Hatti’s of DODDUR Group Forefathers

Village Name Nearest Point

1. Kadanadu Kadanad

2. Davaney Kadanad

3. Benthatti Kadanad

4. Kokudalu Kadanad

5. Nandahatti Kadanad

6. Jakkaluru Kadanad

7. Havarey Hullathi

8. Mel Kauhatti Nanjanad

9. Kil Kauhatti Nanjanad

10. Thuneri Thuneri

11. Baragallu Thuneri

12. Hannikorey Thuneri

13. Mragallu Thuneri

14. Thorehatti Thuneri

15. Ulupatti Thuneri

16. Ooramaley Thuneri

17. Karegallu Hebbanad

18. Kodumudi Keeyatti Hebbanad

19. Iduhatti Hebbanad

20. Mainaley Thummanatti

21. Madithorey Thummanatti

22. Kundesoppey Thummanatti

23. Thummanatti Thummanatti

24. Kendorey Thummanatti

25. Kappachi Thummanatti

26. Thummanda Thummanatti

27. Kambhatti Thummanatti

28. Billikambey Kagguchchi

29. Kethorey Kethi

30. Jakkalhodey Jakkanarai

31. Nidugula Keeyatti Nidugula

32. Kurukathi Nidugula

33. Kadekodu Nidugula

34. Pandaluru Pandalur



3 responses to “BADAGA KOLA [CLAN]

  1. Dr Krishnan Rajkumar

    Excellent and painstaking work. JP uncle do you think Prof is intentionally not responding to your question? hmmm… interesting. What is it that he doesn’t want to divulge?


  2. Dear JP anna…

    MK Nanja Gowder, the younger brother of MK Bellie Gowder, was my maternal grandfather. Right from my childhood, he used to relate stories to me from Bellie ayya’s works. He told me that, Bellie ayya had one day called him (Nanja ayya) to discuss in private about one of his manuscripts. He had asked Nanja ayya to go through the entire manuscript for his personal consumption and at the end of which, he requested Nanja ayya to destroy the manuscript. Nanja ayya, told me that it was the History of Badagas. The reason, he said, why Bellie ayya wanted it to be destroyed is because he believed that it would bring undesired division among’st Badagas.

    Now I am not sure if the manuscript that I am talking about (History of Badagas) is different from the Badaga ‘clans/kolas’ manuscript that you say could probably be in possession of Dr Hockings. It would be great service to the Badaga community if the original manuscript is made public, if it does exist.

    Regards … Paddy


  3. Badhersingh Raamoorthy [Kotagiri Ketchigatty]

    Marvellous Work


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