‘Converting’ to Badaga??

The topic sounds a little strange? Yes, it does.

I get many emails/comments from non -Badaga boys and girls asking HOW TO CONVERT TO (BE) BADAGA. It generally goes like this, ” I am a non Badaga but in love with a Badaga girl/boy. Since, Badagas marrying non Badagas is rare and ‘difficult’, I want to convert to Badaga”

Badaga is not a religion, and hence the question of conversion to Badaga, does not arise. But then, this important question also begs a larger answer.

In this modern age and time, we have to accept that Badaga Society cannot remain isolated and will have to accept the reality that many marriages will take place between Badagas and non Badagas. That may happen sooner or later and the present trend points towards that.

Though we may hope and pray that these ‘mixed matches’ do not ‘happen’ to preserve our culture and traditions, we cannot change the changing times.

If we look beyond what we see, don’t we want an INDIA that is truly beyond  restrictions of religion and region but an united one? But then, how do we preserve the cultural and traditional ‘uniqueness’ of a community in this vast and diverse country? Aren’t they contradictory?

As far as Badaga ‘conversion’ is concerned, why don’t we accept if a non Badaga wants to follow the customs and culture of Badagas after marriage, with no reservations? I am aware this question is bound to invite strong reactions.

Better to be bold and face the facts than to be blind and left behind!


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