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2012 in review of OUR SITE by web host WordPress

Thank you, your motivation made this site a ‘must see’ for all!

Anything and everything about BADAGA

Happy New Year!!

WordPress – 2012 in review of OUR SITE


Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 62,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Where did they come from?

That’s 129 countries in all!
Most visitors came from India. The United States & Kuwait were not far behind.

AR fm WP 2

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Main Festival – Hethe(y) Habba is on 31 – 12 – 2012

Rajeswari Devabettan comments on Hethe(y) Habba

Very nice messages and the details you have given are enormous & I loved reading it. Every Baduga should see this website. My best wishes! Great going!

Thanks a lot Rajeshwari – the motivation I get to keep going – ‘great going’ as you call it – is when I get such encouraging words like yours – Wg Cdr JP

Hethe(y) Habba is always celebrated on the first monday after thirteen full moons

[Hadimooru Hunnavay thaandi da modal sovara].

That is why, it never comes on the same calender day every year.

Saavu Harakke – Karu Harachodhu [1944]

Saavu Harakke – Karu Harachodhu [1944]

Some time early, VIMAL.S [Manjoo?] had sent me a rare publication of ” Saavu Harakke -Karu Harachodu” by Ketti Achanakal M.K.Nanja Gowder  who had given credit to the ORIGINAL author and his father [Ketti Achanakal] late M.Kaala Gowder who published this on 25-9-1944 (Given below)

Late Mr.M.K.Nanja Gowder, was, in many ways the FIRST BADAGA, to have gathered and recorded a lot of information on and about Badagas and published a few of them. His manuscripts were given to many ‘ Foreign Researchers’ and I am not sure where they are now.

How wonderful it would be if we could access these rare manuscripts!

Thank you, Vimal.

Karu Arachodhu 1Karu Harachodhu 2Karu Harachodhu 3Karu Harachodhu 4


“Dear Sir,
I am the younger son of M K Nanja Gowder Ex MP. Thank you for publishing the Saavu Harakke, originally written by Late M Kala Gowder (Miyya Kala Gowder), father of M K Nanja Gowder of Achanakal, Ketti Village.
As you have mentioned in the article, many manuscripts of my father were given to foreign researchers. Also our Badaga researchers and writers of our community collected a number of details about our community, from my father. Mr K P Raju Gowder of Kadasholai village, some teachers of our community, belonging to Thambatty village, Bikkole village, are among the notable scholars. I do not know all of them.

That documents were used to produce to the Central Govt. Officials, to add evidence to include our Community to Scheduled Tribes list”.

Thank you N Bellie (LIC) for the info – JP

Kadasoley Yogesh’s Badaga Script
It is indeed heartening to know that Yogesh of Kadasoley has been involved in developing a Badaga Script for the past 40 odd years. His tireless efforts, probably, did not receive the attention it deserved so far.
Better late than never, it has come to public domain due to people like Emerald Hari who is bringing out a book of Yogesh during the Hethe Habba festival at Beraganni on 26-12-2012

Set your mood to these songs…

Set your mood to these songs…

Badagas have made singing and dancing an integral part of their lives.

A happy occasion like a habba [festival] or marriage….there you go….to the foot tapping ATTA – Dance songs like ‘Meley Keriyoge – On the top street‘….even a non dancer will get the inspiration to let the hair loose and join the crowd….
A sad situation….like the demise of a departed dear one…..the sad ‘saavu – death’ songs of Kerban Bella Gowder or Thangadu Krishna Gowder like ‘Ganjikke Kukkeya...’ will make tears roll down the cheeks as they remind you of some one who is no more…
The ever green…Hethe Songs…..
Melodies with a message like ‘Manesella Nondhara – ‘
Or, the melodious modern Badaga songs where the instrumental music has been given more importance…
Or, listen to the powerful ‘Badaga Funeral Prayer – Karu Harachodhu [Blessing the calf]…the famous group rendering of ‘AATHIKKODHU

Listen to some of these ‘best of the best songs and sounds’ chosen by me by clicking on the links or ON SOUNDCLOUD given below…
Must see the website on Badaga Songs


[Karimora] Saravana Kumar’s Badaga Script It is heartening to learn that there are a few Badaga youngsters who have dedicated a lot of their time and effort to the development of Badaga community in general and Badaga Language in particular. … Continue reading


Vikram  Adith Raman – you make us proud Boy from Nilgiris bags first prize in global competition Times News Service,| Dec 12, 2012, UDHAGAMANDALAM: A Badaga youth has won the first prize at the  Infocom Future Leadership Award (IFLA) at INFOCOM 2012 … Continue reading

Uri Hogi Siri Barali


The significance of this day is, it comes but for once [in somebody’s life].

Uri Hogi Siri Barali

According to predictions 12.12.12 is a date which indicates that WAVES are our inspiration, not because they rise and fall, but each time they fall , they RISE AGAIN.LET THIS BE FABULOUS DATE FOR EVERY ONE OF US. After 100 years this fabulous date and day will be someone else’s.Todays is ours..

Siri Barali….Santhosha thumbali…

Kethorai Rajma


That is a really nice thought !

mlle_SUMATHI HALAN [Canada]


Kootu [Meeting] at Hubbathalai

Kootu [Meeting] at Hubbathalai

Click on the pix to see Rare Photos of Badagas

Badaga – is a separate language by itself

Badaga – is a separate language by itself

I have been steadfastly claiming that Badaga is an unique language by itself and not a derivative of any other Dravidian Language – I WILL WRITE MORE ON THE FOLLOWING SOON – Wg Cdr JP

Badaga language not a dialect of Kannada, claims French linguistic scholar

Shanta Thiagarajan, [Times of India] Dec 4, 2012,

UDHAGAMANDALAM: “The Badaga language, widely believed to be a dialect of Kannada, was the language of communication of ancient South Dravidians and shares similarities with the local Alu Kurumba tongue,” said Christiane Pilot-Raichoor, a linguistic French scholar from LACITO, a scientific research centre in Paris. She was in town recently to do some research work.

“Today, it is recognized as a separate language,” said Pilot-Raichoor, who has been working on the linguistic heritage of the Badaga language for the past two decades. According to her, there are too many important differences in the phonology and the grammar, differences in gender system, case system, verb classes, to claim a genetic relationship between Kannada and Badaga languages.

“Once our minds are freed from the idea that Badaga is a dialect of Kannada, it may become possible to consider more objectively the Alu Kurumba-Badaga linguistic relationship,” she said. Alu Kurumba shares most of the characteristic Nilgiri features including verb peculiarities of Badaga language. “Whatever resemblance it has to Kannada points to early medieval and older forms of the language. The core grammar in the Badaga language converges with other Nilgiris languages which can be traced to early south Dravidian features,” she explained. Continue reading