Main Festival – Hethe(y) Habba is on 31 – 12 – 2012

Rajeswari Devabettan comments on Hethe(y) Habba

Very nice messages and the details you have given are enormous & I loved reading it. Every Baduga should see this website. My best wishes! Great going!

Thanks a lot Rajeshwari – the motivation I get to keep going – ‘great going’ as you call it – is when I get such encouraging words like yours – Wg Cdr JP

Hethe(y) Habba is always celebrated on the first monday after thirteen full moons

[Hadimooru Hunnavay thaandi da modal sovara].

That is why, it never comes on the same calender day every year.


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  1. Hi jp na how are you? I have visited your website; its very useful and a great service to our society.thank you.


  2. Siva Nanjan

    Happy Hethe Habbha – Ondhuga Savira Aagili


  3. Kethorai Rajma

    “Pure woman is mightier than man” – Our great Hethai Amman is a woman of purity. SHE is an eternal Goddess who lives in the heart of every Hethai of Badaga community.SHE symbolizes dignity on earth.SHE stands as the embodiment of virtue, repository of immaculate kindness and the fountain head of gentility and generosity.Let HER blessings protect all of us and our beautiful culture.

    Happy Hethai Habba to all…specially to you JP. May Hethai Amma’s blessings guide you and be with you always to give our community a new dimension.


  4. Dinesh [Karimora]

    Dear JP uncle, wish you a happy Hethai habba, This year I will be missing Hethai habba I have my exams ;( Let our Hethai Amma bless all our people.

    Thank you Dinesh,May Hethai’s blessings be showered on all of us and for your exams – JP Uncle


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