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A couple of days back, I received the following email from a young mother [name withheld] who wrote to say :

Dear Sir,   It gave immense pleasure for me to visit your website. I was always amazed to know about the community and the culture.

I am a Non Badaga and married last Dec to a Badaga from ………..

And Recently on the ….. of this month I gave birth to a baby. My husband and my in laws want me to learn Badaga  as I have to talk to the baby in Badaga for her to pick up the language.

Please help me learn the language by sending me some day to day conversations .

Thanks in Advance. Best Regards.

My reply :-
Thanks a lot for your email. I am delighted to learn that you find my website[s] interesting and informative.
I have given a few ‘lessons’ about LEARN BADAGA in my websites/blogs. ….
When you meet any elder, especially your in-laws and hubby’s grand parents, bow your head and say, ‘Kumbidichivi – meaning bless me. They are expected to touch your head and say, “Badhukku” – long live. You will find that any elder Badaga will be thrilled with this gesture as many do not follow this wonderful custom and your day will be made.
As a new mother, for about 40 days after delivering a baby, you are a ‘baththya hemmathi’ with some diet and other restrictions.
 “Hosa koosuga, ondhu muthu kodu’ – give the new born baby a kiss.


The following sentences are meant to address elders with respect.
[Like in Tamil – instead of Nee it is Neengal when we talk to an elder]1.How are You – Ollenge [ஒள்ளெங்கெ] idhara?2.How is your health? – Ninga Sogava idhara / odambu ollenge hadadhaiya?

3.How is the weather? – Seemey ethey hadadhey?

4.what did you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner. – Orakkadhu [morning] / Hagalu [afternoon] / santhu [evening], aena hittu thindhi?

5.Would you like to have some tea? – Josee Tea kudithaariya ?

6. (Girl/Boy) Baby is doing good. –  [kandu/hennu] Koosu ollenge idharey

7.(Girl/Boy) Baby is naughty. – [Kandu/Hennu] Koosu appara kurumbu

8.We are coming tomorrow. – Enga naayiga banna’ne’yo

The following have been taken from my earlier posts.

Let us learn Badaga

” Ollenge iddiya ? – How are you ?”

‘Suddi saddha ella olliththa ? – (Roughly) ‘ How is everything ? ‘

1. Are you a Badaga ? – Nee ondu Badagana?

2. Yes, I am a Badaga – Ha, Na ondu Badaga

3. What is your name ? – Ninna hesaru aena ?

4. My name is Bhoja – Enna hesaru Bhoja

5. Which is your village ? – Ninna Hatti edu ?

[5a. Amme / Thamma, nee ai hatti ? – Girl/ Boy, which is your village?]

6. My village is Bearhatti – Enna Hatti bandu Bearhatti

7. Whose son/daughter are you ? – Nee dara maathi / hennu ?

8. I am Mela thara (top street) Joghi Gowder’s son / daughter – Na Mela thara Joghi gowdaru maathi / hennu


Numbers in Badugu /Badaga

1. Ondu (One) 11. Hannondu (Eleven)

2. Eradu (Two) 12. Hanneradu (Twelve)

3. Mooru (Three) 13. Hadimooru (Thirteen)

4. Naakku (Four) 14. Hadanaakku (Fourteen)

5. Iidu (Five) 15. Hadanaidu (Fifteen)

6. Aaru (Six) 16. Hadanaaru (Sixteen)

7. eizhu (Seven) 17. Hadarizhu (Seventeen)

8. Eattu (Eight) 18. Hadarettu (Eighteen)

9. Ombathu ( Nine) 19. Hathombathu (Nineteen)

10. Hathu (Ten) 20. Eipathu (Twenty)

30. Moovathu (Thirty) 40. Nalavathu (Forty)

50. Iivathu (Fifty) 60. Aravathu (Sixty)

70. Elavathu (Seventy) 80. Embathu ( Eighty)

90. Thombathu (Ninrty) 100. Nooru (Hundred)

Days In Badugu/Badaga

1. Aadivaara (Sunday)

2. Sovaara (Monday)

3. Mangavaara ( Tuesday)

4. Bodavaara (Wednesday)

5. Chikkavaara (Thursday)

6. Bellie (Friday)

7. Sani (Saturday)

Months In Badugu/Badaga

It is said that Badaga month usually, starts on every 10th of the English month. Like for example the first Badaga month Koodalu  starts on 10th January.

1. Koodalu (Jan)

2. Aalaani (Feb)

3. Nallaani (Mar)

4. Aani ( Apr)

5. Aadire (May)

6.Aadi (Peraadi) (Jun)

7.Aavaani (Jul)

8.Perattadi (Aug)

9. Dodda Deevige (Sep)

10. Kiru Deevige (Oct)

11. Thai (Nov)

12. Hemmaatti (Dec)

Pleasantly surprised to hear all the Badaga Months being mentioned in this song called ‘Kappu Huttileyu’ . See the widget on the right and click to listen to this great dance number


Hindu-Arabic numeral Badaga and pronunciation
1 ஒந்து   (Ondu)
2 எரடு (Eradu)
3 மூறு (Mooru)
4 நாக்கு  (Naaakkuu)
5 ஐது (aidhu)
6 ஆறு (aaru))
7 எழ்ழு (ézhu)
8 எட்டு (ettu)
9 ஒம்பத்து  (Ompathu)

Certain peculiarities of Badaga .

Haalu [haa – as in hospital and lu – as in Zulu] means milk

Hallu [ ha- as hurt and llu – as in loo] means tooth [teeth]. note – there is no plural term.
Haasu – spread [the bedding], Haasike – bedding
Hasu – hunger

Maana – Pride, Mana – heart

Kaanu – see, Kannu – eye[s] (example – Doctor-a Kaanu, kanna pathi hegina – See the Doctor, he will tell about the eyes]


Peculiar Words

There are some words in Badaga that are truly peculiar. for example :

1. GIJI GIJI ( as in Give & Jinx) – Confusion , mess up / disorderly

GIJI GIJI maada beda – Don’t create confusion

Room aekka ethe GIJI GIJI (ya) hadadhe ? – Why is this room in such a mess?

2. MURUKKU(LU) (Mu ru ku) – Foul mood / mild anger

Amme Ekka maathaduvadu elle ? – Why is sister not talking ?

Ava murukkindu endhave – She is in a foul mood

3. BADAYI (Ba daa ee ) – Show Off (proud)

Appara badayi maadiya – She shows off a lot


Birds (Hakkilu)

  1. Haddu (Eagle)
  2. Kakke (Crow)
  3. Soray (Dove)
  4. Kili (Parrot)
  5. Emme Hakkilu
  6. Bikkola
  7. Karia(n)chitta (Black bird)
  8. Gubbachi (Sparrow)
  9. Mayilu (Peacock)
  10. Koi (Poultry hen/cock)
  11. Kaadu Koi (Wild hen)
  12. Baathu(koi) – Duck

Mari (chic) –{Koi Mari – chic(ken)}

Also for calf [ for eg) Nei mari – puppy dog]


  1. Aanay (Elephant)
  2. Kaade -Kaadu Emme – (Bison)
  3. Ottaga (Camel)
  4. Kudire (Horse)
  5. Kaththe (Donkey)
  6. Dana (Cow)
  7. Emme (Buffalo)
  8. Yethu (Bull)
  9. Karu (Calf)
  10. Huli (Tiger)
  11. Singa (Lion)
  12. Siruthe (Panther)
  13. Karadi (Bear)
  14. Maanu (Deer)
  15. Pulli Maanu (Spotted Dear)
  16. Kadamay (Sambar)
  17. Handi (Black Pig)
  18. Kaadandi – kaadu handi – (Wild Pig)
  19. Mullandi – Mullu Handi – (Porcupine)
  20. Seeme Handi (White Pig)
  21. Koda, Korangu (Monkey)
  22. Mola (Rabbit)
  23. Nari (Fox)
  24. Nei (Dog)
  25. Koththi (Cat)
  26. Eli (Rat)
  27. Aame (Turtle)
  28. Nalli (Crab)
  29. Halli (
  30. Haavu (Snake)
  31. Kappe (Frog)
  32. Meenu (Fish)


  1. Hoo (general for insect)
  2. Nona (Fly)
  3. Selandhi (Spider)
  4. Kunni (Bee)
  5. Eruppu (Ant)
  6. Kosu (Mosquito)
  7. Bendu (Moth/Butterfly)


  1. Mande (Head) – also refers to Hair though there is specific word – Orama
  2. Heddakku (Back of the skull) – usually Badagas have a long heddakku as they donot use cradles. The reason for not using cradles for babies is a story by itself. It is due to the fact that when they left Mysore to escape from the King (Thipu Sultan ?) in the night in a hurry, they had forgotten the baby which was sleeping in the cradle,each thinking that the other person wiould pick up the child.
  3. Moole (Brain)
  4. Nethi (Forehead)
  5. Kenni (Cheeks)
  6. Kannu [eye(s)]
  7. Kivi (Ear)
  8. Mookku (Nose)
  9. Bae (Mouth)
  10. Thudi (lip)
  11. Hallu (Teeth)
  12. Naalenge (Tongue)
  13. Dhaade ( Chin)
  14. Thonde (Throat)
  15. Gaththu (Neck)
  16. Maaru – Nenju – (chest)
  17. Mole (Breast)
  18. Hiththalu – Bennu – (Shoulder)
  19. Kai (Hands)
  20. Mutti (Elbow – also for knee)
  21. Beralu (Fingers)
  22. Hebbatte – Katte (beralu) – [Thumb]
  23. Ugilu (Nails)
  24. Hotte (Stomach)
  25. Mollu Kudi (Naval)
  26. Nadu (Hip)
  27. Pitti (Buttocks)
  28. Thode (Thigh)
  29. Monakkaalu (Knee)
  30. Kaalu (Leg)
  31. Midi (Heel)
  32. Angalu (Foot)


1.Kappu – Black
2.BeLLay – White
3. Keppu (Kechay) – Red
4. Pachchay – Green
 5. Neela – Blue
6. Arichina (Manja) – Yellow

Also see http://badaga-language.blogspot.in/


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  1. I completed this update some more words which we use mostly my boyfriend is a badaga he wants me to speak lot’s of words so please update



    Wonderful , Absolutely lots of Thanks . please(May you send me), I will expect Tamil to Badaga Easy spoken..


  3. All the words resemble Kannada, is badaga language other firm of kannada language, I’m wondering

    Badaga is a separate language though it may resemble Haliya(old) Kannada a lot


  4. How to pronounce 99 and 900 in Badaga?

    99 – thombaththa ombaththu (Thombaththu – 90, Ombaththu – 9

    900 – ombaiya nooru


  5. I am really Amazed to find your website. I am from Madhya Pradesh, a Hindi speaking girl.. And my beloved person is from a Badaga family, and I really need to learn Badaga to communicate with his family properly.

    If you can help me learning more accents and words, will be grateful!!


  6. Hi I am Telugu guy and I like badaga language most and there culture is more nice. Learning badaga is easy but you need to have one badaga speaking person with you so you can learn easily. But there is one culture in badaga, The boys or girls they need to marry only badaga community guys, even they love others guys also they wont marry other than badaga guys. By the way content in this page was awesome!!!!!!!!!


  7. Alli etha hadhadhey means what?

    How is it there?


  8. How to tell that you are so cute?

    Nee appara oLLenge iddhe – நீ அப்பர ஒள்ளெங்கே இத்தே


  9. Pushpavaneshwaran S

    How to say Happy Birthday in baduga language

    Already given. Check up


  10. I’m Sorry in Badaga Language?
    Thappu Modibutte (Made a mistake) or Varuththa maadine could be used


  11. How to tell a Badaga girl ‘will you marry me?’

    Enna madhuve maadiriyaa?


  12. I need to learn more sentence Please help me to this email


  13. Learn Kannada….it will create more ease to learn Kannada…baduga is a the daughter of Kannada..! If u learn Kannada fluently , u can learn baduga within 15 days

    I am convinced that Badaga/Badugu is a separate and unique language by itself. – Wg.Cdr. JP


  14. I need to learn more sentence Please help me to this email


  15. Its good


  16. Himanshu Chhetri

    Sir even i too wanna learn this language can u mail me everything basic words in my mail m a nepali n i want to learn this language . I would be very thankful to u for letting me n helping me to cope up with this language


  17. Brother /sister how to say in Badaga..?




  18. VigneshwarudhVWR

    Hi SIR…i wanna inform that im not learning badaga to marry anyone or for other causes…this is because of the interest over the language and to add another language to my asset…so please help us to do further improvisation in the language…


  19. Sir, please let us know how the relations are called in Badaga.. I mean brother, sister, uncle, aunt, friend, lover etc.


  20. It was so useful.I want to learn more about this language.Thank you


  21. Rithi Preethi

    I just now visited your website. It’s aweosme and more helpful for me. Just want learn Baduga for my partner so I want daily lessons to speak Baduga fluently. So kindly teach me Baduga to talk fluently.


  22. How to say good morning in Baduga?


  23. i want to learn more abt this pls notify all details abt this language to the given email adress


  24. Thanks a lot. I want to learn more abt this language. Please notify me to the below given email address.


  25. What do we say good night in Badaga?

    The closest, I can think of is “Ollange Oragu – Sleep well” – Wg.Cdr JP

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  26. I want to learn badaga could you please send me day to day conservations


  27. After 40 years in industry I started my own business. I called it VIABA Limited because VIABA is an acronym for my main skills, i.e. Validation, Information Architecture and Business Analysis. Later I discovered that the word VIABA means ‘business/trade/commerce’ in Badaga, which was a very lucky coincidence! There are a few different ways I could choose for my business name could be pronounced – I need to standardise on one of them. As a mark of respect to Badagas I’d really like to know how VIABA is pronounced in Badaga. Can anybody help? If I could get a short voice recording of it from someone that would be perfect! Brian

    Thanks for your comments. In fact the correct word for business is ‘viabara’ pronounced as ‘ vi ya baa ra ‘. Best wishes. Wg.Cdr. JP bjaypee@gmail.com


  28. I came across your website and found most useful words and I like to learn still more words in Badaga.I want to learn complete Badaga culture. Can somebody from other religion marry a Badaga ?


  29. Ashwini Vishwanathan

    I’m very amazed and pleased to have this website as because I like to learn Badaga language and this website made me easier to go on with my learning. I’m so thankful to you. Kindly let me know the future post of your website through mail.



  30. Shweta pradhan

    I came through your website and found it very helpful for me learning badaga. I am just starting with badaga as I am going to marry a badaga. If you let me know where could I find more details with respect to learning badaga, would be of great help.

    Thanks in advance


    • it is not possible to marry a baduga guy if you are a non-baduga. Also there is no possibilities of other community peoples to convert
      To marry.


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