‘CURRENT’ issues…BEWARE !?

Can ELECTRICITY dangerously pass through Flash light of the Digital camera to your body??? Yes it is 100% true..!
 This is a true incidence reported of a boy aged 19, who was studying in 1st year of engineering, who died in Keshvani Hospital, Mumbai. He was admitted in the Hospital as a burned patient. Reason ??????This boy had gone to Amravati (a place located in State of Maharashtra ) on a study tour, on their return they were waiting at the railway station to catch the train. Many of them started taking pictures of their friends using “Mobile Phones” and / or “Digital Camera”. One of them complained that, he was unable to capture the full group of friends in one frame in the Digicam.

This boy moved away to a distance to get the whole group.

He failed to notice that at an angle above his head, 40,000 volts electrical line was passing through.

As soon as he clicked the digital camera? 40,000 volt current passed through the camera flash light to his camera and then from his camera to his fingers & to his body. All this happened within a fraction of a second. His body was half burned. 
They arranged for an ambulance & his burned body was brought to Keshavani Hospital, Mumbai.
For one & half days or so he was conscious & talking. Doctors did not have much hopes as there was a lot of complex issues in his body. He passed away later.

* Please avoid mobile phones on petrol outlets.
* Please avoid talking on mobile phones while driving.
* Change that “Chalta Hai Yaar Attitude”.
* Please avoid talking on mobile phones while kept in charging mode without disconnecting from wall socket.

* Please do not keep mobile phones on your bed while charging and / on wooden furniture. 
* Avoid using mobile phones / Digital cameras near high voltage electrical lines like in railway stations and avoid using flash.
[recd as a fwd email]

2 responses to “‘CURRENT’ issues…BEWARE !?

  1. http://www.thatsnonsense.com/view.php?id=1488 is about the ‘Current’ issues.

    Thank you, Lok – Wg Cdr JP


  2. Thank you sir for your advice which most of the people do not follow. I am sure that we can save many lives by following some simple things which lead to dangerous problems.But I feel sorry for the boy who passed away 😦


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