‘Touch the Sky with Glory’

After graduating as a Mechanical Engineer, (Madras University – GCT, Coimbatore), I joined Indian Air Force (IAF) as a permanent commissioned officer in 1972  and took voluntary retirement after 20 years when I was a Wing Commander. My ‘bond’ [job agreement] was for a minimum of 20 years [guaranteed pension].

I gave my youth to IAF and in turn IAF gave me everything. Full of pleasures and some pains, but what an experience. Forever I am PROUD to have been associated with a great institution of the Defence Services that is involved in keeping the integrity and independence of our nation.

Probably, I am the first Badaga to have joined IAF as an officer (and there are many officers now – both serving and retired)

I am delighted to urge our youngsters (both men and women) to join

IAFwhose motto is

‘Touch the sky with Glory’

Defence Services offer you a great career!

Register between 6th December 2014 and 3rd Jan 2015.

Complete details in http://www.careerairforce.nic.in

Remember, as an Engineer, you can either join the FLYING branch (pilot) or Aeronautical Engineering Branch (Ground Engineer and can become a Flight Engineer in Transport/Helicopter streams later on)!!


One response to “‘Touch the Sky with Glory’

  1. A great source of inspiration to the younger generation, specially the Badaga Community. I salute you for the services you have rendered
    to our glorious Nation and the service you are doing now for our community. MOTHER .AND MOTHERLAND ARE SUPERIOR TO PARADISE. JAI HO..!


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