A letter on Badaga Hospitality

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010, littlesmith <rohitgopan@gmail.com> wrote:

I was surprised and felt very happy when I happened to go through your web site.  I did my schooling at  KV Aruvankadu and Mountain Homes , Coonoor . I really love the place The Nilgiris. I love the Badaga language, the people; their cultures and customs. Those days, many of my friends were badagas and I remember they took me to some villages and gave me good food, sweets and they treated me very well. I think no where else  in this world I could find such affectionate people.  I really miss all of them.  May I take this opportunity to thank you for this magnificent work. This is really wonderful to bring back the old memories. If ever I get a chance, I would certainly make a visit The Nilgiris.
Thanks for the website, I had book marked this as one of my favourites.
best regards, Little Smith – facebook
Hello Little Smith,
Thank you very much for your kind words about my website as well as about our Badaga community. I have taken the liberty of putting your email in my site http://badaga.in
In case you want to recall / reconnect with your Badaga friends, pl give their names, we may include them in the post.
I do not know where you are based now, but whenever you want to visit the Nilgiris, pl do let us know. You may be surprised to see that the Badaga hospitality has not changed in spite of the material and messy changes around the Nilgiris.
With warm regards – Wg Cdr JP


One response to “A letter on Badaga Hospitality

  1. Bhuvaneshwari R

    I was very pleased to go through this article. I am myself a Badaga and very proud to be one with such unique and distinct features. I have been in northern and western India till my 10th and did my later education in KV Aruvankadu. I was very pleased to meet so many Badaga people, especially friends, there. Badaga friends were more helpful compared to any. I had visited my friend’s houses and they treated me with so much hospitality. I know about 7 languages but badaga is the one I love the most. The words I love the most in badaga are : ‘Habba’ and ‘Hatty’. I really miss my badaga friends. Thanks for the website through which I could express my views and thoughts and I am especially thanks to my parents for giving me birth in such a great culture.


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