Badaga Baray [Script] – A request from Anandha

Dear Wg Cdr JP,
May I entreat the visitors of your websites to do what  they can for the cause of making Badugu, hitherto a spoken language, a written language?
I want every Baduga to stand by me in my endeavour to publicize the wealth of Badugu literature through the Badugu Alphabet.
Please find attached herewith the following files containing
1. The Badugu Alphabet and their International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Correspondences
2. Badugu Sayings with Phonetic Transcriptions using the IPA
Please do the needful. Thanking you, with kind regards,


Krishnamoorthy, B. S. commented on Badaga Script

Great Job… Kudos to both of you Sirs. BaduguAnandha works nicely… I can write words in our own script (couldn’t get the letter “sha”). Hope it will be nice for every badaga to do some writing practice using BADUGU BARE, So that we can teach to our children very soon…


One response to “Badaga Baray [Script] – A request from Anandha

  1. Manoj Kumar

    Dear Anandhan,

    Your idea of bringing in a script for our language is appreciated. I kindly suggest you to make a video where writing this script is taught and upload it in youtube, because there are a lot of lads in our villages who frequently surf the web, and there is a community in facebook where there are around 5000 members, who will have access to it and learn it easily. This would be a very good starting point.


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