Badaga Hattis

Badaga Hattis

Kinnakorai & Heriya seege seen from Manjoor – Kandi Bekkai Road

July 8, 2009 at 9:33 pm A.MALARVANNAN,KINNAKORAI

Dear sir,
I am working in Indian Navy. Being a Defence person, first of all I salute you sir. Now I will come to our style of communication.
Mam, ninga websita nodhithey. Apaara santhosha. Ninga eega maadindu ibba sevai nanga badagu samudhayaga apaara thevey. Nanga nakku betta joli-jundu ellava ninga websita nodi araba chansu nanga badagu makkaga cikhidha vara prasada. Ninga sevay hollengey nadaiali endhu Somiya vendine. Kodi namaskara.

Dear Malarvannan, I feel thrilled to get a mail – that too with so much of praise- from a fellow ‘Fauzi- Defence’ friend. It gives me the greatest pleasure and honour that people like you feel that my website is of use. Ningaga appara nanri [nanri embdhuna Badaga basheya ethe hegodhu endhu artha aappiley]. Thank you ever so much


This is Ganesan Lingan from Porthy Village, Mekku Nadu seeme.  I just gone thru the Badagas website to know our hatties and seeme’s, I saw all the hattis and seems in one place and really enjoyed reading each and every hattis. I would say this is definitely Great effort! And really appreciable.

I just wanted to you know that Emerald is not a badaga village( as per my knowledge) and fully occupied by other communities except one or two badgas having provisional stores and houses along with that,. So please request you the remove the Emerald from our hatti list.

And also I found Osa Attu Bayilu (New Attu bayilu near kai kandi) missing from Meeku nadu. There are two Attu Bayilu one is Palliya (old) Attu bayliu and other one Osa attu Bayliu.

Also Bigada missing from Thodha nadu Seeme (not sure about seeme). This village spotting near Ithalar… This is a beautiful very tiny village located in center of the tea estates. Also I have forgotten to mention one more hatti which is Beingisakallu from Meakunadu Seeme. Beingisakallu is spotted between Nanjanadu and Kei Kouhatti

Appukodu[Kiya] Appukodu

Ganesa, Thank you for your imputs. Nice to be told about the hattis and the corrections are being incorporated – JP


One response to “Hattis

  1. அன்பு தம்பி மலர்வண்ணனை இந்த தளத்தில் காண்பதில் மிகவும் மகிழ்ச்சி.

    மலர்வண்ணா நமது மும்பை நாட்கள் நினைவில் இருக்கிறதா?


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