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Let us call ourselves as Badagas speaking Badaga/Badagu

Naren ( has sent me the following email through a comment and raised a very important issue of urgent nature :

Sir, Thank you for a such wonderful site. Though a regular reader of this site, I have yet to comment on such wonderful  info in these blogs.

It is evident that caste enumeration is conducted now in Tamil Nadu. Each and every caste is trying to mobilize and clarify nature of the sub-sects of their caste during enumeration. Is there any awareness created in the community in respect of how to answer the caste enumeration. Is it necessary for Badagas to state their sub sect like Haruva, Badaga, Thorraya during the enumeration?

I hope you will create the awareness in the above aspect.

Thank you very much Naren.

Since the 1981 census Badagas are not shown as a separate community but have been clubbed with ‘Kannada Speaking groups’. This, to say the least, is – atrocious. Badaga is a separate and unique community with rich language and ‘richer’ rituals, customs and traditions.

Now is the chance for us to proudly say that we are Badagas (Badagar) and our mother tongue is Badaga ( Badagu). The other important issue about sub sect :- our history has quite a few instances where we, as a community, divided ourselves into Odaya,Haruva, Badaga, Lingayat [Lingakatti],Kanakka, Adikari,Thoraya etc and created a lot of bad blood. (I am surprised, though, to learn that Thorayas are given the MBC classification while Badagas come under BC,) let all those who speak Badaga (Badagu) be considered as Badagas (Badagar).

I have just spoken to the  General Secretary and Treasurer of the Coonoor Badaga Welfare Association about this and have been promised that they have already put out ads in local TV and soon in the news papers to request all Badagas to give, when the caste census is taken, their cast as BADAGAR and mother tongue [language] as BADAGU when the caste enumeration is undertaken. This applies to all  Badagas wherever they reside, be it in the hattis, towns or cities.

So, all you  Proud Badagas out there,

please ensure that we give our identity [caste/’jathi’] as BADAGA(r) and Languge spoken as BADAGU/Badaga

– Wg Cdr JP


Badaga language – ‘sha – ஷ ‘ and ‘zha – ழ’ ?

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving  Anandha Raju [inventor of Badaga Anandha script] with his charming wife and children at our place and had a pow wow on Badaga, the great language.. Anandha feels that there is no ‘sh -ஷ ‘ sound in Badaga Maathu [language].

I disagree. What about barasha (year), baashay (language), Kashta (difficulty), nashta (loss) and ishta (wish)?

Another ‘sound’ of interest is ‘zha – ழ‘ – the only word that comes to mind is ‘eizhu‘- (seven).

What do you think?

Padmanabhan writes about Mr.MK Bellie Gowder’s manuscripts…….

ImageDear JP anna…

MK Nanja Gowder, the younger brother of MK Bellie Gowder, was my maternal grandfather. Right from my childhood, he used to relate stories to me from Bellie ayya’s works. He told me that, Bellie ayya had one day called him (Nanja ayya) to discuss in private about one of his manuscripts. He had asked Nanja ayya to go through the entire manuscript for his personal consumption and at the end of which, he requested Nanja ayya to destroy the manuscript. Nanja ayya, told me that it was the History of Badagas. The reason, he said, why Bellie ayya wanted it to be destroyed is because he believed that it would bring undesired division among’st Badagas.

Now I am not sure if the manuscript that I am talking about (History of Badagas) is different from the Badaga ‘clans/kolas’ manuscript that you say could probably be in possession of Dr Hockings. It would be great service to the Badaga community if the original manuscript is made public, if it does exist.


Hi Paddy, Thank you very much for this great info. When I mentioned that Prof.Paul Hockings ‘papers’/books could have taken a lot of info from Mr.Bellie Gowder’s manuscripts, I am only ‘guessing’. Though, Mr.Bellie Gowder might have had ‘some’ reasons to destroy his manuscript, I hope and pray that the original has survived. It would be a great source to learn about our Badaga Community. – Wg Cdr JP


Pratheepan Raju posted this info in FB []

This is a work of Late Thyagi. K.P.Raju Gowder of KADASOLAI Village who was Author of the local Nilgiri magazine called “ARAAICH [Araachi?]” in which he had published 13 issues.

The Badaga community, like several communities of India is formed of different Clans(KOLA) affiliated to different Totems.

The various clans and their totems are as follows:

1. Forefathers of Solur Group – NAGA (COBRA)

2. Forefathers of Thoodagur Group – ANEY (ELEPHANT)

3. Forefathers of Doddur Group – MARI (GODDESS MARI)

4. Forefathers of Sinnakunnur – Kethi – Kundha Group – KASTURI (MUSK DEER)

5. Forefathers of Hebbanadu – Halhattane – Thangadu Group – MANIKKA (CARBUNCLE STONE)

Forefathers of Meekeri – Ithalar – Balakola Group – MANIKKA (CARBUNCLE STONE)

Forefathers of Horanally – Porthy Group – MANIKKA (CARBUNCLE STONE)

Forefathers of Bembatti – Belida Group – MANIKKA (CARBUNCLE STONE)

Forefathers of Kasoley-Mandhanai Group – MANIKKA (CARBUNCLE STONE)

Forefathers of Jakkanarai Group – MANIKKA (CARBUNCLE STONE)

Forefathers of Kateri Ajjur Group – MANIKKA (CARBUNCLE STONE)

6. Forefathers of Adhikari Group – KOVERU (WHITE HORSE)

7. Forefathers of Kagguchchi- Jagadala Group – BELLIE (SILVER)

8. Forefathers of Pannemanai-Kenduva Group – SELANDI (SPIDER)

9. Forefathers of Porangadu Group – MADHUVA (HONEY BEE).

Each clan is exogamous, i.e., man belonging to one clan cannot marry the girls of the same clans as they are the descendants from the same ancestors. Men of one clan can marry girls of different clans affiliated to different totem.

Direct words from from his piece –

“It is claimed that the main merkunadu group,viz, the Hebanad-Halatanai-Thangadu group and the Jakkanarai group are descended from the same forefather. The Late A.N. Kadagowder, former Moniagar of Merkunad, Denad Village and the Late.M.Doddayya Gowder of Halattanai informed the author (Late.Thyagi.K.P.Raju Gowder) that the forefather of the Jakkanarai group of the Badagas was uterine brother of Huliajja, Guruajja and Haraajja, the forefathers of the main group of the merkunad people. The Jakkanarai forefather Batti Hettappa joined the Porangadu forefathers at Thalaimalai and accompanied them to Betalada where he married Yelingi Amma, the sister of 7 forefathers of Porangadu people. The above informants asserted that they belong to the MANIKA CLAN.”


I have always believed that success comes when one works with tireless zeal and single minded dedication to do something for the society. Recognition, of course, comes knocking down sooner than later.

One such unassuming Badaga who has achieved a lot of success and recognition is Hubbathalai Nandi Gowder SIVAN. He has traveled widely and is easily approachable for any sort of advise.

Recently, he was bestowed with the following awards at New Delhi.

Bharat Excellence Award with Gold Medal of FFI in 2012, presented by Dr.G.V.G.Krishnamoorthi, Former Election Commissioner,Govt of India for the growth of Indian Economy and Inspiring Pillar of India Award with Gold Medal of FFI in 2012, presented by Dr.Premnath, Former Deputy Director General, United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (UN-FAO) for successful achievements and contributions in the chosen fields.

Wonderful to see  Siva receiving the award attired in traditional Badaga dress.

Wishing Siva[n] many more success in all his endevours. We are proud of you, Siva.

Read more of Siva’s


A Very Big Thank You

Mlle. Sumathi Halan [Canada] says:
Congratulations to you and your constant efforts to keep our website updated, interesting and great ! Hats Off, Wg Cdr JP for your efforts and selfless service to our community.

Thanks a lot Mlle.Sumathi, you have always been a source of help and happiness

Badaga is now in FACEBOOK also. See

Two hundred thousand [200,000] – Not Out

AS WE GET CLOSER… the 200,000 visitors mark….

That is a lot of hits for a website [weblog] that is focused on a small community of the Blue Mountains – the Nilgiris, in the southern part of India. Is it due to…

the urge to know the unknown about ourselves….

to sift the truth from fiction….the satisfaction that we have a very unique history…..the mystery about the mistaken migration…..the traditions that are still steadfastly followed…..the great language that has survived for centuries without a script….

The simple fact that this site’s motto of ‘Proud to be a Badaga ; Proud to be an Indian‘ has become an accepted norm…

You all, my dear and loyal friends, have made me bow my head in gratitude.

Proud to be an Indian and a Badaga, indeed.

Hope to say ‘thanks a million‘ soon…

Started as a hobby but now an obsession.This website crossed the milestone of 100,000 visitors on 8th March,2010 and 150,000 visitors on 20th April,2011. Feel humbled but proud

Copyright © Bellie Jayaprakash 2006-2012

Dedicated to mom

Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder


Badaga Baray [Script] – A request from Anandha

Dear Wg Cdr JP,
May I entreat the visitors of your websites to do what  they can for the cause of making Badugu, hitherto a spoken language, a written language?
I want every Baduga to stand by me in my endeavour to publicize the wealth of Badugu literature through the Badugu Alphabet.
Please find attached herewith the following files containing
1. The Badugu Alphabet and their International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Correspondences
2. Badugu Sayings with Phonetic Transcriptions using the IPA
Please do the needful. Thanking you, with kind regards,


Krishnamoorthy, B. S. commented on Badaga Script

Great Job… Kudos to both of you Sirs. BaduguAnandha works nicely… I can write words in our own script (couldn’t get the letter “sha”). Hope it will be nice for every badaga to do some writing practice using BADUGU BARE, So that we can teach to our children very soon…