Badaga Jewellery

Badaga Jewellery

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Badagas, especially the women, have some exotic and unique jewellery that they wear on their person.

It was a chance but a wonderful meeting with Mrs.Gangamma, aged 78 years, daughter of Karibajja Kari Gowder of Pedduva Kallatti who was associated with Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder (‘Ari Gowda koottuda maathu adile, Koodi ebba ella bae muchindu unnippa ortara endu appa hegina’, she remembers ] and wife of late Kari Gowder of Kerben Village (Kotagiri) who passed away about 40 years back, at Mettupalayam in Feb,2007.

She was wearing traditional Badaga Jewllery – ‘Mookkuthi [nose ring] & Chinna [ear ring]’ which made me ponder and wonder about Badaga Jewellery and offered me the opportunity to take her snaps with these unique ornaments.

click here to see plenty of photos and read the complete article about the wonderful ‘world’ of BADAGA Bangara – Jewellery



9 responses to “Badaga Jewellery

  1. Ravindran Jevanah

    Coming to Jewellery, apart from Chinna, Mookuthi, Belli Ungara, I would like to know about the ‘Cheripenigai and the other Broad Belli Bangle wihich the ladies wear on the lower arms. The Cheripenigai is of two or three designs nowadays we do not see any. Can we have apicture of these if possible?

    Please see the page on Badaga Jewellery and the links given
    – Wg Cdr JP


    • mlle_sumathi

      It is nice to read about our Badaga jewellery and see the pictures. It would be interesting if we start using our traditional jewels in our marriages and festivals instead of blindly buying the things showcased by big showrooms .


  2. keerthanaprabhu

    It is very nice website because I learn about Badaga people.I am not a Badaga, but, really I am a very lucky because my husband is a Badaga, who is very very good. I love my husband


  3. S.Suresh(kalhatty)

    I want to know why we wear silver rings in pair…? Is there any specific reason to wear the rings in pair..?

    Hi Suresh,your question has clean bowled me. I will try to find out and let you know. I drive past your hatti on my way to Bangalore very often. Hope to visit Kallatty next time – Wg Cdr JP


    • S.Suresh(Kalhatty)

      You are always welcome to my hatty … Now I want to ask you one more doubt about our jewellery, ‘What is the importance of “SINNATHA HANNA” in marriage sir…? I have seen in many marriages they keep the “SINNATHA HANNA” in the food which is fed to bride and groom, I have asked about this with few elders but thet say its a formality but they never said the exact reason, So ‘m posting this comment to know it …. I hope you will help me


      • Radha Balu.

        ” SINNATHA HANNA ” is known as “GURU KANNIKKAI ” from the Guru manai and presented as a respect for the same .


    • Radha Balu.

      The silver rings are worn in pair always known as ” JODI UNGARA ” by any living person as customary .A single ring is worn only to a dead person when the body is taken to the dhoovai.. and so it’s always advised to wear Jodi Ungara if at all we like to wear ” Belli Ungara “


  4. A very nicely docemented wesite. Great!


  5. Iyyappan (Sogathorai - Now in Muscut)

    I am now in Muscut. Badagas should be every where. This is my ambition.
    we have to help each other. If our persons want to go to Gulf , I am ready to help, please contact me 97321626. God is great, no more words to tell.


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