Another great Badaga ‘Saavu’ song

Once in a way, we get to hear a song which instantly registers both in mind and heart. The golden voice you hear in this saavu [funeral] song is, beyond any doubt, excellent and haunting.
Indhu Dhodda Maneya by Thangadu L Krishna Gowder
” This song is by –Thangadu L.Krishna Gowder.Produced by Thuneri- Rajkumar and music by Athagrahatti team the album name is : Muthe Mora ! As I mentioned before -Most of the photos in the Group/in this Video are take from , . Thanks to Wg Cdr.Bellie Jayaprakash for this Great effort -I request all members to have a View on this site -very informative.Proud to be a Badaga –  Yogesh Ajjan “
 A great song !!

One response to “Another great Badaga ‘Saavu’ song

  1. Ranga Nathan (RAJU DHEENATTY)

    Namaskara. The effort taken by Wg Cdr BelliJayaprakash is woderful and it shows his great interest in our culture and there is no doubt that all our badaga people could have adopted it. Once again I request that all the Badagu savu songs of Thuneri Rajkumar, Kerben Bellagowder and Thangadu Horanalli L.Krishnagowder be posted in Badaga website free, so that people living in different places all over the world can hear and enjoy it.


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