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Recently Mamta from Chennai, obviously a non Badaga, wrote to tell me that she was interested in learning Badaga and whether I could suggest any book on the topic. I was stumped. Though I knew that there is a ‘Badaga – English’ dictionary by Paul Hockings and Christane Raichoor and some info available on the net, I could not recommend the book – dictionary for it is prohibitively priced.

So, the thought of making a dictionary with the active help of all Badaga friends who visit this website. Please spend a few minutes and send me any word you know. You can put it in the comments column below or send me an email :-

Now let us start with the alphabet A
  1. ah – pronounced as in ah’himsa – people [ah bandhidhaaray – people have come. Appara ah eddhaaray – lot of people are there]
  2. aah – pronounced as in after -opening the mouth [aah ennu – say aah or open your mouth]


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  3. Dr. R. Uma Maheswari

    What’s meaning of Silhalla


  4. Hi how to write ” kannadi ” In badaga . I don’t want the translated word for spectales. I just need the translation for “kannadi” In Badaga language. Can anyone help me.. Please


  5. Phone ga baduguna yena??

    Dhaaraga phone Maadi keppudhu endu arththa aapiley


  6. Kamesh Jayakumar

    My name is Kamesh Jayakumar (காமேஷ் ஜெயக்குமார்). I would like to write my name in Badaga language. Can you please help me how to write ?

    Please contact Yogesh Raju (Kadasolai)


  7. Bellie g babu

    Nattukara is guest

    Friend -senegisu((சினெகிசு)


  8. How to say basic sentences in Badaga like

    Have a good day – Jena oLLenge hadali

    Take care – Gava nichchi Lo

    What to say in Badaga for the person who gets suddenly angry – Koppakaara – for male, Koppakaaththi – for female



    How to say happy badaga day friend

    Santhoshavadha Badaga Jena, Nattukaara – Wg.Cdr.JP


  10. H. Sundara Rao

    Badaga language seems to be more nearer to Kannada than to Tamil. What is your opinion about this?

    Agreed. Resembles with Halaya (old) Kannada. But I am convinced it is a separate and unique language. Please go through the posts. Wg.Cdr.JP


  11. What you call “friend” in Badaga?

    Nattukara for male.
    Nattukathi for female


  12. How to say “Where are you” in Badaga

    Ea’lli Id’dhey Nee?


  13. How to say, ‘I like you?’

    Ans: Ninna Enaga Hidithara


  14. suresh Babu

    I like your songs. I need good songs, can any one help me to provide the songs? Along with my kids I want to participate your Festivals.


  15. Please enlight us on the word ‘yeah how how’


  16. Is it not possibility to give exact answers for above request Please discuss with our aged fathers/grandfathers most properly from Onnathaii, Kampatty, Eduhatty that is to say from border area of Moyer rivers as they know somewhat old our Badaga words also from Badaga English dictionary


  17. Sandra thompson

    Hi.. Found this very interesting… I have been searching for sites to learn more about the language…This has been very helpful…


  18. how to ask ‘what are you doing?’ in Badaga

    Éana Maadiray? or Eana Maadindu iddhey – Wg Cdr JP


  19. I am studying in Coimbatore engineering college.Now I know about Badagas, have many Badaga friends.I listen to many Badaga songs which are very nice.


  20. say same common word in badaga …


  21. I am a non Badaga.I have a Badaga friend whose birthday is coming in couple of weeks.I am trying to give a surprise by wishing in Badaga. Can someone translate this for me? ” My dear friend, let me wish you a very happy birthday, let success follow you, have a blast on your birthday..” Thank you so much for your support.



    Hello Sir,
    I am really proud of being a BADAGA. I am looking for Badaga songs, video clips, dance.I am watching for small clips- live functions, language, dance, food items, our cultures as I am a video camera man. I create documentary film. its my interest. So kindly help me. I want full details. My mobile no +919095747257- live near Chidambaram [Kattumannarkoil].


  23. plz give me some common badaga words with meaning…


  24. Hi, how do you say I MISS U in badaga?


  25. priya [ip :]

    I want know the meaning in tamil of “sudhi yena”

    “செய்தி என்ன? What is the news?” [sudhi- news, yena – what] The person who sent this querry has [mis]used an non-existant email id. Priya, if that is your real name, you may request NOT to disclose your email ID in future and the same will not be displayed.



    pls translate following words

    how are you sister? [Ethe indhay akka/ammay?]

    have you had food? [hittu thindhu buttaya?]

    when will you sleep? [Eaguva oraga horay?]

    sleep soon? [Sattana orugu]

    take care sister [ollengay ebbay akka/ammay]

    good morning [Namaskara]

    good afternoon [Namaskara]

    good evening [“]

    good nite [“]

    (Translations given within the brackets. Enjoy talking to your Badaga Friends. – Wg Cdr JP)


  27. please provide me equivalent words for sorry.. hello… madam…


  28. how to say ‘Happy Diwali’ in badaga ? 🙂 kindly reply

    and wishing the same to all badaga friends 🙂 God bless


  29. Kindly tell me how to say ‘thank u’ in badaga 🙂

    There is no ‘direct Badaga ‘ equivalent to ‘thank you’. The closest could be ‘Appara sandhosha – very happy’


  30. Kindly help me with these q’s

    1) how to say ‘hi’ / ‘vanakkam’ in badaga ? (how to greet)

    2) how to say happy birthday in badaga ?

    1) Namaskaara, Ollengay Iddhaya [‘Vanakkam’,How are you?]
    2) Santhoshavaadha Huttidha Barasha [Happy Birthday!]


  31. Thank you for the link. I have already translated the 350 words short story. The nearest word is “e: calu” (Ercalú).


  32. kindly tell me the meaning of ‘olli koosu’ 🙂 … my friend told that it a colloquial badaga word. thank you 🙂

    Olliya Koosu – means Good Boy


    • mlle_sumathi

      🙂 It is a compliment !!!!

      Hi Sumathi, hope you are doing well in your course in Canada – JP Uncle


  33. I am presently working for an engineering college at coimbatore as an english lecturer. since i have joined in this college i have a badaga friend who inspired me a lot. through him i came to hear about badaga songs and through I just downloaded many badaga songs. I was really inspired and excited when I hear those songs, especially the songs like
    “balathandu kandu kalu,
    mele akoriyega,
    enne usare ninaga unippi illaya,
    munthi munti vuppa,
    gundadana hatti ogane,
    usare usare”
    I just really love those songs……………. thanks for him and the writers


  34. Greetings. Where can I find the meaning of the word ercalú . A friend told me it could be form bandag language

    The word ‘ercalú’ sounds very similar to some Badaga (not bandag) words. If you can give the correct word as pronounced, it might help. It appears that you are from Porto Rico. If so, thanks for your visit. Badaga is a language spoken mainly in the Nilgiris, South India.


  35. From Badaga dictionary :- ‘அவ்வெ, ஔவ்வெ : mother, father’s wife, wife’s father’s sister, ஐடு மணி கிடு: Evening Prime rose’ This is the link where you can find Badaga dictionary online


  36. I need to learn Badaga language. Please give the link of Badaga – English dictionary.

    Go to Google search > books > Badaga Dictionary – JP


  37. Baduga MLA and other people to ask Tamil Nadu government to set up a Badaga Sakithya Academy so that we can build a new dictionary like Kodavas did in Karnataka state. so people think well this is the right time to start a new academy for us.


  38. Great book. Looks good! Keep up the great work. It very impressive.I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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