Want to get married but the fear of the ‘Ravages of Divorce’ is a stumbling block

A lot of youngsters are looking out for the ‘right alliance’.  Contradictory it may appear but there are , sadly, a large number  educated Badagas choosing not to marry or postpone the idea of getting married itself. Is the delay due to social compulsions and  ‘fear’ of  early divorces [‘puduchodhu’] in many cases? Is it an universal phenomena?

[Though, the following article is based on the study in the USA, it could be true about many educated Badagas. Source : http://www.newswise.com ]

With the share of married adults at an all-time low in the United States, new research by demographers at Cornell University and the University of Central Oklahoma unveils clues why couples don’t get married – they fear divorce. Among cohabitating couples, more than two-thirds of the study’s respondents admitted to concerns about dealing with the social, legal, emotional and economic consequences of a possible divorce….

Roughly 67 percent of the study’s respondents shared their worries about divorce. Despite the concerns, middle-class subjects spoke more favorably about tying the knot and viewed cohabitation as a natural stepping stone to marriage compared to their working-class counterparts. Lower-income women, in particular, disproportionately expressed doubts about the “trap” of marriage, fearing that it could be hard to exit if things go wrong or it would lead to additional domestic responsibilities but few benefits.
The study also found working-class cohabitating couples were more apt to view marriage as “just a piece of paper,” nearly identical to their existing relationship. They were twice as likely to admit fears about being stuck in marriage with no way out once they were relying on their partners’ share of income to get by.

[Complete article here – > : http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/584138/?sc=dwhn]

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