Badaga Language in WiKi

A laudable and great initiative that needs our attention


Arunan, a Srilankan Tamil now in Canada, writes  to say “Why not start a wiki project in Badaga language”. Its absolutely free and I see most Badugas are very good in Computer and Internets… So please let us start a wiki project in Badaga language and start writing articles in Badaga language……

(20 Nov 2009) Great News

Badaga language is  eligible language by Wikipedia …

JP adds : let us add our might for this Pioneering Project


The rains that never stopped

I was at Coonoor when it started. I thought it was one of those passing showers. But then, it never stopped…never…not even for a few minutes. It appeared as if the rain Goddess had lost some body very very close, and she never stopped pouring her heart out…for three consecutive days. The damage…well…when the Nature starts..nothing can stop it. It is her way of leveling things out. The following pictures should convey a tiny bit of the result of her fury….The fallen trees…blocked roads..trees on the rail track near Wellington Railway station…the washed away rail track just before Aravankadu Railway station…the roads between Ootupattarai and Hubbathai toatally blocked…..

The fallen trees11112009(002)11112009(003)11112009(005)11112009(009)11112009(013)

Photos by JP. Click on the pix for enlargement


One response to “Badaga Language in WiKi

  1. mlle_sumathi

    Very true,

    I had been in ooty too last weekend and everyone was talking of the heavy rains in 1978 & 1988 …
    Our plans to visit coimbatore were postponed and now it seems it needs to be postponed to a further date as the reparation will take TIME .
    Helas! As you sow so do you Reap … Man with his greed encroached Nature and has still not learnt his lessons well, Mother nature gives him a reminder and what a reminder !!!! When will we awaken and stop meddling with Nature …


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