Meera daughter of Ravindran from Achenekal Village is the First Badaga Woman to have become an officer in the Indian Navy. She passed out of Indian Naval Academy on 28 May 2022. (pix)

We are proud of you Meera !