Seemae [See’may] & Morae [Mo’ray] (relationship)

The map below, based on Paul Hockings’s research, shows the division of Badaga Villages into the four ‘SEEMAYs’. As I have explained in the page ‘Hattis’, Badaga Villages are grouped into clusters / communes [there is no particular number as to how many villages will constitute one commune] called OORUs and these OORUs in turn constitute a NAADU or SEEMAY. It appears that initially there were only three seemays/naadus with DHODDA Betta peak being at the apex. KUNDHE NAADU / SEEMAY might have ben added later.

Incidentally,Porangadu seemay was originally known as PARANGI NAADU. The Name THODHA NAADU could have come because of many THODHAVA [TODA] settlements are in that region. In MEKKU NAADU, Mekku means West. (The four directions in Badaga ;- Mooday – east, Mekku – west, Badage – North & Thekke – south)

Incidentally, Ooty in Badaga is [H]OTHAGAY and Mettupalayam is METTUPA

More info will be added….

Nakku Betta



An email received fromdrsudhakar.jpg

Dr.B.Sudhakar.MBA.,Ph.D.,DLL.[Assistant Professor,Department of Management Studies,MAHE-Manipal( Dubai Campus), DUBAI].

I am one among the interested Badagas, who would like to know little more about number or oorus in different seemaes. For eg, Halattanai to which I belong to is the head hatti (oor) for Keeyur Aaru hatti which includes Denadu, Mainalay, Kothiben, Masikandi, Bengal and Kokkalada – inturn the Keeyur comes under Mekku nadu seemae.

Now I am trying to bring a group of hatties coming under different seemaes, based on thier close relationships (anna thamma relation – having one Iyya gudi in the head hatti from where brothers migrated and settled else where).

Coming to my next point I’ve some doubts like…………..

From the history it is understood that Koderi , Kinnakorai and Hubbathalai people are brothers and they belong to or called as Porangadu people. Am I right?. ……….but in your website those hatties (Koderi and Kinnakorai ) I feel are wrongly classified……………..

For eg. Koderi is included in the Mekku nadu seemae but they belong to Porangadu people.

One more eg., Kinnakorai people are Porangadu people but that is included in Kundae seemae.

My question is that …..are hattities classified based on location or the relationship?
Looking forward to your reply.

[Letter dated 26 Feb 2008]

Thank you Dr.Sudhakar for your letter.

You have made some interesting observations.

Firstly, from my research, I find that a few hundred years back there was a Madhuvae /Hattaru ‘Kula’ [roughly can be translated as a ‘group’] among the Porangadu Seeme ‘consisting of seven maximal linages associated with but not confined to Kaigaru, Kinnakore, Kada malai, Tandanadu, Meedhenu and Hubbathalai along with ‘Mutharu’ – ancestors -‘which is only represented in Adigaratti, Kenduva, Koderu, Bikkolu and Muttinadu’ [Prof.Hockings]. The implication is, as the name indicates (Madhuve Kula), that the people belonging to these hattis did not marry among themselves [anna -thamma more].

I also find that some hattis were/are grouped under a diffent commune[OORU], in some specific cases. For example, Koderu [Koderi] initially belonged to (now abandoned)TUDUR commune, then to HULIKKAL and now to MELUR commune.

Another very interesting information about Koderi [consisting of mel Koderi and Keeya -Kil -] is that it forms the boundary of Porangadu and Mekkunadu. May be, as Prof.Hockings indicates, even the naming of the hatti suggests that. KODU AERU or BOUNDARY ASCENT. If you have visited Koderi hatti – you will understand the ascent I am referring to.

As far as the Seemae [Seemai /Seeme] is concerned, Kinnakore is very much classified under KUNDHE Seeme, it being a OORU.

Kinnakore Commune


Heria seeege


Ummattipadige Melur,


Other Oorus (communes) under Kundhe Seeme are Edakkadu, Mel Kundhe, Kil Kundhe, Mullimale.

Whether people belonging to Hubbathalai, Kinnakorai and Koderi marry among themselves, I am not, at this point of time [28 Feb 08] in a position to confirm.

About how the hattis have been grouped under an OORU [commune] and Seeme – whether based on location or relation, well it is another very interesting and unique aspect of Badaga history.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, both Bearhatti and Hubbathalai belong to Porangadu Seeme. Bearhatti comes under AARU OORU- 6 villages, Jakkadha [Jagadhala] being the head hatti having a AKKA BAKKA. Hubbathalai is part of HATHOMBATTU OORU – 19 villages. People belonging to a particular OORU do not marry among themselves. For eg, a Bearhatti boy cannot marry a Jakkadha girl (being Anna Thammaru) but can marry a girl from Hubbathalai [like in my case].

I have also mentioned else where in this website, about some extrodinary exceptions like in the case of KODUMUDI Village. Since, MELE THARA [top streets] people belong to a differnt clan, they can marry from KIYA THARA [lower streets].

I know, I have not answered clearly about the classification – location or SEEME?

I will answer soon…….

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Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash B.E.(GCT,Madras Univ).,M.B.A (FMS, Delhi Univ)


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30 responses to “Seemae [See’may] & Morae [Mo’ray] (relationship)

  1. I’m a girl from Thoraitty belongs to (Kadanadu) which comes under Thodhanadu…. can marry a guy in Sholur Hosatty?


  2. Can a boy in Dhimbatty marry a girl in Nedugula (Niruguva)?


  3. Does Thuneri (thodanaadu) and benthatty (porangadu) have morae ?


  4. Adimari people who include Jackanarai and their belonging have married Ketti people. As in they are Ketti people but migrated to Aravenu,, Banglada, Mudicombai etc., While we are allowed to marry Ketti people of these villages ,it is said that Ketti people who live in Dhimbatty are brothers&sisters. How could that be possible.Can we really marry ketti people who are in dhimbatty and if no have these ayyas mistakenly married ketti people in other villages against our norms?

    P.S.: Can jackanarai people marry ketti people who are In dhimbatty?


  5. And a boy from sundatty (nedugula side ) belonging to thandhanadu aaiya makka can marry a girl from kattabettu belonging to kaigaru….?


  6. Thanks for detailed information you provided. Just cancel this morai system as soon as possible because all our people suffering a lot. So Hope our elders help us.. Make youngsters feel free and to stay happy. Dont kill them by creating such rules.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks for all your information, sir. All our people are suffering from this morai system. Can our elders understand the feelings of our youngsters and try to ban this rules? Bein in own hatty and surrounding hatties only our people fall in love just because they all roaming around same region. So just break the useless rules. Make our people to be free for choosing their partner. Just let them be happy. Intercaste marriage is acceptable nowadays then why following such rules still. Feel free and try to destroy this rules. Else our people and their life will be destroying every single day.

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  8. Nowadays all are having many problems in our Badaga relationship ….

    Dear Santhosh,

    It appears hat you have NOT given a valid email id –

    You have raised some pertinent questions. Pl send the comments in full sentences and NOT IN SMS. Only then your comments can be published – Wg Cdr JP


    • Hi sir..I belong to thothanadu seemai and I already married a guy who lives in yedapalli but they are (natturu).. from long years ago they live in yedapalli…they belong to iduhatty (thothanadu seemai)…we both married without parents approval before 2yrs …now we sperated because Few say we don’t have morai to marry ..few say that we can marry…but we r still trying to Marry again with all baduga formalities… Can u give me a solution.. can iduhatty guy who lives in yedapalli marry anikorai girl??? Can u give me a clear solution … Waiting for your positive reply …thank you


  9. I am from Mulligoor (Kundhae seemae).. Can I marry from Bakkorae village in Kundhae seemae?

    Can somebody give a correct answer to this young lady? – Wg Cdr JP


  10. I am Sabitha from Kinnakorai and married to T.Oranalli that comes under Maekunaadu seemay. But Thangaadu is also under Maekunaadu seemay why there is no moray to marry from Kinnakorai which some say comes under Kundha seemay.

    Read all about SEEME/SEMAY divisions and hattis >>badaga hattis” target=”_blank”>here ->>>badaga hattis
    or here ->>>Badaga Hattis & the SEEME they belong to — Wg Cdr JP


  11. I’m interested on a guy who has no relationship to get married by the family side. But I have relationship when I look through Hatti. His village is Nanjanadu and I’m from Ketti Soraigundu. Is there any possibilities for me to marry him? Pls Reply soon.


  12. im from adikaratti.. can i marry oda hatty guy.. near ketti


  13. Is it possible to marry a girl from osa hatti (village near yedakadu) …? I am from kothumudi. .. .?


  14. Now a days many Badaga people have got morae relationship problem. so our elders(aiyanavakka), please find a the solution for this!


  15. If there is a relation between the hattis and not between the families, is it possible to marry?……..

    Hello priya, could you please be more specific? The hatti of a person is taken as that of his/her father. All ‘fathers’, irrespective of any relationship, is considered brothers. Of course, if there is no relationship, then they are considered from different families – KUDUMBAS. Like for example, in a hatti there may be two different KUDUMBAS, Kurudu hethappa makka and Kaada hethappa makka, but they cannot inter marry. – Wg Cdr JP


  16. Pls tell more about Bearhatti…….



    You have done a great job.I am married in T.OORANALLY.I know that I belong to KUNDHE SEEMAE.


  18. Anand (Kinnakorai)

    I am from Kinnakorai… I m sure that people of Kinnakorai migrated from Kotagiri.. So they belong to Porangadu seemay…. But you have indicated kinnakorai in kundhe seemay….


  19. R Ranganathan Raman, Muttinadu

    After going through the web site 2-3 hours, I came to know lots & lots of news about our community. I must say, after reading all this matters, we should proud to be an BADAGA. I also proud myself that I am the first person in my hatty serving in Foreign country as a part of peace keeping force in SUDAN (African country). Thanks for Wg Cdr JP sir, for his wishes to me.



    We are proud that we belong to this BADAGA community..


  21. Meghaa Muraleedharan

    Plz let me know as 2 which seemai do i belong 2 …..i am from Denad near Bengal mattam………….do i belong 2 aaratty or mekkunadu seemai…….n which hatties shouldn’t i marry from.





  23. Its very interesting maintain the same tell something about kothagiri area villages
    Iam very proud to be an badaga by reading all this .


  24. Its very interesting maintain the same


  25. I’m from Kinnakorai ( nattru ). I’m sure that Kinnakorai is not part of Kundhe seeme , sorry for the vague statement. I don’t know more than that.

    JP adds: Why do you say that? Pl see the list of hattis as well as my comments about Kinnakorai in response to Dr.Sudhakar.
    Incidentally , it being the last of the Hattis along with Hiriya-seege, on the border to Kerala, has always fascinated me. We have some land in ‘OKKA NADU’ – half way on the Manjoor – Kedde road, from where we could see Kinnakore on the other side of the mountain. A breathtaking view. Do you know some of the holas[fields] of that Hatti falls in Kerala jurisdiction. I must visit that hatti soon.


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