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Ari Gowder 50th death Anniversary – Song Competition – Nakkubetta TV – First round Results

Results of Badaga Kathe Gamalu – First round

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants, especially to the ‘Kuttee Pappus’ under the age of 9.

Each one of you, who participated in this contest, is a winner.

Great effort by the judges, including the ever green singers and Chief Judges Shanti Desingh & G Raman ( both from Sholur) and most importantly Nakkubetta TV Ramakrishna and his excellent ‘tech savy’ team.

I am honoured to be in the Advisory committee of Sundradeva (IAS), Dr.Bhojaraj (ISRO) and Singan Sadhu (Banker).

I am humbled to realise that I was the originator of this idea that has become a talking point now.

Wishing all the first rounder winners many more success in the rounds that follow.

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Chief Judges


Porthy Mani, Mynale Bhojraj, Naduhatty Manigandan, Peduva Raman, Mel Kowhatty Sai Prasad,

Thuneri Murugan, Chinna Coonoor Prema, Kodhumudi K R Manigandan,

Thuneri Rajkumar, Midhene Dinesh, Annikorai Mano

Advisory Committee

Dr. Sundaradevan IAS
Wg Cdr Bellie ayaprakash

Dr.Bhojraj (ISRO)
Singan Sadhu (Banker)


The man who is responsible for the grand success of this Competition is

N N Ramakrishnan of Nakkubetta TV

I was watching Ramakrishna’s “Badaga Kathe Gamalu” on a friday evening. He was talking to Kattabettu Naduhatti Maniganda. That was the time we, my wife Tara (Ari Gowder’s grand daughter and I (Ari Gowder’s sister Idyammal’s son) wondering how to pay homage to the greatest leader of Badagas Rao Bahadur H B Ari Gowder as his 50th Death Anniversary was coming (28th Jun 2021). I sent a message to Ramakrishna suggesting a Badaga Kathe competition with old, maamule songs with a prize amount of Rs.50,000 from us. He didn’t even take a few seconds to say why not as the idea stuck a nerve deep down. Initially it was a prize money of Rs.5000 each to five girls and boys selected.

And once the idea was announced on the TV, it created so much of enthusiasm among the children, their parents and viewers. Many good hearted friends came forward to contribute more prize money. The scope of winners was expanded to three categories of age groups upto 8 yrs, upto17 yrs and upto 25 yrs.

Ramakrishna being a thorough professional, involved the ever green singers Solur Santhi Desingh and G. Raman and twelve well known singers/music makers as judges, that included legends like Thuneri Murugan.

To have a very fair competition that will have the best selection method with no chance for any complaints. he involved some of the well known Badaga personalities like Dr.Sundaradevan, the first and so far only IAS officer from the Badagas, Dr. Bhojaraj, a reputed and the first Badaga Space Scientist with ISRO, Mr. Singan Sadhu, a renowned banker and Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash, (the first Badaga to join Indian Air Force as an officer in 1972).

Ramakrishna , with an excellent team of highly qualified/technically savy, youngsters organised many Google Meet Ups. The judges were given the exact requirements where marks were given to participants as per talents. High levels of secrecy was maintained so that the only criteria was merit.

A total number of 156 participated with 239 songs. After streamlining there were 25 ‘baby’ singers in the age group upto 8, 77 in the age group upto 17 and 52 in the age group upto 25.

Fifteen in each age group were selected as shown above in the first round.

Mahesh Joghee Gowder from Kiyoor (Mynale) writes:

Prize of Honour

The participants who were not shortlisted should also feel proud as they have really won in this competition by contributing their voices and in turn NBTV has recognised all by showing their performance very frequently. So all of you should feel proud and say that I have competed with the star singers .

I also feel proud to be a spectator and the result also come out nicely as I shortlisted / expected. So we all should feel proud of this competition and playing a responsible role in uplifting our community in all aspects

(Mahesh from Kiyoor (Mynale) is the grandson of Late Sri Narayana Gowder and great grandson of late Sri Joghee Gowder, both were teachers, probably students of Hubbathalai Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowder School. His late father Sri. Subramanian was Chief Secretary LD Bank and Founder President of Gudalur YBA. Mahesh is presently involved in Cut Flower trading business. He says that his present ambition is to have a United Nilgiris (Badagas are already known for their hospitality)