Miracle of Hethai

Bharath Kamaraj fromPuduhatty (near Nanjanad) now living abroad had sent in this very interesting info.

It’s everyone’s pleasure to write about their hatty. And first, I like to show you a miracle. Hope you have heard about Bembatty village (my Iyyana hatty) and there they celebrate Hettai habba during January of every year. Here with I have attached a pic from google earth of Bembatty village(2008). What the miracle I’m talking about is that the Google satellite has captured the earth on the day of Bembatty Hettai habba. I was really amazed to see this for the first time a year back and I shared with all around me. Now it’s time to share with everybody with your website. I made a arrow mark against the people sitting in white dress surrounding the Temple’s tree.

Incidentally, this year (Beraganni/Peduva) Hethai Habba will be celebrated on the 4th Jan, 2010


6 responses to “Miracle of Hethai

  1. Hi Kamaraj,I am a badaga from bearatty living in SA.Can i have you contact no.


  2. K. SUBRAMANIAN [Bembatty]

    The work done is really good.I am working as Head of the department in commerce department of Govt.polytechnic college for women, Coimbatore.
    I am proud to say that I am a Badaga. The celebrations of Hethtai habba in Bembatty is really super. I welcome all next year.


  3. Dhayanand.S (Kookal)

    I m proud to be a Badaga …… Idhaya from Kookal appreciating you, sir


  4. Kavitha Dineshkumar [Chennai]

    I love Badaga comunity but I’m not a Badaga. My ganda (husband) is a Badaga. I am very proud to join this comunity. I will do something good for our community. Be proud of Badagas.

    Kavitha, we welcome your sentiments and hope, you are accepted into Badaga community with all joy and happiness. Though, there is some resistance among a section of Badagas for marriages from outside the community, personally, I feel after marriage the girl, if willing, should be accepted into community without any reservation. When I say, [the girl] willing, I mean the girl should be prepared to accept all all the customs and traditions of Badagas and be a good ‘sosay’ [daughter in law] – Wg Cdr JP


  5. I am from the Badaga comunity and a docter. Not only me but most of the Badagas are educated and also they are in very good position.


  6. Bharath kamaraj (South Africa)

    Thanks for posting the snap. Hope those who visited Bembatty on that day can exactly vet it. I guess that our Hettai Amma wants to tell us something by this snap. In my view our Almighty says that “Everyone in this world can see my presence“. Thanks for Google.

    JP adds > Beautifully said. Also see my comparison of Hethai Amma in Gayathri Chalisa


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