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This community people are different from Badagas of Nilgiris.  They speak Kannada not Badaga language. So please don’t confuse Badagas of Nilgiris with these people.

I am in total agreement with Senthil. The idea of the post is that there are others associated with just the name BADAGA and not BADAGAS – JP

The following information is from badaganadusangha website

The Badaganadu are a Brahmin community that mainly resides in Karnataka, and now due to the advent of globalization they are spread throughout the world. Badaganadu Community is one of the three main streams of adherents to the Advaita Vedanta propounded by Sri Shankaracharya and are followers of the Smarta tradition (known as Smartism). Smarta is derived from ‘Smrithi’ a Sanskrit word with the meaning of one who “remembers or reveres their teacher/Guru”.

Literally, Badaganadu means the northern land, probably originating from badaga (north). Referred to the community, it might mean people from the northern parts, who were brought to perform pujas in Sanskrit language. The mother tongue of Badaganadu community has been Kannada, and are largely spread around the northern parts of Karnataka, Bellary and Anantapur districts, Bangalore, Shivamogga, Chikkamagaluru, Davanagere, Chitradurga, Holenarasipura, Madhugiri, Tumkur and other parts of Karnataka.
Badaganadu Community emphasises a strong education, thus most of the community members are well educated and are Engineers, doctors, Officers etc.

The main deity of some of the Badaganadus is Lord Venkateshwara and for some it is Lord Mylaralingeshwara or Lord Malatesha of Devaragudda or Mailara near Ranebennur in Haveri District, the last three located in Norther parts of Karnataka. Badaganadu’s celebrate most of the South Indian Festivals like Ugadi, Navaratri, Deepavali and Gowri Ganesha festivals.

There are many Badaganadu organizations spread all over Karnataka, like The Badaganadu sangha in Bangalore, Badaganadu Balaga in Mysore etc.

One can find Badagandu people hailing from around Mysore, Mandya and even Coimbatore. Though Badaganadu people adhere to AdiShankara’s teachings and are advaitins. They celebrate almost all festivals and vrathas be it pertaining to please Shiva or Krishna or Rama or Narasimha or Ganesha or any other deity/God. Truly cosmopolitan Hindu outlook is shown by this community. Though most of the Badagandu community are Smarthas, there is a large Badaganadu sect amongst Madhwas; some say that Madhwas were originally advaitins but chose to profess Madhwacharya’s Dwaita teachings due to reasons of losing in religious debate or were overcome by the influence of the new thought. Whatever it might be, this community truly blends well without any show off of ego or fanfare. Nanajanagoodu shrikanteshwara is the main deity for most of the Badaganaadu Brahmins.

[This interesting piece of information was sent by ARI JOGHIE ]

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  1. I would like to find documentation or books about this community (in European languages). Can you help me?


  2. Kavyashree Krishnamurthy

    I don’t know the author but very well put together the details. It’s important to preserve the culture and details, make people aware. However , what is still unanswered is badaga is north. But where this sect orginated from? North if karnataka or north of India or north of Ananthapura? Just to add more info, there was a big presence of badaganadu community in Bageaplly which is in kolar district. 3 to 4 generations


  3. All badaga people take a oath for save badaga community , language and hospitality and teach our children also.


  4. I would like to know the origin of Badaganadus derived from DNA tests


  5. This community people is different from badugas of Nilgiris. Still you can see this community people in Karnataka. They speak Kannada not baduga language. So please don’t confuse badugas of Nilgiris with these people.

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