Lessons from Nanjanadu Crisis – 4

Badaga community is high on many social factors. Take, DOWRY – the cursed custom in many communities in our country where a bride has to pay a HUGE [beyond the means] amount , both in cash and kind, before marriage. Apart from the monetary burden this puts on the girl’s family, the consequences of this custom goes much deeper. So deep that many communities consider the birth of a girl as a curse.

Fortunately, this dowry system is generally absent among Badagas. Hence, the birth of a girl is accepted as normal. Education to girl child is given importance.

But the sad part is that in DECISION MAKING, be it in the village [hatti] level, seemay  or Nakku Betta levels, the fairer sex is completely neglected. They are NOT part of any KOOTU [panjayats/gatherings] where important matters are discussed and decided affecting the COMPLETE community. So far, no lady is part of the Nanjanadu Peace Committee also; though they are directly and actively involved in the unfortunate happenings.

Unfair to the fairer sex. Keeping away half of a community in any decision making is unacceptable and a blot on our society. When we accept and pray to GODDESS HETHE as our deity and benefactor and seek HER blessings, this custom of keeping away ladies, appears strange.

High time, we learn to accept, allow and ‘APPOINT’  FEMALES in every field.

Lesson – 4 from Nanjanadu crisis is – in our dealings and decision making, include and involve the fairer sex in a FAIR measure and manner. To put it simply – EMPOWER WOMEN

Ex-Hav , (Presently Sub Post Master, Chamraj Estate PO),Muckimalai

writes on Lessons from Nanjanadu Crisis – 4

Right lesson to be learned. It may be due to giving high respect to Girls (Henga & Makka). In most of the villages where two parties exist, girls (Heng & Makka) are always welcome by whole village during FuneralCremation.
However, the point of participation of girls in KOOTU will be the Renaissance of our community and should be taken with an immediate effect, right now from this Nanjanadu Conflict (Not in due course).
Going through the website & all posts, we can understand that the Nanjanadu case is the continuation of problem (Uri) from the previous generation ( for more than decades).
Now-a-days, the young generation of our community is going ahead in the field of education with great enthusiasm, irrespective of gender [including Engineering, Communication and IT Fields]. Many are often flying to abroad.
We should not allow the conflict to our next innocent and enthusiastic generation who are having capability and may proceed to other planets also with the blessing of HETHAY AMMA in forthcoming days.
My humble request on behalf of whole community is to solve the problem at once and don’t allow this to extent further till future generation.
Moreover, as we know, not only in Nanjanadu, the mentality of `Uri’ (Jealousy) is prevailing in almost all hatties and even with Badagas who are settled outside, to a considerable extent. This `Uri’ should not be allowed to extend its octopus hands resulting in another `Nanjanadu incident’.
So, my earnest request is the `Nanjanadu Peace Committee’ may be re-named as `Badagas Peace Committee‘ and members of the committee may please extend their noble service to all hatties [and whole community] to eliminate `Uri’ among all, instead of being only in the case of Nanjanadu.
Dear Sivakumar, thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Your sentiments will be put forward in the forth coming NPC meeting – Wg Cdr JP

Jeyasankar Matha comments on Lessons from Nanjanadu Crisis – 4

Very well said and a very important point taken for discussion. Thank you very much for taking up such a simple but important point. Hope all will encourage this.


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  1. Jeyasankar Matha

    Very well said and a very important point taken for discussion. Thank you very much for taking up such a simple but important point. Hope all will encourage this.


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