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Badaga Community

I had mentioned about Jakkanare Sivaji Raman’s book on Badaga Community called ‘Badaga Samudhaayam’.Sivaji Raman No price is mentioned for this book but you may get it in Kotagiri.
There are a lot of interesting nuggets of new information that many of us are not even aware of. Here is a sample of ‘rare’ pictorial pickings. [All the pictures are from the book]
When a village was [hatti] was formed, a ‘Hethappa [Ancestor] Kallu [Stone]’ was created and then a ‘Devva Mane [God’s House – Temple]’ was built.

‘Hebbaiyilu’ [First /Big Threshold]’ is the entrance to a village [Akka Bakka?]. It consists of two vertical stone pillars with a central horizontal stone containing carvings.


Hethappa Suththukal

Devva Mane


Dr.Sundaradevan, the First Badaga IAS officer writes….

Dr. Sundaradevan Nanjiah  IAS

I am a regular visitor to your website for more than a year now.  Please accept my congratulations for a splendid job.  I can appreciate the enormous efforts put in by you single-handedly in gathering so much information and in creating such an interesting website.

I have quite a few materials myself, mostly written during the British era, on the Nilgiris and its inhabitants,  from google books and….. (…keep in mind that Nilgiris was variously spelt as Neilgherries, Neelagiri and Neilgherry Hills during those times).

Regarding Civil Services Coaching, I have made an offer to the Badaga Associations at Chennai, Coimbatore, Ooty and Bangalore and it is the Coimbatore Association which has taken the lead.  I hope others will follow suit.
I will only be too willing to visit all these places and guide our youngsters to the best of my ability, if only a few of them come forward to take the Civil Services Exams seriously, which I am sure is well within the reach of many of them.Yours sincerely,
Sundaradevan Nanjiah+++++++++++++++