Here are some more Rare Photos from Ravi Belliraj

Ravi Belliraj is one of the ‘rare’ persons whose heart is always with his roots in the Nilgiris and Badagas, though he is now in the Middle East.
Profile photo
He has gone out of the way to do a lot for the betterment of Badagas.
Like earlier, he has sent some ‘rare’ photos with a small note :
Ollanage idhara, alli ninga ella ollange ibbadundu somiya nenasine.Some rare pix for your information & record.”
and it is my pleasure to put these pictures in this website. 
Ravi Belliraju ‘ga ethay ‘thanks’ hegudhu endhu artha appilay!
Ravi, thanks a ton and I am sure the visitors to this website will find these fantastic ‘fotos’ not only interesting but educative.
Hover the mouse over the pix for details/Caption
The above pix is not the Hethay Habba but ‘Madivala’ – the ceremony in honour of the [dead] ancestors, celebrated by Badagas once a few years[decades] in those days – Wg Cdr JP

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