Two hundred thousand [200,000] – Not Out

AS WE GET CLOSER… the 200,000 visitors mark….

That is a lot of hits for a website [weblog] that is focused on a small community of the Blue Mountains – the Nilgiris, in the southern part of India. Is it due to…

the urge to know the unknown about ourselves….

to sift the truth from fiction….the satisfaction that we have a very unique history…..the mystery about the mistaken migration…..the traditions that are still steadfastly followed…..the great language that has survived for centuries without a script….

The simple fact that this site’s motto of ‘Proud to be a Badaga ; Proud to be an Indian‘ has become an accepted norm…

You all, my dear and loyal friends, have made me bow my head in gratitude.

Proud to be an Indian and a Badaga, indeed.

Hope to say ‘thanks a million‘ soon…

Started as a hobby but now an obsession.This website crossed the milestone of 100,000 visitors on 8th March,2010 and 150,000 visitors on 20th April,2011. Feel humbled but proud

Copyright © Bellie Jayaprakash 2006-2012

Dedicated to mom

Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder



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