Thank you, friends!

It is about five years since the websites on BADAGA, both people and language, is started and maintained by me with the sole [rather soul] purpose of gathering and giving out the correct information about our …unique history, origin, culture, customs, rituals, language and lifestyle!

I am really very happy that the slogan I coined “Proud to be Badaga” gets reflected in many Badaga websites/weblogs and of Badaga groups in social interfaces like Facebook etc.

More than anything else, what is so heartening is the fact that most of the visitors [there are more than 178,000] are youngsters from all over the world and the double ‘damakka’ is that many are repeat visitors.

Needless to add, the motivation and encouragement comes when I receive email comments with words of praise. Given below are a couple of them received recently



prakash rangapp



Submitted on 2011/11/27 at 11:50 pm

Hats off to you. This website will be very informative to the younger generation to know about our precious culture and also about our origin. Thank you very much for maintaining this wonderful website.

Submitted on 2011/11/28 at 1:32 am

superb information, really proud of this…….

WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF BADAGAS – Baarivi, Nodivi, Oridivi & Odhivi! [Come, See, Listen and Read!] பாரிவி, நோடிவி, ஓதிவி & ஓரிடிவி


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