[Karimora] Saravana Kumar’s Badaga Script

[Karimora] Saravana Kumar’s Badaga Script

It is heartening to learn that there are a few Badaga youngsters who have dedicated a lot of their time and effort to the development of Badaga community in general and Badaga Language in particular.

One such youngster with some original thinking is SARAVANA KUMAR son of K.J.RAJU, a lawyer from Karimora, presently staying at Coimbatore. I have interacted with him quite extensively and feel some of his ideas could be far reaching. This boy is gifted with intelligence and is sure to make us all very proud.

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3 responses to “[Karimora] Saravana Kumar’s Badaga Script

  1. kennedy krishnan

    Kudos to Saravanan from Karimora, I have interacted with him very often regarding the Badaga script he has dedicated his valid time to develop this script on his own. It is such an inspiring thing to the youngsters in this generation where people rather choose an engineering career than involving themselves to raise our Badaga community.


  2. magisubramaniam

    Most of the consonants look like a drawing. We need more time to write I believe. Can we able to simplify it much better, a laymen suggestion only. Just came to my mind.


    • Chutti saravan

      Everyone is coming with this idea but after learning… As you see, our Baduga people(children, youngsters and elders as i tried it so) are familiar with the symbols used as consonants herein. All consonants, not even a single letter is left out, indicates something or other, which have a long and deep connection with the lives of Baduga community, which further indicates their identity with nature and culture, which could be well understood by them easily and with joy and playful one. All these, assumed drawings are all already well settled in depth in the very minds of all Badugas.. In one word it is the life style of Badugas in and out. Hence it could be explained,exhibited and taught very easily, especially to children.


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