From Malaysia

Anbu Keerthan Suppirmaniam

[ :: mobile : 0066 012 632 1579 ]

I’m from Malaysia and would like to share my personal experience in learning Badaga Language.

Badaga language is so amazing and very interesting. I got a lot information from websites such as numbers, greetings, months, animals name, months and i’m very proud that I can sing full length of badaga song.(Banuloka Thevakumara Neethano Song)

I just cant stop mentioning the words and singing Badaga language songs. Really amazing and interesting.

Now I want to improve on speaking and pronouncing and I need help and guidance to meet my own satisfaction.

Always proud to be an INDIAN.

Hello AKS, thanks a million for your views on Badaga. If you browse through my websites, may be you will find a lot on Badaga language. I hope, some Badaga friends in Malaysia will pickup your words and get in touch with you. Best wishes – Wg Cdr JP


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