Badaga Language recorded in 1922

Based on an article in the Times of India, I was wondering whether Badaga would form part of the collection of gramophone – audio recordings of languages in India in early 1900s undertaken by Linguistic Survey of India. Sure enough, our great language is there. Recorded in 1922.



” This presentation of Gramophone Recordings from the Linguistic Survey of India consists of digitized recordings originally collected in South Asia during a period from 1913 until 1929. Intended as a supplement to Sir George A. Grierson’s Linguistic Survey of India published between 1904 and 1927, the recordings of stories, songs and poems were collected by provincial and presidential governments of British-ruled India in cooperation with Grierson and the Gramophone Company, Calcutta. “

You can see the transcript and  listen to the audio here


4 responses to “Badaga Language recorded in 1922

  1. Anbu Keerthan Suppirmaniam

    Badaga language is very unique and very very interesting.
    I have learned a lot through few webpage.
    I’m not badaga but i’m proud i’m able to talk in badaga.


  2. I want know the badaga language.please enybody can teach me???


  3. My heartfelt thanks to you sir for your great work. And I m very eager to know our history


  4. Usha Nandhini

    Proud to be a badaga…. Badagas rockssss……


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