Hatti’s of Sinnakunur-Ketti-Kundah Forefathers.

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Sinnakunnur Kadanad

2. Baramannu Kadanad

3. Konagatti Kadanad

4. Malligorey Kadanad

5. Nellimandu Thuneri

6. Nattakallu Kotagiri

7. Porore Ketti

8. Mokkatti Ketti

9. Kerkandi Ketti

10. Kekkatti Ketti

11. Yellanhalli Ketti

12. Hulhada Ketti

13. Ketti Oor Ketti

14. Achanagallu Ketti

15. Manepattu Ketti

16. Melhatti Ketti

17. Kammandu Ketti

18. Kerehada Ketti

19. Soregundu Ketti

20. Theedehatti Ketti

21. Dimbhatti Kotagiri

22. Naregiri Nidugula

23. Kanneri Nidugula

24. Thalorey Naduhatti

25. Kethikeri Jakkanarai

26. Selave Jakkanarai

27. Bungalada Jakkanarai

28. Mudiyakambe Jakkanarai

29. Thumburu Jakkanarai

30. Melkundah Melkundah

31. Attumannu Melkundah

32. Hosahatti Kinnakore

33. Keeyakundah Keeyakundah

34. Thuneri Keeyakundah

35. Manikal Keeyakundah

36. Bakorey Keeyakundah

37. Mattakandi Keeyakundah

38. Manjuru Keeyakundah

39. Kariamaley Keeyakundah

40. Kechigatti Keeyakundah

41. Bikkatti Bikkatti

42. Hosahatti Bikkatti

43. Kerapadu Bikkatti

44. Yedakadu Bikkatti

45. Naduhatti Bikkatti

46. Sundatti Bikkatti

47. Mukkimaley Bikkatti

48. Mulligur Mulligur

49. Mullimalai Mulligur

50. Gaikandi Mulligur

51. Gundunai Mulligur

52. Kunjanarey Mulligur

53. Masikandi Balakola

54. Baigehada Balakola

55. Kavasapadi Attapadi

56. Hosuru Attapadi

57. Ummathapadi Attapadi

58. Pattanakallu Attapadi

59. Soonagadde Attapadi

60. Agali Attapadi



Hatti’s of Hebbanadu-Halhattane-Thangadu Group Forefathers

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Hebbanadu Hebbanadu

2. Kengamudi Hebbanadu

3. Kallimora Hebbanadu

4. Hosahatti Hebbanadu

5. Mel-Kodumudi Hebbanadu

6. Murutuva Hebbanadu

7. Meluru Melur

8. Hosahatti Melur

9. Naihatti Melur

10. Halhattane Melur

11. Bengal Balakola

12. Kothiben Balakola

13. Kokalhada Balakola

14. Denadu Balakola

15. Mainaley Balakola

16. Nunduva Balakola

17. Thangadu Balakola

18. Halakorey Balakola

19. Arehatti Balakola

20. Manihatti Balakola

21. Karigalbey Ithalar

22. Pudugatti Ithalar

23. Mel-Koderi Adigaratti

24. Karimorahatti Hubbathalai

25. Ottimorahosahatti Ketti

26. Thattaneri Solur

27. Bikkatti Hullathi

28. Kalinganatti Kagguchi

29. Kattabettu-Hosatti Jagadala

30. Kodamalai-Hosatti Burliar

31. Honnorey Naduhatti(Kattabettu)

32. Gathugui Kotagiri

33. Benthatti Kotagiri

34. Kottanhalli Nidugula

35. Nandahatti Gudalur

36. Soladi Nelliyala

37. Odemandu Melseeme-Hassanur

Hatti’s of Meekeri-Ithalar-Balakola Group Forefathers (MANIKA KOLA)

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Meekeri Balakola

2. Balakola Balakola

3. Mudugula Balakola

4. Kanneri Balakola

5. Ithalar Ithalar

6. Happukodu Ithalar

7. Thoodaley Ithalar

8. Umarkandi Ithalar

9. Bikkol Adigaratti

10. Baigemandu Ketti

11. Kavilorey Kadanad

Hatti’s of Harnai-Porthi group Forefathers (MANIKA KOLA)

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Horanally Balakola

2. Attuboilu Ithalar

3. Porthi Ithalar

4. Hosa Attuboilu Ithalar

5. Bingasagallu Nanjanad

Hatti’s of Bembatti- Belda Group Forefathers (MANIKA KOLA)

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Bembatti Ithalar

2. Belda Ithalar

Hatti’s of Kasoley-Mandhaney Group Forefathers (MANIKA KOLA)

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Kasoley Adigaratti

2. Mandhaney Balakola

3. Godalhatt Adigaratti

4. Sakkalhatti Ketti

Hatti’s of Jakkanarai Group Forefathers (MANIKA KOLA)

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Jakkanarai Jakkanarai

2. Aravenu Jakkanarai

3. Kallada Jakkanarai

4. Thinniyuru Jakkanarai

5. Odenu Nidugula

6. Dabbakambe Konakeri

7. Beragani Hosahatti Nidugula

Hatti’s of Kateri-Ajjur Group Forefathers (MANIKA KOLA)

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Kateri Adigaratti

2. Naduhatti Adigaratti

3. Thoorhatti Adigaratti

4. Ajjuru Kagguchchi

5. Jeenatti Kagguchchi

6. Nadu Ore Kagguchchi


Hatti’s of Adhikari group Forefather’s

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Adhigaratti Adigaratti

2. Anehatti Adigaratti

3. Muttinadu Adigaratti

4. Oranalli(Katery) Adigaratti

5. Harahatti Melur

6. Manjakambey Balakola

7. Sogethorey Ketti

8. Dodhanni Ketti

9. Kothanghatti Ketti

10. Halhada Ketti


Hatti’s of Kagguchchi-Jagadala Group Forefathers

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Kagguchchi Kagguchchi

2. T.Manihatti Kagguchchi

3. Honnathaley Kagguchchi

4. Jagadala Jagadala

5. Berhatti Jagadala

6. Malligorai Jagadala

7. Karekorey Jagadala

8. Honnamudi Jagadala

9. Manjidala Jagadala

10. Mel-Bikkatti Jagadala

11. Kil-Bikkatti Jagadala

12. Thambhatti Adigaratti

13. Nidugula Nadukeri Nidugula


Hatti’s of Pannemane-Kenduva Group Forefathers

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Pannemanai Hulikal

2. Hulikallu Hulikal

3. Kenduva Hulikal

4. Denaley Ketti

5. Kandibikkey KilKundha


Hatti’s of Porangadu group Forefathers

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Beragani Porangadu

2. Jakkakambe Porangadu

3. Sundatti Porangadu

4. Selakorae Porangadu

5. Kavilore Porangadu

6. Miliden Porangadu

7. Kerkambe Porangadu

8. Thanthanadu Porangadu

9. Horasoley Porangadu

10. Gundhada Porangadu

11. Pudiyangi Porangadu

12. Maralakambe Porangadu

13. Bhattakore Porangadu

14. Harakambe Porangadu

15. Hanehatti Porangadu

16. Keeye Hanehatti Porangadu

17. Kannerimukku Porangadu

18. Haiyuru(Aiyooru) Porangadu

19. Samaldittu Porangadu

20. Kadekambatti Porangadu

21. Kechchigatti Porangadu

22. Kunnu Attu Porangadu

23. Kerbetta Porangadu

24. Betalhada Porangadu

25. Gadugu Battagore Porangadu

26. Pedduva Porangadu

27. Kalhatti Porangadu

28. Byangi Porangadu

29. Addavale Porangadu

30. Kerben Porangadu

31. Pudumandu Porangadu

32. Irupugallu Porangadu

33. Thothamokke Porangadu

34. Kattabettu Porangadu

35. Thogalhatti Porangadu

36. Naduhatti Porangadu

37. Bettatti Porangadu

38. Ellithorai Porangadu

39. Yedapalli Porangadu

40. Halakarai Porangadu

41. Kodamalai Porangadu

42. Hubbathalai Porangadu

43. Koderi Adigaratti

44. Kinnakorai Kinnakorai

45. Hiriyaseegai Kinnakorai

46. Kengal Kadanad

47. Mothakambe Kadanad

48. Barlhatti Thummanhatti

49. Morigallu Thummanhatti

50. Kendore-Kodamalai Thummanhatti

51. Bikkemorahatti Kagguchchi

52. Bettatti Jakkanarai

Perhaps the above work of Late Thyagi. KP Raju Gowder was inspired from Late MK Bellie Gowder of Achanakall Village who enumerated the houses of all the clans/kola of the community in 1932.

[It may be pointed out here that Prof.Paul Hockings who has done a lot of work on Badagas has mentioned Mr.MK Bellie Gowder in his works/books. It is claimed that the original manuscript of Bellie Gowder is now with Prof.Paul Hockings. Is it so Prof? – Wg Cdr JP]


3 responses to “BADAGA KOLA [CLAN]

  1. Dr Krishnan Rajkumar

    Excellent and painstaking work. JP uncle do you think Prof is intentionally not responding to your question? hmmm… interesting. What is it that he doesn’t want to divulge?


  2. Dear JP anna…

    MK Nanja Gowder, the younger brother of MK Bellie Gowder, was my maternal grandfather. Right from my childhood, he used to relate stories to me from Bellie ayya’s works. He told me that, Bellie ayya had one day called him (Nanja ayya) to discuss in private about one of his manuscripts. He had asked Nanja ayya to go through the entire manuscript for his personal consumption and at the end of which, he requested Nanja ayya to destroy the manuscript. Nanja ayya, told me that it was the History of Badagas. The reason, he said, why Bellie ayya wanted it to be destroyed is because he believed that it would bring undesired division among’st Badagas.

    Now I am not sure if the manuscript that I am talking about (History of Badagas) is different from the Badaga ‘clans/kolas’ manuscript that you say could probably be in possession of Dr Hockings. It would be great service to the Badaga community if the original manuscript is made public, if it does exist.

    Regards … Paddy


  3. Badhersingh Raamoorthy [Kotagiri Ketchigatty]

    Marvellous Work


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