Badaga language – ‘sha – ஷ ‘ and ‘zha – ழ’ ?

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving  Anandha Raju [inventor of Badaga Anandha script] with his charming wife and children at our place and had a pow wow on Badaga, the great language.. Anandha feels that there is no ‘sh -ஷ ‘ sound in Badaga Maathu [language].

I disagree. What about barasha (year), baashay (language), Kashta (difficulty), nashta (loss) and ishta (wish)?

Another ‘sound’ of interest is ‘zha – ழ‘ – the only word that comes to mind is ‘eizhu‘- (seven).

What do you think?


2 responses to “Badaga language – ‘sha – ஷ ‘ and ‘zha – ழ’ ?

  1. R. Anandhan

    “kashtanashta” is a euphonic combination of words, which has entered the Badugu vocabulary recently. Its Badugu equivalent is “ga:ja:rago:ja:ra”. Likewise “ishta” is not Badugu, “ge:na” is Badugu.

    The Badugu word “izhzhu” for the numeral seven is a recent development. The rectracted vowel “i:” was later complemented by flexion to form the retroflex sound “zh”. As a result “i:yu” became “izhzhu”.

    I do not agree. Kasta nasta has been there for a long time,say more than a century. Izhu for seven is the word I have learnt from my childhood and I am 64. Recent development??…- Wg Cdr JP


  2. Sir,
    Thank you for a such wonderful site. Though a regular reader of this site i have yet to comment on such wonderful blogs.
    It is evident that caste enumeration is conducted now in Tamil Nadu. Each and every caste is trying to mobilize and clarify nature of the sub-sects of their caste during enumeration.
    Is there any awareness created in the community in respect of how to answer the caste enumeration. Does it necessary for Badagas to state their sub sect like Haruva, Badaga, Thorraya during the enumeration.
    I hope you will create the awareness in the above aspect.


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