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Origin of Badagas

Badaga Origin

What we DO NOT know about Badagas is more than what we know about them. Such is the mystery of Badaga Origin.



Many mistakenly claim that Badaga Origin is nothing but Badaga migration from Mysore [now in Karnataka state] during Tipu’s time only because of the name Badaga (meaning northerner). It is very debatable. Unfortunately many Badagas have believed it in the absence of any convincing and conclusive evidence to the contrary. But the latest revelations and links about the language, especially from the epics and writings during the Tamil Sangam period tell a totally different story (see below).

I am firmly of the view that our history is much older- may be a thousand years or more older – and my initial ‘research’ confirms that. There is a lot written about the migration from Mysore theory by many anthropologists, researchers and others. For obvious reasons, most of them are/were ‘outsiders’ – like the early European missionaries and British. The one person who has done a lot to highlight about Badagas, in 1960s, Prof.Paul Hockings has chosen to go along with his predecessors in concluding that since Badaga means north[ner], they have migrated from southern Mysore during Tipu Sultan’s rule over Mysore to avoid being forcibly converted to Islam. Also sited in support of migration is the resemblance/similarity of Badaga (language) to Haleya [old] Kannada.

Though, B.Balasubramaniam, a highly educated Badaga, who has done extensive research, before writing his book Paamé ” – The history and culture of the Badagas of the Nilgiris feels that Badagas migrated from Southern Karnataka [then Mysore State] about 700 years back, much before Tipu’s time, around 1311 AD during the plundering raid of Malik Kafir. I do not subscribe to this view and am convinced Badagas are indigenous to the Nilgiris and are one of the original tribes of the hills.  Their origin is thousands of years old. 



Badaga Day 15th May 2018

Badaga Day 2018

[Thanks to the great initiative and efforts of Dharmalingam Venugopal]

Badaga Day will be celebrated in a grand manner at the

Young Badaga Association Hall

on Wenlock Road on May 15, 2018 (Tuesday), 

as part of the ongoing Nilgiri Summer Festival,

The celebrations will provide an opportunity for the tourists and the local people to learn about the unique 

 Badaga culture and history apart from enjoying the distinctive Badaga cuisine.

Badaga Food Festival will offer nearly 20 different healthy delicacies prepared in with traditional ingredients. According to writers, “Badaga cookery displays the widest range of techniques among the various ethnic groups of Nilgiris. Their method of food preparation include frying, roasting in a pot, roasting on fire and baking”.

The delicacies offered will include Tuppadittu, Soppu, Avare Udakka, Hachchiike, Sandege, Keerettu, Ubbittu, Gangi Koo, Haalu Koo, Mudthittu, Batha Koo, Gasu Bathal and Bella Koo.

There will be also an exhibition on Badaga history and culture showcasing photographs, books and traditional arte facts.

A painting exhibition by a leading Badaga artist will also be on display.

The Badaga Cultural Show which will follow the exhibitions will feature a wide variety of original songs and dances.

The celebration which will be open from 11-00am to 5-pm is open to all.

The Badagas are requested to attend in their traditional dress of ‘Thundu and Mundu’.

For Contact : Organsing Volunteers,YBA 9751435777

[for more info on ‘Badaga Day’ see —-> ]