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A Badaga child prodigy

A Badaga child prodigy

It is a well known fact that Badaga children possess above average intelligence and some among them are truly out standing. One such is Jayanth.

Jayanth Sidhartha is the youngest and probably the first in our community to hold a record in India Book of Records. 


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Born on 9 April 2018, he holds the record for solving 63 puzzles, reciting counting from 1 to 30, alphabet A to Z with corresponding words, identifying 52 animals, 29 fruits, 24 vegetables, 23 English words, 22 body parts,, 20 tools, 20 flowers, 18 birds, 18 stationery items, 18 national leaders, 16 colours, 15 festivals, 15 occupations, 15 personal care products, 14 vehicles, 14 shapes, 10 cartoons, seven national symbols, seven insects,, and six worship places, at the tender age of 2 years and 7 months as confirmed on 21 November, 2020.

Jayanth is born to Sidhartha (son of Chandrashekar Raju and grand son of (Late) Shri B Raju, Maniyagar family, Kiya Kundhey – Kil Kundah), and Divyakala (daughter of Rajkumar Ramalingam and grand daughter of (Late) Shri B Ramalingam, Nunduva -Nunthala)

(Sidhartha Chandrashekar +91-9944634876)

Badaga Months

Badaga Months

1) Koodalu

2) Aalaani

3) Nallaani 

4) Aani

5) Aadire 

6) Aadi

7) Aavaani 

8 ) Perattaadhi

9) Dhodda Devige

10) Kiru Devige

11) Thai

12) Hemmatti

There are 12 months and each month that starts on the 10th of English Calendar month but for a few exceptions due to the fact that the month of Feb has 28/29 days [leap year].

Since Badagas consider ‘Sovara’ (Monday) as the most auspicious ( ‘holy’ ) day, they have attached a lot of importance to that day. Generally, no non-vegetarian food is taken on Mondays. No ‘Hola Gelcha'[field work] is usually done on ‘sovara’s.

The biggest festival of Badagas is day-specific and not date-specific. That is to say that this festival – HETHE HABBA (this year it comes on 4th Jan 2021, officially starting from 28th Dec 2020 to $th Jan 2021) – always falls on a Monday [after twelve full moons and on the first Monday of the thirteenth full moon]. By the way, full Moon (‘Pournami’ in Tamil) is ‘HUNNAVE’ [pronounced similar to :- hunnu – wound, awai – mother] and New Moon is ‘MUTTU’ in Badaga. Hunnave and Muttu days have a white and black circle next to the date.

I must put on record my great appreciation to Mr.Sivaprakash. B.Sc.,B.Ed (Dhavane Village) and ‘Naakku Betta’ magazine [1979 Koodalu issue] for their pioneering effort on this subject.


The beautiful Badaga dance song that contains all the Badaga monthsKappu Hutti Leyu

The more I listen to the song ‘Kappu Uttileyu’, the more fascinated I become. All the 12 Badaga months starting with Koodalu [given in Capital Letters] are beautifully integrated within the song.

The lyrics of the song go like this :-

Kappu huttileyu neppuna sundari,

Oppi hegileyu dhirachiya mundari

Kappu huttile naa hathuna notta dha,

Keppu na huttile ondhuna notta tha

Thatti beetha sileyu nee edhega,

Kottu beetha hennu naa edhaga

Muthu muthu mookathiga sokki hodhane, netti niddane

Sothu pathu neetha endhu kaathundhu endhe dha, matha hegu dha, madhuvaya matha hegudha,

KOODALU thinguvana koodile singarene ,

AALAANI thinguvatha aa aagi varasha mamma ,

NALLANI go kollaandhu hega beda, ,

AANI huttidha mele badhila hegine baa mamma ,

AADHIRE jena nodi bae thumbi maathaadu ,

AADI mudidha mele ododi bannane mamma,

AAVANI thinguvadhoge dhaavani singarava ,

Arattu perattu aara PERATTASI thinguvadha,

DODDA DIVIGEYA dodda kiru edhega ,

KIRU DIVIGEYA siri devi aagi banne ,

THAI mae thalaiga thatti kai yoda aatta paatta.

HEMMATTI ebbaneyu aemaathithindhu hoga beda ,

Thatti beetha sileyu nee edhaga ,

Kottu beetha hennu naa edhega

கப்பு ஹுட்டிலெயு நெப்புன சுந்தரி,
ஓப்பி ஹெகிலெயு திரசிய முந்தரி
கப்பு ஹுட்டிலே நா ஹத்துன நோட்ட த,
கெப்பு ந ஹுட்டிலே ஒந்துன நோட்ட த
தட்டி பீத்த செலெயு நீ எதெக,
கொட்டு பீத்த ஹெண்ணு நா எதக
முத்து முத்து மூக்கத்திக சொக்கி ஹொதனே,நெட்டி நித்தனெ
ஸொத்து பத்து நீத்த எந்து காத்துண்டு இந்தெ த, மாத்த ஹேகு த, மதுவய மத்த ஹெகுத,
கூடலு திங்குவன கூடிலே சிங்காரெனெ,
ஆலாணி திங்குவத ஆ ஆகி வரஷ மம்ம,
நல்லானி கொ கொள்ளாந்து ஹேக பேட,
ஆணீ ஹுட்டித மேலே பதில ஹெகினே பா மம்ம,
ஆதிரே ஜென நோடி பே தும்பி மாத்தாடு ,
ஆடி முடித மேலே ஓடோடி பன்னனே மம்ம,
ஆவாணி திங்குவதொகே தாவணி சிங்கரவ,
அரட்டு பெரட்டு ஆர பெரட்டாதி திங்குவத,
தொட்ட தீவிகியொ தொட்ட கிரு எதெக,
கிரு தீவிகியொ சிரி தேவி ஆகி பன்னே,
தை மே தலைக தட்டி கை யோட ஆட்ட பாட்ட.

எம்மாட்டி எப்பனேயு ஏமாத்திதிண்டு ஹோக பேட,
தட்டி பீத்த சிலெயு நீ எதக ,
கொட்டு பீத்த ஹெண்ணு நா எதெக


Dr.Haldorai, a Badaga Scholar, who has written extensively on Badaga, has the following interesting info on Badaga Months. Click the link below :
Badaga Months by DR.Haldorai

Remembering Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder

Remembering Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder on his 127th birth anniversary.

We thank Nakkubetta TV and their CEO Ramakrishnan for carrying out a full interview with Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash about Ari Gowder in their “Nangava Nanga Arivo” programme

Remembering Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder

Remembering Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder on his 127th birth Anniversary (4th Dec)

Rao Bahadur H B Ari Gowder

He travelled extensively in Europe, including Russia, Turkey and the Balkans etc. He toured around the world visiting U.S.A, Japan, China, Indo-China (Vietnam), Malaya and Burma.

After travelling widely in India too, he started the Madras Provincial Backward Classes League and continued to be its President foe a number of years with a view to make it an All India Organisation, which it indeed become later under the leadership of a Minister of State in Delhi.

As a member of the Tea Licensing Committee, Tea Market Expansion Board, Calcutta, (Imperial) Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Delhi, President of Land Mortgage Bank, he encouraged cultivation of tea by the villagers, thus bringing into existence ‘Small Tea Growers’ and their problems.

With tea, the cultivation of potatoes was also encouraged by forming in 1935, a Co-operative Marketing Society, which has been supplying manure at reasonable price and marketing the produce under favourable terms. He continued to be its President for over 30 years.

As the elected President of the District Board from 1930 for 17 years, he opened a number of additional schools, including High Schools, Village roads and provided water supplies, medical aid, sanitation etc.

With the advancement of education, he worked hard, culminating in the opening of an Arts College at Ooty.

Due to his tireless work in various capacities, it is said that the general standard of living in the Villages improved considerably.